Teenage homeless junkie - what's not to love?

So, I had just left a strip club and was feeling unsatisfied. I'd managed to get out before handing over my life savings in the hope of a discrete handjob that was never going to arrive. So I was walking down the street, in a slightly seedy part of town, horny and frustrated, and slightly pissed off.

I saw a girl walking by herself, pulling a small rolling suitcase behind her. Heading home from a trip, perhaps? I decided to have some fun. I slowly caught up with her and walked beside her for a few steps.


She looked at me for a second.

'You wanna make some extra money?'

She shook her head and continued looking straight ahead.

'You sure?'

She nodded.

I stopped and turned the other way.

I tooked a few steps in the other direction, but changed my mind. I turned round and looked back at her. Young girl, walking by herself late at night. Isn't that how all good ****s start? I decided to follow her, perhaps walk next to her and chat. Who knows what might happen if she turned off the lighted streets and into a dark alley? I certainly couldn't be held responsibile for what I might do to a girl in that situation.

I caught up with her and started talking, keeping pace as she was walking.

'So what are you up to tonight?' I asked.

'Looking for my boyfriend'

'Where is he?'

'I dunno, he ran off and left me', she replied.

'You heading home?' I asked.

'Yeah... I actually don't have a place to stay right now.'

'You homeless?'


I know my cock shouldn't have stiffened on hearing that, but it did. We continued walking. She was pulling the suitcase behind her. It made sense now. She was wearing jeans, a winter jacket, wedge heels. Slightly dishelleved, slightly dirty - like she hadn't showered in days. Which would also make sense.

I could have dragged her into a corner and ****d her, and no-one would have cared. But I suspect that she probably wouldn't have cared much either. Bears shit in the woods, the Pope is Catholic, homeless girls get ****d. Where's the fun in that? Where's the challenge?

I decided against it.

'You want a hand with that suitcase?'

'No, I'm ok, thanks'

We continued walking in silence.

A few moments passed.

In a lower voice, she said 'How much money are we talking about?'

'Well, what are you willing to do?' I responded with a smile.

'Whatever you want.'

My cock stiffened. 'Well, i've only got $30 on me right now. You can suck me off for that.'


We continued walking.

'Where you wanna do it?' she asked.

'You probably know this area better than me... where do you suggest?'

'There's some bathrooms a couple of blocks from here. That'll give us some privacy.'

We continued walking and talking. Apparently she'd been homeless for a few months, panhandling. Got thrown out of her apartment with her boyfriend. She'd do everything he told her, she said. I wondered what she meant by that...

'Did he make you fuck other guys?'

'No, d**gs.'

'Are you still using right now?'

'Yeah, heroin.'

'Oh right'.

'What's your name, by the way? How old are you?'

'Ally. I'm 23' she said.

'Cool. I'm Mark', I replied. I didn't think 'Ally' was her real name either. She looked like she was in her early 20s though. My cock was rock hard. Who hasn't fantasized about getting sexual services off a homeless teenage junkie?

'Have you done this before?' I asked.


We reached the public bathroom and she f***ed the door open. We slipped inside, and she closed the door behind us, jamming it with a small knife from her bag. Clearly, she knew what she was doing.

I pulled $30 from my wallet. 'See, I have the money here.'

'I'm going to need the money before I do anything.'

'Fair enough.' I handed it over and made sure I was standing between her and the door.

'Get on your knees.'

As she knelt in front of me, and starte to undo her top, I reached down and pulled her tits out of her bra, roughly squeezing them and pinching her nipples.

I unzipped and pulled out my cock, rock hard, swollen, dripping pre-cum.

'You know, if you have an condom, we can fuck', she whispered.

'Nah, this is good for me'.

I didn't say it out loud, but there was no way in hell I was gonna put my cock in any of her holes. As much as homeless teenage junkies get me hard, I also like being STD-free. She opened her mouth and made to start sucking me off but I pulled my cock away. She was on her knees in front of me as I stroked myself.

'Spit in my hand'

I used her spit to lube up my cock. I stroked my cock in her face, let her stroke me off a little, and continuing squeezing full tits as I came closer to orgasm.

I didn't last long. $30 to blow my load over a homeless girl - in heels - on her knees in a public bathroom with the door jammed shut? Who would have let me fuck her doggy-style, on her hands and knees on the urine soaked floor? What is this, my birthday?

She cleaned herself up and I put my cock away.

'So, what are you gonna do now?' I asked.

'Well, I can get a room with a friend now' she said 'It's $10 a night at this one place'

So, I helped her get a room for the night.

Trophy wives, 'e****ts', strippers, homeless girls. It's all the same thing. Earn your keep with your body. The American (woman's) Dream.

By the way, I was hard again before I got home and had to blow my load twice more before I finally calmed down....

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2 years ago
:D Good one.
3 years ago
Nice! Love the use of pictures.
3 years ago