auntie jane-true story

When I was 14 I was sent to live with my dad.I was getting in trouble at school all the time and when I wasn't in school I was out smoking weed and getting d***k with my friends.My dad was quite old fashioned and never drank or smoked,he was a hard working man who never broke a law in his life.His s****r on the other hand was a pot smoking dole bum who obsessed about her horses.Her name was jane and considering her age of 42 she wasn't bad looking.She always seen my point of view when my dad and I would have a disagreement.Auntie jane would visit regualarly and would often stay and have tea with dad and i.As I got to around 15-16 I noticed auntie Jane started visiting a bit more regularly especially when dad was at work doing overtime.I could sense are relationship beginning to change a little but at the time I couldn't see where things would lead to.Like I said auntie Jane was half decent for her age with big tits and a big round ass, she would dress in tight jeans and high heels and a button up shirt which would sometimes show off her cleavage.She knew I sometimes smoked pot aswell so one Tuesday evening when my dad was working afternoons auntie Jane came round to see what I was upto.As soon as she walked in the back door I could smell weed on her.She laughed when I told her and she said it was for me before brandishing a joint the size of a Cuban cigar,she said it was pure with no tobacco and that it was for both of us.I laughed and said we better smoke it in the garage so off we headed to get stoned.Whilst puffing away Auntie jane began asking me about my friends and if any girls were in our group,i told her girls were a pain in the ass and that I couldn't really be bothered with them.Than all of a sudden she asked me something that made me cough and choke from the joint,She asked if I was still a virgin,i told her no but she knew I was.By this time we was both pretty high and I was sat on the sun lounger that we had stored in the garage.Just as I was asking Auntie jane if she she wanted a cup of tea she started undoing her jeans and smirking at me I mean I just sat there wondering what was going on, I was really stoned and I could tell she was to by her red eyes.She took one leg out of her jeans and pulled her thong to the side to reveal her neatly trimmed fanny.I just sat there shocked,my cock slowly going hard.She told me to pull my shorts down lie back on the sun lounger and be quiet.I just did it without saying a word my heart beating in my chest.She slowly walked over to me so I was between her than she squatted down on me gripping my cock and rubing my bellend on her fanny lips.I was breathing really heavily now she noticed it to.Auntie jane slid all the way down my cock, it was so wet I let out little moan I couldn't help it,it was so warm.She began to move up and down on me the sun lounger squeeking with every thrust.I remember her unbuttoning her shirt and lifting her bra up to show her tits man they were big with big nipples to.I really started pumping my cock in her she was panting quite loudly whilst holding on to my shoulders, I told her I was gonna cum with that she started grinding really hard on me,the sensation was so strong I was quivering and juddering,it felt fantastic cumming all up in her.We just laid there for a few seconds getting are breathe back,it was funny because as she sat up all my cum dribbled out of her and on to my legs.She pulled her trousers back on done up her shirt and asked me if I enjoyed it.I nodded still in awe of what just happened Auntie jane said she had to go she had a friend coming round at 6.As She kissed my cheek she told me not to anyone or we would get into serious trouble I promised her to put her at ease.She made her way out the garage door towards her car.My cock was still hard as she sped off away from the house.That night I think I wanked about 3 times thinking about what happened in the garage.Unfortunately it never happened again I think Auntie jane felt abit guilty after the weed wore off.That was 15 years ago now and I haven't seen Auntie jane for along time now, I moved to a different part of the country to be with my girlfriend whom im still with today.She doesn't know what happened between me and Auntie Jane and she never will. WHAT YOU HAVE JUST READ IS A TRUE STORY...THANKS FOR READING!
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3 months ago
Time for a visit. You need to go visit your Aunt to return the favour with a big ass joint. Then get back on here and write another story.
4 months ago
brilliant story wish I had an Auntie Jane
1 year ago
I had a similar experience not with an aunty but with neighbour when I was young !
1 year ago
Great story man, I have afew aunts I wouldn't mind fucking.
1 year ago
I enjoyed it
1 year ago
man..that was real...good shit..cheers
1 year ago
cool story.even better that its true.she sounds like one sexy lady.
1 year ago
Every young mans dream, I like it.
1 year ago
1 year ago
Excellent story!