First time to go This far

So its not unusual for my and my s****r to fool around and neither of us are virgins but this was the first time went this far. I can remember it clearly.

Her long legs and slender body, she wasn't tan by any means but something about how she was glowing, all I could think: Wow. Her eyes shone bright in the moonlight through the window, she was staring right at me. "But...." I muttered, she had my head spinning ready to give in, "Your my s****r, we can't- its wrong." She completely ignored my words and bit her lip tugging me closer to her. Our bodies pressed lightly together I could feel she wasn't wearing a bra under that baggy t-shirt.
We stood in the middle of her bedroom, it was well past 2am and our parents were asl**p one room over. I couldn't hold back, I ran my hand through her long dark hair. I wanted to remind her how wrong it was but all I got out was "Lilly-". Her lips pressed hard to mine, and it was all I could do not to take her. She was so small compared to me, and two years younger. A whole head shorter than me, she was on her toes. Our tongues explored each others mouths. She ran her hands down the front of my night shirt slowly, then rested them on the elastic of my boxer shorts. I could feel her fingers trembling on my lower abdomen giving my hard-on a little tease.
"Lilly-" I practically growled, I picked her up her legs around my waist and went to her bed. I lay her on her back and ran my hands from her legs, up her flat stomach, to her chest. She was a B cup, and they were firm under my touch. She let out a light moan when I traced over her nipple. My body was pressed on top of hers on top of the covers. I loved how sensitive she was. She d**g her hands slowly over my dick and my precum had my boxers a little wet. "b*****r..." she said breathlessly, "Its so big." Man she had to say the kinkiest things!
I pressed my hips into her hands, "Rub it harder" I said as I looked into her eyes. Her face turned red but she did as she was told and gripped my penis through my shorts rubbing up and down. I moaned into her mouth as we kissed. I used my other hand to rub her clit but I was careful to stay outside of her panties. She was already so wet, she broke our kiss and hissed "Yessss!". I used my other hand and covered her mouth, conscious of our parents the next room over. I had a raging boner and she was hot under my touch. She begged again, "Pleeease." She bit her lip, our little sign.
She didn't wait for my answer, she sat up a little and pulled my boxers down. I returned the favor and slid her panties down her long legs and threw them to the floor. She sat up and pressed her warm lips to mine. "Let me do it." She said, pushing me over. I looked up at her ceiling as she slid her hot tongue over the tip of my penis. She licked from the bottom of my shaft to the head while caressing my balls. I held back loud moans but couldn't help but thrusting into her mouth. She gagged when I went to deep but kept sucking. She pulled it out and licked up the shaft again, sitting up. "I want it."
She turned around and bent over, her pussy exposed in front of me. I sat up and positioned myself behind her, rubbing my hard dick over her entrance. She was so fun to tease, she covered her mouth to stay quiet while I pushed my penis inside of her wet hole. AMAZING!It was tight and warm, I thrusted slow with my hands gripping her hips. She bounced under me and tried to keep her moans quiet. I bent over her, ran my hands up to her chest pinched her nipples, and breathed into her ear, "Does it feel good s*s?" Her eyes were closed her hands bracing her on the bed, "Ye-yesss!" she hissed between thrusts. She twisted her body and pressed her lips to mine, exchanging saliva and hushing our moans. We were tow peices of a puzzle.
I was nearing my limit so I pulled out and started rubbing furiously. She kneeled under my dick licking her lips in anticipation. I shot my load into her open mouth and some dribbled onto her chin, she sat up and I wiped the remainder of my cum on her tits. She opened her mouth and showed me how full it was before swallowing it up and licking her chin clean. She wiped her nipples off and licked the cum off her fingers looking me in the eyes. I sat down in front of her and watched her clean up my mess. She was so erotic and sexy. I don't even know how i ever got a s****r like her, luck i guess.

Sooner or later I will post some of our other experiences. Like the first time we fooled around. :) As you can tell- I like writing about it.
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hot & sexy
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Very good