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[Story] Sex Studio Secrets #6: Wendy-1

Wendy is warm wanton slender sexy and daringly dirty with her feminine foxy foot fetish for sex

Wendy has a few fetishes: for a lesbian licking love lips is the sex standard but she feeds on feet
Wendy has a few horny habits like never wearing any slip under her panties and showing it in public

She appears in my private studio for her first ever interview on camera about her sexual developments
She appears as at ease as in our earlier private talks before my invitation for intimate interrogation

Wendy wears a short sexy skirt, leather of course as she is quite kinky in m
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[Story] Sex Studio Secrets #5: Regina-1

Regina is my Queen and guest for a tasty talk on camera where she shows her hot tiny tulip love lips

Regina pops up at my studio shortly after landing in Amsterdam for her first ever intimate interview
Regina is a bit shy, but trusts me after our long talks in the net, so she agrees to appear in view

Gina and I have shared some very special erotic experiences which were sexy subject of my stories
Gina and I have a very special bond since she came so hard one time while reading my many messages

Regina is my Queen of America and one of my longest time and most dear friends
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After last Summer I listed my main friends in order of the number of our mutual messages
After half a year nothing much has changed in the top of about two thousend and many more
After waiting till Winter it is the highest time to mention some of my new other heroines
After all, writing with a friend is the best tribute one can get: all are worth a mention

This is not a sex story - although I do mention at all the sexy sides of our situation
The dirty details are already in the stories I earlier wrote about all of them but one
This is an alternative introduction to the real pe... Continue»
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[Story] Sex Studio Secrets #4: Malina-1

I invite my best friend in the net to my sexy studio to cure her main mental hang-up about her body

I invite my Malina for a very special sexy tasty treatment to my studio at a small canal in Amsterdam
I invite my Malina to cure her main mental hangup: to learn her to love to see herself in the mirror

I know why my Malina hates mirrors as she immediately focusses at her few body parts she likes less
I know why my Malina hates any mirror as she immediately sees her nose which looks a bit thick to her

If my Malina looks in a big mirror she gets the impression her thighs
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[Story] Sex Studio Secrets #3: Pretty Princess Petra-1

Pretty Princess Petra loves my daily rituals of intimate inspection and her hot orgasms

Pretty Princess Petra is still a sexy slender tasty tender teen and daily dear doddie to me
Pretty Princess Petra is still so sweet at her daily duty to wake me up with her cup of tea

Pretty Petra serves me my morning tea and as hotly she sucks at my morning enormous erection
Pretty Petra serves me for all my nice naughty sexy ideas to have some sexy pleasure together

Princess Petra loves my daily rituals for her to present herself for my intimate inspection
Princess Petra loves my i
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[Story] Sex Studio Secrets #2: Takako Hot New Year

Takako bows deep for her friend and fresh Master Professor Peter to pay her great respect

Takako longs for a sexy surprise for the New Year from her far friend in sexy old Amsterdam
Takako longs for a long abuse on camera in my private studio on first floor of my sexy shop

Takako longs to be taken in her anal canal by a lovely long mighty member of a dominant man
Takako longs to be taken beyond her limits to see new stars in her hot mind blowing orgasms

Takako rings twice at my door, I instructed her the secret sign for my special studio guests
Takako rings twice and I
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[Story] Sex Studio Secrets #1: Alessandra

I invite Alessndra to my sex studio for her first ever threesome with two lovely lesbian friends

I run a small sex shop specialised in spanking and erotic equipment for submissive lesbian ladies
I run my small shop sometimes with my dear granddod pretty Petra and some awesome sexy assistents

I have on the first floor my private quarters also a studio full of see-through full size mirrors
I have on stand-by a few cameras behind each of those mirrors, for recording seek some assistance

I will direct with the help of hot Princess Petra the debute for Alessandra in her first
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[Story] Alessandra als mijn Muze #11: Kerst Piek!

