Fucking Older Women since 8 part 2

And so when I thought I'd never find another...

Time passed, and I started to play this free game online called Runescape, compared to other mmo's out there you'd think this one's a piece of shit, but I never knew it would bring me back to the big leagues.

I met this girl online, of course, I always questioned if its actually a girl, I mean, its just an Avatar, it could have been an old bald fat guy who wanted to fulfill his gay fantasies lol. Luckily, I was keen enough to give her my email address so we could chat, and get to know each other a bit better.

Once we got passed the introductions, I find out she lives very far away from me, I'm from Puerto Rico, she lives all the way up in the North of the U.S. At first I thought it be no way for us to ever see each other, it seem kinda far fetched. Still, we managed to get to know each other really good, first by looking at her pictures, she was a really cute blonde BBW, half french, half Filipino, but she looked like a typical white American female. Still, being from those 2 worlds was a turn on.

In time she got herself a webcam, and this is where I could finally confirm if the one I saw in the pictures was the same who was speaking to me through the mic, and she was indeed, only that I found out she also had really large breasts, I never got to measure them myself, but I'd say they were definitively more than D's, and she had a nice tattoo on one of them. I'm afraid that the pictures she gave me are long gone, died with my old computer, but she even went as far as to send me a video of her masturbating saying my name.

We had what you call, cyber-sex, she turns on the webcam, I told her what to do, once I made her use a banana to fuck herself with it, I gotta say, that was one of the hottest things I've ever seen, I came so hard my load got on the computer monitor.

How could I see this next event coming? She told me she wanted to meet up personally, so she scheduled a flight for the next month, I was thrilled to meet up with this big boob half french half Filipino whore ho fucked herself with a banana on a fucking webcam, on top of things since she was a mother of 3, that would make her my first milf.

She got here the next month, I picked her up at the airport, at first I could not help myself but to be exited to have her next to me, but then I didn't want her to feel I was desperate to fuck her. So I took her to dinner, and then she booked in a hotel, luckily she had it planned I stay with her there a whole week. Never in my life did I had access to not just stay with a woman on the same bed overnight, but a whole week? My cock was ready for the challenge.

As I let her rest from the long trip, and I was watching television, she woke up like an hour later, and started to stare at me, those crystal hazel eyes were curious to see what I was ready to do, she was telling me, without words, "Come here" So I moved close to her, touched her face gently with my hand, she closed her eyes, and slowly she got closer to me, so I could not wait a second longer, and kissed her passionately.

We made out for a while, so I started to kiss her slowly down her body, I took her shirt off, and quickly those boobs bounced off, she wasn't wearing a bra, girls from my island always wear a bra, so I wasn't used to this American wild girl just yet. I, with the tip of my tongue, started to lick down her chest, over her boobs, and once my mouth got close to her nipple, I started to suck on it, while I grabbed her other boob, and pinched that nipple gently, but hard as well.

She was enjoying every second of it, and I grabbed her boob, turned it up to her face, and together we started to lick her nipple, our tongues were licking that nipple and tasting each other at the same time was accelerating. So I kept teasing her with my tongue, down her body, she had a piercing on her belly button, so I started to lick it and play with it, it had a little spinning ball on the top of the ring.

I got down to her pants, took them off, no panties either, she had a tattoo next to her pussy, she was shaved, just like I want it, and I licked her flower tattoo, since it was in a sensitive area, she started to moan even louder, as if I was already licking her pussy.

So when I finally get to the pussy, I avoid it, go for her legs, she was teased so much, her pussy was dripping wet, I could literally see her pussy juice coming down from her cunt, so I finally decided to stop torturing her, and as I open her pussy with my fingers, I see her clit, that happens to be somewhat larger than what I've seen before, on webcam I could not see it very well, but this time I could, and I loved it, so I started to eat that pussy like there was no tomorrow, and she started to twist all over the place while moaning, pressing my head hard to her pussy, I had to try and reach for air, cause she was literally pushing me too hard in there.

I reached out with my fingers in her pussy, first finger got in, second finger, third finger, fourth finger, right when the fifth finger got in, half my had was in her pussy, I started to fist fuck her really hard, when she started to cum, she began squirting all over my hand, I tasted her juice, it was delicious.

I got on the bed again, she got down on me and started to blow me desperately, almost as if she was thanking me with her body, her mouth felt really good on my cock, she really knew what she was doing, it almost felt like a pussy. She also deepthroat my cock a lot, not that I'm that big really, but still, she's the first to do that for me, so it was a hell of an experience.

Then I turned her over, doggy style, and fucked her really hard, I was pounding that pussy, I loved the way she moved as I pushed against her, she looked like she was dancing over my cock. I turned her around, and I lay on her, fucked her on top, and I could see her massive tits bouncing up and down, it was so amazing I still remember it like it happened yesterday.

Then she suggested I fuck her ass, it was my first anal, so I put my cock in her ass slowly, and that shit was tight, it brought me close to cum just fucking it for 5 minutes.

When I was about to cum, I climb over to her face, and as I started to cum, she rapidly opened her mouth, put my cock deep in her throat, and I came down her throat directly, I could hear the sound of her throat swallowing my load.

So we fucked all that week, did all sorts of crazy shit, I even took her for a ride and as I was driving she blow me, we had sex everywhere, at the pool, at the beach, you name it.

When she left we talked for a couple of months, but then I never heard of her again, but still, I remember those days as the best days of my life. Next time I'll write about another Milf, only that this one was married haha.
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2 years ago
Thanks, one detail I forgot to write was, that she was 37 at the time. The more time passes the older they get haha
2 years ago
Loved it man ~ more pls