Student spanked -4

So far two spankings for Lisa: one by bare hand before becoming my slave and one
after, with a wooden spoon for breaking my rules by coming without permission.
Next day she speaks without asking first if she can. She pleads to be punished.

Secretly teaching her restraint in the style of Tantric sex during the night
and first few hours of the morning, Lisa learns fast. But the joy of her long lasting orgasm, after waiting so long, while she relieves herself, catches her off-guard. She starts to come from her golden shower and can't stop as long as I water her slit with mine. Lisa loses her self control and speaks her joy.

"Lisa, listen. Firstly, I will not allow you to lick my dick clean, as is the right of a proper slave in such sexy situation. We will shower now and you will get wet and warm not only from the water. That shall be your second lesson."
I turn on the water in her tiny bathroom while one hand still holds her firm.

"Bend over, baby. Let the stream hit your slit. It needs to get clean most.
Let me help you to get hot. This is your first wet spanking coming up".

I turn up the temperature. Splash and smack her bums till they get red.
Lisa's face gets red as well. High time to grab her in her wet slit.
I suddenly insert my thumb in her tighest hole. Hold her love lips in my grip.

"High time to come, Lisa!" Lisa immediately follows orders and comes.
And almost collapses under the convulsions which shake her all over.
So I turn the temperature to completely cold. It brings her back fast.

We wash with the temperature back to nice and warm. I allow her to soap me.
When we are both clean and fresh I hug Lisa. "Permission to speak, Sir?"
Granted. "Thank you, Sir. For teaching me discipline and dedication"

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