Alessandra wil zichzelf stiekem flink verwennen onder de kerstboom als de rest al naar bed is

Alessandra is geweldig geil met de kerst en wil zichzelf eens goed verwennen stiekem in de nacht
Alessandra is geweldig opgewonden van het hete idee dat ik als haar Meester Peter haar graag geef

Alessandra ga naar beneden en neem je mooiste foto's mee van de borsten waar je vreselijk op valt
Alessandra hang die dikke tieten in de boom en ga er van genieten met je benen zo wijd als je kan

Alessandra gehoorzaamt gretig aan de stem in haar hoofd die lijkt haar hete geile ge
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[Story] Train Three Sexy Slaves #23: Takako

I invite my fine friend from Japan to teach my three tasty sexy slaves a lesson in anal love

I invite my fine friend tasty tight Takako to teach the three tasty sexy slaves an anal love lesson
I invite my fine friend to be at the centre of our attention after her initial intimate inspection

I always ask my sexy slaves every day to present them properly to me for a view from close as can be
I always ask my sexy slaves to bend over and spread their legs wide as well as their pretty love lips

I like my slaves to look at me between their spread legs and make themselves come
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[Story] Train Three Sexy Slaves #22:: Ai X-mas cherry pop

I train three tasty sexy slaves at my place and often invite other female friends for a lesson

I train three tasty sexy slaves at my place: Alex and Aisha are experienced in any erotic encounters
I train also Ai who is still a virgin in both her holy hot hairy holes, but who is good giving head!

I entertain many visiting slaves for a day or sometimes a few more to offer my slaves sexy lectures
I entertain at X-mas Eve also sexy Swedish Sasha a blonde beauty with big BOOBs, firm and all real!

I have my plan ready for a very sexy X-mas night with lots of pretty pleasure fo
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[Story] Train Three Sexy Slaves #21: Sasha

Sexy Swedish Sasha is a blonde BOOBY beauty - She longs to visit me at her next stay in A'dam

Sexy Swedish Sasha is often in Amsterdam to visit her s*s who lives there, now she wants to see me
Sexy Swedish Sasha is proud of her goodies as those firm boobies form an offer no man ever refused

Sasha got hot for me when she started to follow the stories of how I train three sweet sexy slaves
Sasha got hot for my idea to try a sexy session at my place to teach those three a lovely lesson!

I introduce the three to her right after her arrival at me: my naughty niece Aisha and
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[Story] Alessandra als mijn Muze #10: Kerst paren?

Alessandra mag met Meester Peter en Petra mee als sexy slavinnetje naar zijn favoriete parenclub!

Alessandra mag voor de kerst met haar hete Meester Peter en zijn geile Petra mee naar een parenclub
Alessandra mag alleen een pétit noire à la Coco Chanel dragen en eenvoudige balletschoentjes

Prachtige Petra draagt net zo'n kort kleedje maar dan in het wit wat beter constrasteert met heur haar
Prachtige Petra paradeert aan de rechterarm van Professor Peter, haar heel hete opa al vanaf hun begin

Alessandra heeft als bijnaam Linker voor de kenners en loopt dus g
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[Story] Alessandra als mijn Muze #9: Kerstkindje

Alessandra belandt in bed bij haar hete Meester Peter en zijn geile kleindochter Petra

Alessandra bracht de nacht door bij Meester Peter die haar leerde genieten van 69 met een man
Alessandra schrok toen zijn kleindochter Petra ineens thuiskwam en hen samen in bed betrapte!

Alessandra wist nog niet wat zij met die twee gemene geilerikken nog allemaal zou gaan beleven
Alessandra viel in slaap en droomde erg raar zo te horen aan de woorden die zij soms mompelde

Alessandra droomt of maakt zij dit werkelijk allemaal mee? - Ze moet er niet aan denken of wel?

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[Story] Alessandra als mijn Muze #8: Meester Peter

Alessandra trekt onderweg naar Peter alvast haar sexy slipje uit, ze moet zo nodig sassen

Alessandra gaat in de laatste bus naar Meester Peter expres helemaal alleen achterin zitten
Alessandra gaat daar op de achterbank alvast haar natte sletten-slipje voor hem uittrekken!

