The Hunting Trip VI

Standing in the main cabin, John and I watch as Tiffany drives away. She had to get back to the k**s, and left me with John to discuss our conversation earlier that morning.

I go upstairs to finish packing. Humming to myself happily I check under the bed and closets to make sure I have everything. Suddenly I hear a gruff voice behind me that does not belong to John, “hello.” I turn, startled, to find a tall man with dark brown hair and a goatee. He has the same beautiful eyes as John and the same features, although a bit taller and a stockier build. “Where is John?” the man asks me, looking at me curiously.

“I… I … don’t know,” I stutter. “I thought he was downstairs.”

“Who the hell are you?” he asks me sternly.

“Who are you?” I ask him.

“Are you the slut that John has been having an affair with?” he questions me, raising an eyebrow.

“Does everyone know about me? And who are you?” I ask once more.

“My name is Jeff. I am John’s b*****r,” he answers.

“Jeff, where are you?” a woman yells from the bottom of the stairs.

“Come up here Sandy, you have to see this,” Jeff yells back.

That is when I realize that I am in nothing but my bra and underwear. I blush and turn to find something to cover myself. Jeff grabs my arm, “what do you think you are doing?” he asks me.

I turn and see a stunning Japanese woman standing in the doorway. She is tall with high cheek bones and long black shiny hair to her waist. Her lips full and red, her eyes a light gray, which were obviously colored contacts, but stunning nonetheless. She looks at me and smiles, “so you are the other woman Tiffany has been so worked up about,” she says in a deep French accent, definitely not the accent I was expecting.

“She is cute,” she says to Jeff, winking.

Jeff still holding onto my arm, squeezes me tighter, and smiles at me. “She is cute, yes,” he answers.

Where is John, I think to myself. Right on queue John comes running into the room, out of breath. Jeff quickly lets go of my arm. “Jeff, buddy, what are you doing here? We are just getting ready to leave and head back to the city,” John exclaims. Turning he looks at Sandy, “hey beautiful,” he says slapping her ass.

“b*****r, I didn’t know you had company up here with you. Ummmm, I could have sworn I saw Tiffany drive by on our way up here?” Jeff looks at John quizzically.

“Oh it is a long story,” John replies. “So what are you two doing here?”

“Sandy and I just thought we would come and stay for a few days. We thought you would be gone by now,” Jeff answered.

I throw on some clothes and we head downstairs. John grabs four beer. We sit and talk for a bit, when Sandy says, “John, Jeff says you built a piece onto the guest house since the last time I was here. Would you like to show me?” She winks at Jeff, then looks at me.

“I sure will, sweetheart,” John answers. “Jeff can you keep my lady company while I show Sandy the new digs.”

I begin to protest, suggesting Jeff go with them, and I will finish packing up.

“Not at all baby, you should get to know Jeff. I think you will like him,” John smirks. He grabs Sandy’s hand and they head out the back door into the cold air.

Jeff gets up from his chair and sits down next to me on the sofa. A lump forms in my throat, as he brushes his arm against mine. He leans in closer to me, his warm breath on my cheek. I swallow and shift myself uncomfortably.

“You really are a cutie,” Jeff whispers in my ear.

“Thanks,” I mumble.

“You know my b*****r and I are very close and we share everything. What’s mine is his, and what’s his is mine,” Jeff states as he puts his hand on my knee.

My heart begins to race. I feel the need to get up and walk away. To go find John. “You know he is probably banging my wife right now,” Jeff says to me, moving his hand up my thigh.

A twinge of jealousy hits me. My god, what is with this f****y. All they do is fuck each other. I snicker to myself. Jeff grabs my chin and turns my face towards his, “what is so funny?” he asks me. Before I can answer, his lips are on mine.

I try to get out of his grip and push him off me, but he is much stronger than me, and much stronger than John. He rams his tongue between my lips. He kisses me f***efully, exploring my mouth with his tongue. I give in and let the kiss take over. He gropes me and puts his arms around me, squeezing me tight. He is much rougher than John too. Pulling my hair, he bites my lip hard.

I feel my pussy moisten in anticipation. He pulls himself away from me for a moment and pulls off his shirt, then he pulls off mine and swiftly takes off my bra. I look at him for a moment. He has no hair on his chest and has defined abs and strong muscular arms. My pussy throbs and tingles. I run my hands over his chest, kissing his pecks and slowly licking down his abdomen, stopping at the top of his jeans.

I look up at him as he looks down at me mischievously. He quickly unbuckles his belt and has his jeans off and thrown across the room in one swift movement. Below his belt, he is just as smooth and hairless as his chest. His cock stands at attention. It is thick and circumcised. I bend my head over his lap and take his cock into my mouth. He moans as I lick the head of his manhood tasting his pre-cum in my mouth. He pushes my head down making me take his cock fully in my mouth. I gag and drool, lubricating his cock with my spit. Grabbing my hair, he pulls my head up and pushes it back down, forcing me to gag every time. I suck and lick as he does this, until I feel his body tense up beneath me. I can tell he is about to explode. He lets go of my head, and I suck his cock, his body spasms as I suck his cum out of the head of his dick, swallowing and licking every last drop. His body relaxes, and he runs his fingers through my hair as he sighs, his body spasms one last time.

