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Washed and ... - parts 4 & 5

Part 4: Wasted?
After our sexy shower threesome, still wasted from shipwrecking, I doze off again.
At a moonlit night I wake up from a dirty dream in paradise being real, or not?

Again Camila rides my night mast, as if she wants to be captain of her vessel.
And is it again Laura watching from the doorstep in dim night light of the moon?

She smiles the same, but looks much younger. Suddenly slimmer and less buxom.
Do I dream, or am I halfway death and paradise, hallucinating my way into heaven?

Camila does not notice my bewilderment. Her eyes closed, she concentrates on her
ride of our waves as she sails me into her private port. As mesmerised as his
jolie voyeuse, the sailor stares back at the slim sexy silhouette in the shadow.

The tasty teen covers my flushed face with her hot kisses and makes me forget
that we are watched in our love play. The muscles of her mussel squeeze me.
How come that the tasty teen knows so well to ride and milk me to come?

Camila feels my explosion is near and starts to come, breaking my last resistance.
We hug during our hot wild squirting spasms. We need minutes to regain our breath.

An applause brings us back to reality. "Such a sexy show, I loved to watch it.
It really made me hot ... Sorry sailor, let me introduce me. My name is Laura.
I am her older s1ster. Warm welcome in our hot household. Can I help you two?"

Part 5: Wanted!
Laura steps forward. She hugs her sweet sexy s1ster and kisses my mouth.
From her hot tonguing I spur her longing. Without a word the sexy s1sters
work together with their caresses to bring me back from almost wasted till
feeling wanted and needed to serve some more hot love to these tasty teens.

At a finger click of Laura, Camila gets the hint and switches her position.
She feeds me back my own shot of potent proteins letting me lick her wet slit.
At the same time Laura starts to take care to clean my member from juices and
bring it back to a sexy shape so she can mount me to ride home for more come.

As soon as my mast is re-erected, Laura takes over steering me as her vessel.
The sexy and tasty wet love lips of cute Camila almost take away my breath.
Unseen by me, the sexy s1sters kiss, embrace and fondle each others boobies.
Only later I could watch all of our action and their terrific bodily goodies.

As we three sail through the wild sea of the big bed in the guest bedroom,
none of us notices that all of our naughty noisy ferocious fondling and fucking
is captured on camera by elder Laura filming our scene with a wicked sexy smile.
At our 'grand finale' we all three explode of love together at the same time ...

An applause is not what we get, as Laura has no hands free, one holds a camera.
A pity that we are all fully filmed with our faces and other beauties on screen.
A bit of privacy we will like to keep. So, only this sexy story will go on here.
A recording of events will not go public ... Why else would I write all this?

Posted by petdyke 2 years ago
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2 years ago
Invite my dear readers to some more comments
after I added a 5th episode to this series.

Of course, I'm most curious about reactions
of my three main pretty protagonists ...

Their praise might reach me only in private.
Do not hesitate to leave a public comment here!
2 years ago
I think you have found Paradise Lost!!!
2 years ago
2 years ago
Cute Camila found me and came first few times.
Lots of Lauras looking for love as well.
Looks like this hot household will keep me here.
No need to escapre from paradise! - poet Pete