Alessandra wil niet met lege handen zo dadelijk bij hem aan de bel trekken voor de nacht
Alessandra wil wel graag direct op de pot - ze is nog zo geil van die twee mooie meiden

Alessandra moet nu heel nodig plassen maar ze durft niet om die stadsbus onder te spuiten
Alessandra moet heel nodig sasse
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[Story] Alessandra als mijn Muze #7: Vivian en Lilian-2

Alessandra vrijt voor het allereerst van haar leven met twee mooie meiden tegelijkertijd!

Alessandra voldoet verlegen aan de wonderlijke wensen van Vivian en lekker liederlijke Lilian
Alessandra verlangt al zo lang om goed genomen te worden door twee hete mooie meiden tegelijk

Alessandra voldoet gretig en gewillig aan het verzoek van Vivian om haar pronte borsten te pakken
Alessandra verlangt al zo lang naar die wereld-tieten en eindelijk heeft zij ze voor het grijpen!

Alessandra presenteer mij je jongenskontje verlangt Lilian van haar - zij gehoorzaamt gretig
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[Story] Alessandra als mijn Muze #6: Vivian en Lilian-1

Alessandra wil dolgraag van bil met de beroemde Vivian en haar vaste vriendin leuke Lilian

Alessandra is als mijn dierbare dochter daarom doe ik alles wat ik kan om haar te verwennen
Alessandra is heel verlegen en verlangt naar een mooie vrouw met mooie grote pronte borsten

Alessandra durft nauwelijks voor haar gevoelens uit te komen, zeker niet een afspraak maken
Alessandra durft alleen als ik haar een handje help met mijn vertrouwde veilige vriendinnen

Alessandra mag op mijn voorspraak kennis maken met een heel beroemd model: verleidelijke Vivian
Alessandra mag op mij
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[Story] Susan and Nat in A'dam #3: Nat Longs Love

I get in my bed an offer of tasty teen 40c-cup BOOBY beauty nice Natalie not to be refused!

Last night Susan sneaked to my bed to make love, the night after Natalie's first orgasms she does
Nice Nat is still a virgin but she knows now she longs to leave her cherry at me in awesome A'dam

Please Professor Peter will you make me a woman here before we will leave back to the States?
Peter you are so sweet to me and my mom so I trust you completly, hope you will do me the honour

We will see tomorrow my dear, I take you in my arms to bring you back into the arms of old Morp
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[Story] Alessandra als mijn Muze #5: met Petra

Alessandra is mijn mooiste muze al valt zij vooral voor verschrikkelijk verleidelijke meiden

Alessandra is mijn mooiste muze en de meest frequente bron van inspiratie voor mijn verzen
Alessandra is als een dochter voor mij, ik ken haar zelfs beter dan haar biologische vader

Alessandra zwijgt nu al zeker zes weken met mij - al blijft zij mij dagelijks gretig lezen
Alessandra is gewend dat ik haar elke dag even verwen met mijn grapjes en lieve vertelsels

Alessandra is de houder van alle records bij mij op deze plek in het web met mijn vriendinnen
Alessandra is al honderd
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[Story] Nice Nina Seduces Shy Ai Kawaii

Nice Nina is a yummy young blond beauty as Swedish as sexy, but in bed as lesbian as can be!

Nice Nina is young pretty and competent at Winter sports, the beautiful blonde lives and works in Tirol
Nice Nina is as sexy as men imagine from Swedish slender gals since the start of the sexual revolution

Nice Nina is any man's dream indeed to see but unfortunately for them only into girls, Asians at best
Nice Nina is dreaming every night of their tasty tight asses and how she wants to conquer them in bed

Nina lives as instructor for ski and snowboard classes, an ideal situatio
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[Story] Nice Nina and Awesome Aisha #1

Nice Nina desires awesome Aisha from the moment she sees her move her hips in the right rythm

Nice Nina is a slender sensual sexy ski-instructor from Sweden seducing her schools great gals
Nice Nina sees the talent of awesome athletic Aisha from first moment she slides down on skis

Nina follows the swing of her hot hips down the slope Wow this blonde beauty can dance well
Nina follows both her hormones and her intuition I want her to share my bed from first night!

Aisha appears back uphill with bluhes on her cheeks, a big smile, sparkles in her eyes from t
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