I've always gotten excited by reading letters from men who have watched their wives being fucked by strange men. I have talked to my wife Valerie about this, but the idea never really appealed to her. Recently we had an experience that changed our lives.

About a month ago, my company held a convention. I was asked to give a speech to one of the committees. I brought Valerie along so we could do some sight-seeing in my spare time.

It was a terrible coincidence that our wedding anniversary fell on the same day I was scheduled to speak. Valerie was extremely upset, knowing she would have to spend the evening alone, as I would be at the convention until about one o'clock in the morning. I suggested that she do some sight-seeing or go shopping, but she said she would just watch some television.

I mentioned the argument I had with Valerie to the president of our company, and I guess he took pity on us. He rescheduled my speech, making it much earlier, then excused me from the rest of the evening's activities. I finished speaking at eight-thirty and hurried to our room.

Valerie wasn't there. I figured she might have gone to the hotel bar, so I went to find her.

The bar was very crowded, so it took me awhile to scan the room. I had just about given up when I saw Valerie on the dance floor with a man I'd never seen before. He was very good-looking and seemed to be in his forties. They were obviously having a lot of fun. I don't dance, so I ordered a drink and sat down at the bar. I planned on letting them finish their dance before I retrieved her. When the song ended I expected them to leave the dance floor but they stood there waiting for the next song, which turned out to be a slow one. Valerie placed her head on the man's shoulder and molded her body to his.

Just watching him put his arms around my wife gave me a jolt. I got a huge erection watching them move and sway together. I took my drink and found a table in the back of the bar, where it was unlikely they would spot me, in order to watch them. It turned out she was with two men. The other was younger and taller, but equally attractive. They took turns dancing with her and kept her well supplied with drinks.

As the evening progressed these guys took more and more liberties with their hands, to the point where they knew as much about her ass as I did.

I can't tell you how horny it made me to see another man run his hands over my wife's ass, lewdly grinding his pelvis into hers.

The trio went over to the bar, Valerie smiling and giggling as she stood between her handsome admirers. She was wearing a fairly short skirt, about three inches above the knees. I saw the older gentleman place his hand on her leg and rub it up and down.

His hand must have brushed her pussy, because she shifted away from him. She didn't move far enough away that his hand came out from under her skirt, but she clearly gave him the message that he could have all the thigh he wanted, but no more.

After a few more minutes of this public groping she leaned over and kissed the younger gentleman, then kissed the older gentleman, and headed for the elevators. I figured I'd give her five minutes before I went to the room.

The older gentleman left the bar the same time I did, and we got onto the same elevator. He got off on my floor, walked straight to our door and knocked softly. I stopped a couple of doors down and fumbled in my pocket as if looking for my keys. The door to my room opened and the gentleman stepped inside. When the door closed, I heard the distinct click of the privacy lock being engaged. I couldn't believe it! I was turned on as I'd never been before. I wasn't sure exactly what they were doing in there, but it made me hot and hard just thinking about it. I stood at the door and listened but I couldn't hear anything, so I went back to the bar.

The only empty stool at the bar was next to the younger man who had been fondling my wife. We began talking, and I found out he was in town for a meeting. His name was Steve.

After a few drinks Steve confided that he and his partner had met a very sexy lady, and that she had invited them to her room. When I asked where she was, he said, "My partner is with her. I'll get my turn soon."

I asked how he had gotten so lucky. He said, "I don't know, but we're going to enjoy it as long as it lasts." Then Steve asked me if I was interested in taking a turn. I politely declined, stating that my wife would kill me. Little did he know...

We chatted for another forty-five minutes. Then the older gentleman, Paul, came in. Steve introduced me and mentioned that I knew about their little escapade. When I asked Paul how the lady was in bed, he said she was fantastic�an incredibly horny lady. Paul had a message from her for Steve. "What is it?" Steve asked.

Paul said, "Hurry," with a gleam in his eye.

"That's all?"

"That's all. Hurry. The door is unlocked and she's in bed waiting for you."

With that, Steve left.

I asked Paul if the woman was beautiful. He said she was, with nice tits. He told me he'd never been with a woman who enjoyed fucking as much as she did.

I asked Paul if he was planning to see her again. He said he wanted to, but was afraid to push his luck. I convinced Paul to call her to ask for her home phone number and address. We were both delighted when Valerie gave him the information.

By the time I returned to our room it was after one o'clock in the morning. Just knowing that she had given two strangers such pleasure turned me on more than I ever thought possible. We spent the night like newlyweds, fucking like never before. Valerie still hasn't had the nerve to tell me she is enjoying other cocks, but I have found there is nothing as thrilling as slipping your cock into your wife's pussy and feeling the warm, slippery wetness of another man's come.
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23 days ago
The only thing hotter is being there to share her and taking turns in her cum filled pussy, I have found with mine four is about the best. So that she has at least one in her at almost all times... Good luck
2 months ago
That is so hot it's on fire! Thumbs Straight Up for this awesome story, and added to my favorites. Thanks for sharing!