Thailand massage parlor girl

SO i went to my local massage parlor last night. I wanted to see more of this amazing Thailand hottie I met about a week ago. I come in and momma son greeted me with a smile like she always does. I told her i would love to see J from the other nite. She says yes you like her. I said oh yes very much. Momma son offers me a shower while i wait for J to get ready. I have to admit i was a little unsure of the shower but momma son came in and washed me down. Wow i felt like a king. After getting all cleaned up even tho i had already showered before hand witch is a must if you want to be treated like a king, She led me to my room. I started getting undressed when momma son knocked and brought me a bottle of water. Soon after J opened the door. She walked in with her head down and turned around to close the door, not seening me yet as i layed on the table naked. Wow my eyes looked her up and down from behind. She had on a red dress with black heels, her hair was long to the middle of her back light brown with blonde highlights. Mind you this woman is 23 and stands about 5 foot like 90-100lbs. J turned to me to say hello, her eyes meet mine. When she realized it was me there was a glow about her i have never seen from other massage parlor women. She came right over and kissed me! She said you liked me the other nite? I said yes i did that's why I have came back again to see you.. I asked her are you happy to see me? She said I no cry right? We laughed together. She began rubbing my shoulder's and back asking me how i have been. She stood in front on me while i was laying on the table.. May hands rubbed her tone smooth legs.. Running up her thighs lifting her dress... MMM i thought there is that little pussy I remember. She has a little hair down there witch drives me wild.. As i slide my finger slowly between her legs and between her clit i could feel her become wet... I played with her softly I can tell that is what she wanted and missed. Her legs became like jello.. I could hear her moan softly and her hands stopped rubbing my neck and shoulders. She came and layed next to me on the table naked.. Stroking my cock softly as we talked and laughed.. She asked me if i would like to take her out before she left town. I said out like a date? She said yes we go listen to music and get to know each other. I said i would love to. I asked her what she would like to have for dinner on this date so i can plan something nice for her. She replied I don't eat much i eat like a bird..She said music and drinks would be enough as she stared into my eyes her hand stroking my cock... I ran my hand threw her hair we kissed... I then said let me see that dress back on you.. She jumped up and put it back on.. She slipped into her heels and stood in front of me looking at me with those deep eyes.. I ran my finger between her thighs again feeling how wet her pussy had become. She whispered in my ear I love how gentle you are! I said you like gentle do you? She said yes other men to rough and she didn't like that. She spun around placing my cock between her thighs and arched her back into my left shoulder allowing me to kiss her shoulder and neck.. She turned to me and kissed me.. Next thing I new so had placed the condom over my rock hard cock. She took my swollen head and began to lick and kiss it softly. She slid her tongue up my shaft from my balls to my head, loving every inch of my thick cock. I watched as she began to suck my cock witch barley fit into her tiny mouth. I ran my hands threw her hair and down her back while she took her time and enjoyed herself. Next thing i new i had dropped the neck tie of her dress allowing me to fondle her nice full fake breasts she had. I mean they were amazing. This woman is a trophy flawless in every way. Little perky nipples witch i ran my fingers around. I can tell she was loving her treatment i was giving her. Things got so hot that she climbed onto my cock from the sitting postion i was in. She felt so tight has she wasted no time getting my throbbing stick inside her. She moaned and whispered in my ear i want to cum baby. I picked her up legs over my arms and began fucking her how she wanted.. I can tell she loved it due to the fact that she became wild and thrusting herself hard and deep on me! Her grip on my shoulder became tight and her humping became faster... I stood up with her still on my cock and spun around placing her on her back on the table. I went deep and slow inside her cumming so hard that i could feel myself throb.. Her face told me she was in heaven. She told me she really needed to cum tonight. I asked her you mean you never cum with other men tonight. Said no most men are to rough with her and she doesn't get turned on with rough sex. I smiled and said well your to beautiful and tiny to be rough with... I handed her my phone witch she dialed her cell number with.. She told me she had to go to the next customer as she was the only girl working on Sunday.I kissed her and whispered in her ear i will call you after 10 when you get off. She Smiled and walked away. Shortly after momma son walked in and came over to me and said she was sorry that J had to leave so soon and next time i come in the house rate would be half off for full hour since i only got 45 mins with her. She whispered I remember you wink your very nice. I took my time getting dressed and came out of the room where momma son took my hand and walked me out the back door. I drove home that night wondering if what happened really happened. Never have i ever had such a great time at a massage parlor like this. I go a lot to different parlors around my area but this one i have become a regular in. I waited till after 10 when J was done working and texted her a thank you and good night to see if she would return my text. Let me tell you with in 5 mins of that text she texted me back with a good night and how much fun she had. I woke up this morning still amazed and told myself i wonder if she will remember me. I texted good morning beautiful enjoy ur day. She returned my text once again so fast. So we will have to see if our date together out of the parlor will happen. Only time will tell as she will be leaving the parlor next week. She told me she would wear a dress out with me so the boys jaws will drop while we are out. Will have to see if this dream will come true. I must say I have always found Asian women to be very attractive. Until the next post of my adventure with her I hope.

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1 month ago
So damn hot. Thanks for sharing.
1 year ago
Ask for Joann 1-916-218-2726
1 year ago
Uploaded a few pics of her in my picture gallery. Seen her a few more times since this post.Outside of the parlor..
1 year ago
thank you ash...
1 year ago
Great story, LOVED it!! xoxo Ash...
1 year ago
very good
1 year ago
great story, dude