He pushes me off of him and jumps up and gets dressed. I look up at him in dismay. I couldn’t believe it, that was it. I fucking suck him off and he does nothing for me. He and John may be b*****rs, but John would never do that to me. He would never walk away until I was satisfied. Jeff notices the look on my face, and laughs.

“I will pay more attention to you later,” Jeff says to me winking.

“What makes you think there will be a next time,” I ask.

He looks at me with a huge smirk on his face. “Like I said sweetheart, my b*****r and I share everything.”

I roll my eyes at him and make a snorting sound of displeasure.

I get dressed and go out the door to look for John. I go into the guest house, already knowing what I will be walking into, but hoping I am wrong. I hear noises from the bedroom. The sounds of raunchy hot sex. Jealousy overtakes me. I push open the bedroom door slowly, afraid to look. I look over to the bed and see the last thing I expected to see. John and Sandy are sitting on the bed fully clothed, beer in hand, staring straight ahead at the flat screen television. The moaning and noises of sex in surround sound as they sit and watch Sunrise Adams get gang banged by four old guys.

“Hey baby, have a seat,” John says patting the bed beside him. “Sorry we got a bit sidetracked.”

I realize at that moment that John and Sandy had not had sex or been fooling around. I feel guilty as I sit down next to John and he kisses me on the forehead. He can tell something is not right with me. “What is wrong babe?” he asks.

I mumble that nothing is wrong, but cannot make eye contact with him. “What did Jeff do?” he asks me sternly. Sandy looks at me questioningly.

“I am sorry, it just happened,” I said, ashamed.

“He gave you that crap that he and I share everything, didn’t he?” he said, laughing. “He is such a jack ass. He does this to me all the time. He is still pissed that Tiffany chose me and not him.”

I was so confused. I didn’t understand what John was saying. “But I thought Jeff and Sandy were married?”

Sandy snorts, “pfft, no way in hell. He and I are just friends. The three of us are just friends. I am gay,” Sandy laughs.

A knot forms in my stomach. I look away embarrassed.

Grabbing my face, John turns me towards him and kisses me gently. “Don’t worry about it babe.”

“But I do have something for you,” Sandy says to me. “John told me about a little fantasy of yours.” She reaches into a bag next to her and pulls out a plaid pleated skirt, then a white blouse. My hands begin to sweat.

I smile at John, he smiles in return. “Now as long as I can watch,” he says as Sandy takes her bag and goes into the washroom to change.

I am elated. Another fantasy of mine is about to be fulfilled. Well kind of. A Japanese girl in a school girl uniform. In the fantasy she would be quiet and timid and not say a word, and let me play with her and piss on her, tie her down and dominate her. I was pretty sure that this would not play out exactly as I had wanted, but the Japanese girl in a school girl uniform was good enough for me.

Sandy enters the room. He long black hair in pig tails. Her eyes were now a dark brown, with a little bit of black eyeliner. Under her tight white blouse I could see a red bra. Her green and blue plaid skirt was very short, barely covering her butt. She wore black knee high socks and a pair of flat Mary Jane’s. She looked amazing. Again my heart beat grew rapid. I couldn’t stop staring at her in awe. John whistled. In response Sandy covered her mouth, curtseyed and blushed like a school girl. She played the role perfectly.

She did not say a word and just walked over to the bed and sat down next to me, looking at me shyly. I couldn’t believe how much this was just as I had pictured in my mind. Once again I looked her up and down, and noticed beneath her skirt she had no underwear on, her pink pussy peaking out, completely shaven, except for a little patch of hair. Still playing along she opened her legs slightly and giggled innocently.

I pushed her down, spreading her legs open and buried my face in her wet pussy. She tasted so sweet. The smell of her cunt filled my nose as I licked her swollen clit. She moaned quietly, letting out a squeal. That is when I noticed a box of toys on the bed next to John, who was lying there quietly watching me. I rooted through the box and found a ball gag. Sandy looked at me with big doe eyes as she saw what I was going to do.

I grabbed her by the pony tails and lifted up her head. Placing the ball gag in her mouth, I snapped it tight around the back of her head. I smiled at her mischievously and slapped her lightly across the face.

Ripping open her blouse, buttons go flying across the room. I pull down her bra, exposing her tiny breasts. I slap her tits playfully, and suck on her nipples. She squirms beneath me as I bite her right nipple. I lick and kiss her breasts, moving down her abdomen, and once again the smell of her pussy fills my nostrils. I suck on her clit gently as she pulsates and squirms. She is so wet and warm. I lap at her juices, fucking her with my tongue. I stick my tongue deep inside of her as she gyrates her hips, pushing herself further into my face.

