The reason why I signed up here

The reason I came here in the first place is important to me because I'm still trying to understand why I did this and what I'm looking for when I visit this site.

Truth is I have a girlfriend and we've been together for 7 years (8 years next month actually I must not forget our anniversary ! :P ), but we rarely have sex. I don't blame her because I probably have my part of responsibilities in that situation although I have not figured it out yet. But I'm trying !

So, almost no sex for me. That makes me sad but although we discussed the subject together, the situation hasn't changed since then.

The consequence of this is that now I feel turned on by any cute girl that I see. I don't like this situation but it's a fact and it leads to very embarrassing situations (for me).
I think I'm a foot fetish and I surprised myself staring more and more often at women's feet in the subway. That's more discrete that staring at their breasts or looking them straight in the eyes !
I think that's another consequence of my non existent sex-life.

Going to the point.
There is a girl at work who is a trainee. And I've been chosen to watch over her and help her in her work. Because she was completely left alone by people who were supposed to explain the job to her she called me "her savior" when I came and helped her. I know I'm not actually the savior of anyone but it was definitely a boost for my ego !

So I spent some time with her (not alone) during lunch breaks and after that in her open space when we had some technical subjects to discuss. I came to really appreciate her and her little craziness that may actually be more just spontaneity.

I also ended up noticing that she always wore open shoes, so I could not help looking at her feet that I began to find them sexy.

One day we had a really fun moment during lunch break and after that we had a long chat over GTalk. The tone was absolutely not serious and I had fun and obviously she had too. She even told me that she was sometimes laughing out loud to my lame jokes. It felt good spending some time chatting with a nice girl. We were joking about me being able to read her mind because I could anticipate her thoughts, her calling me "Master", her "threatening" me to ask my boss that I spend a whole day helping her in her job (not actually a threat because I think I would actually have loved that).

So that day I came back home feeling all warm inside and having nothing that I could do to "release my sexual tension".

I couldn't help imagining kissing her, her small tits, liking her belly, going down to her feet and kissing them. I could almost see that turning to a footjob although I have no idea what a footjob feels like. I pictured myself licking her legs again, going up to her pubis, wondered whether it would be shaved or not and then putting my head between her legs kissing her pussy and then licking it until she comes.

She was always in my mind and I needed to stop thinking about her, because I will never cheat on my girlfriend.

I thought that the best way that I could "focus" on something else than those hot sex dreams and release some of my tension was to hang out on this website and try to find some people to talk to (that's why I may look like a chatterbox, this is not because I'm stalking anyone).

After spending a few weeks chatting with some cool people here, looking at pictures and taking some, I can say that I partly reached my goal.
My sexual tension has decreased, and I think less about that girl at work.

The down side, is that I still feel "needy" and eager to go back to work and maybe see her again. I feel guilty of something, but I think that spending time here is better than cheating on my girlfriend, am I right ?

In one or two month from now my coworker will have finished her training. If I'm lucky, she won't be hired by my company after that, and I'll forget all about her after a couple of weeks. I hope so. Still a little more than one month to suffer...

Ho Mary, look at me now, see what I have become !
Pathetic ? Sad ? Desperate ?

[Special thanks to my art director loren3007 :) ]
[Don't blame her if my story sucks, she's not responsible, it's all my fault.]
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