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Sasha signs for sex -1

Sasha looked a lot lovier than I had hoped. Her qualities were clear enough to me. That is why I proposed to hire her, despite we had only met here so far.

Her way with words while talking about her sexy memories and fantasies had captured my attention. After noticing that she is my antipode in this world,
I proposed to meet her for a job interview as soon as I would move from Europe
for the warm part of the season to Australia. With a company in the net, I can
operate it from wherever there is good internet access. And as I like sunshine, I move along with the Summer from one continent to the other.

Sasha is petite and pretty. She has long black hair and barely B-cups to judge by the simple p'tit noire in which she showed up at my desk.
Sweet smile. Large lips. Dark eyes. Tasty twinkles in them.
Lovely little dimples in her cheeks as well.

Sasha's assignment is to write sexy stories for my site within certain limits.
She works from home mostly. Every few days we will meet in my office to review them and discuss themes for her next contributions.

First few weeks our co-operation is very fruitful and pleasant. Her sexy stories are well written and hot enough to attract lots of readers world wide.
Soon it seems she gets bored by the usual sexy stuff and her fantasies get a lot more naughty than the standards set by me. In editing them we spend much overtime together at later hours of the evening at my office.

After re-writing together three tasty stories of her - luckily two about lovely lesbian love - I read her last entry of that week. And I am shocked!

So terribly tasty and naughty. My ears got red. My readers would be shocked!
How can I get this talent baby back into shape? How to discipline her?
Posted by petdyke 2 years ago
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2 years ago
Soon those butterfly little kisses of my slim sexy
wonder of words flew low and slow all over my body.
Lots of long love in my editors chair came next.

Both got back our breath and we agreed a new deal.
Sasha would write our private pleasure only for me
while her hot fantasies will still be public.
2 years ago
My lesson of love and separating public professional
life from private erotic encounters upset sexy Sasha
For a day she seriously thought to defriend me here

Luckily she is a smart girl, Sasha came back to me
Look forward to write here more with her, my dear
Lesson learned to her by now so much must be clear
2 years ago
Sasha was so co-operative that evening.
She was so sweet that night indeed.

She shocked me, when her next story
seemed to be about her private life
... with me, last night!

How can I cure this cute beauty
of her naughty tasty teases to me?
2 years ago
Her last sexy story for me was far too hot for here.
Not because of the automted censorship of hamster.
We know our ways to avoid those stupid obstacles!

However, re-editing her last sexy story to within the limits set brought blushes to both our cheeks.

When we were finished with our professional duties,
I invited her for a drink to discuss future ideas.
What happened next isn't a subject of a public blog.
2 years ago
I am as curious as you, dear reader,
how this co-operation might continue!

Let us wait and see who comes up with
the best and most fruitful idea.

Welcome warm and interesting comment.