I then realize John is behind me slowly pulling down my pants. He slaps my ass, as I still suck and lick Sandy’s sweet pussy. He spits on my backside, rubbing his spit between my ass cheeks and into my ass hole. He rubs his hard cock between my cheeks and slowly enters my anus. I flinch from the dull ache. He holds onto my hips as he thrusts himself in and out of my ass. I continue licking Sandy, now more f***efully. She squirms and moans as I nibble on her clit and lick her quickly.

John still inside of me, I feel a vibrator on my clit. My erect clit aches from pleasure, I feel my pelvic muscles tighten. A shiver goes down my spine. My ass cheeks stiffen as the vibrations go through my pussy, and the feeling of his cock pulling in and out of my ass. I continue licking Sandy, I feel her body tense up as she arches her back. She spasms as she releases herself and squirts all over my face. I feel John’s body over me tense up as he cums in my ass at the very same moment, I release and squirt all over John. It was like the three of us were in synch. We collapse on the bed, panting like dogs.

“Now that was hot!” says a voice from the doorway. “Well up until I saw my b*****r’s cock come out of your ass. At least while it was in there it was hidden and wasn’t as weird as it should have been watching my b*****r have sex,” Jeff says sarcastically.

“Oh shut up Jeff!” Sandy exclaims, tearing the ball gag off.

“I have a bone to pick with you!” John says, grabbing his pants up off the floor.

John and Jeff leave the bedroom, leaving me alone with Sandy. “I am not finished with you,” I tell her.

She giggles again like a school girl would, covering her mouth innocently. I grab her by the hand and lead her to the bathroom. I turn on the shower and order her to go in. She enters the shower, still in her torn blouse and her skirt and stockings. Her pig tails are a bit rifled but still in place. I strip down completely, and enter the huge shower stall with her. Pushing her against the wall, her back to me, I position her in a squatting position, her blouse sticking to her. I lift up her skirt and spit on her backside, rubbing my fingers over it and lubricating her pussy. I enter one finger inside her wet swollen pussy. I pull it in and out of her, she moans as I caress her g-spot. One at a time I gently enter four fingers inside of her, pulling them in and out, stretching her sweet cunt. Finally I curl in my thumb, and push my fist inside of her. She squeals and squirms as I punch her pussy, gently at first and then harder. She starts speaking Japanese in a high pitched tone. This turns me on more, and I enter two fingers in her ass. I continue to fuck her with my fist and fuck her tight ass with my two fingers, until once again I feel her body tense. Her vaginal wall tightens around my fist, and her anus around my fingers. Her body pulsates and spasms as she cums. I pool out my fist gently, and a gush of fluid releases from her pussy.

She looks at me with delight in her eyes, as she grabs me and kisses me passionately. “Piss on me,” she whispers in my ear.

She sits on the floor of the shower stall, her knees up and her arms wrapped around them. She looks so innocent in her pig tails, and school girl uniform, black eyeliner running down her face. Standing over her I slowly let a stream of piss flow over her. She puts out her hands, catching my piss and splashing it on her face. Opening her mouth, she gestures for me to piss in her mouth. I am leery at first. But do as she wants, letting a heavy warm stream of piss flow into her mouth, as the shower beats down on us.


A few hours later John and I are packing up the car. Saying our goodbyes, Sandy grabs me and kisses me passionately, handing me my cell phone, she says, “don’t forget this, I programmed my number in there just in case…” This time she was blushing for real. I smile and assure her I will give her a call. Jeff then grabs me by the arm trying to cop a feel, I frown at him and push him away. He grunts in displeasure as Sandy and John laugh.

As we pull away from the cabin, I feel sad to be leaving this place. It was not the weekend getaway I had planned, but it was certainly an adventure.

I recapped the events in my head. First showing up to a beautiful cabin in the mountains, when I expected a little hunting shack. Then meeting a beautiful redhead, Chris. Then her b*****r Darryl. Having a foursome with Chris and Darryl. Then to be tied up in the woods and gang banged and be circle jerked on. To find out Mike was here. Then to have a a*****ion/bondage fantasy fulfilled. Naked pictures in the snow. Then to have John’s wife show up, and to have her “punish” me, when all she was doing was turning me on. Then the threesome with John and his wife, and then for her to tell me she wants me to keep sl**ping with her husband as long as she can have me too. And then just when I thought it was over, I have sex with a Japanese “school girl”.

We drive in silence for about thirty minutes as I replay this all in my head. John finally breaks the silence. “So have you thought any more to what Tiffany asked you this morning,” he asks me, putting his hand on my knee.

“Oh John, this weekend was so amazing. But a bit overwhelming. Can I think about it all before deciding what we should do?” I ask, thinking to myself it will probably just be better to end things with him before things become even more complicated. “We will see.”
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1 year ago
if there is more pleeese let me know! totaly enjoyed the series
3 years ago
really great story but i feel there will be more