Embrace the Dirty Whore Within

He comes over mid-early morning to have one last fuck before he is shipped out for a couple of months. Wasting no time I pull down his pants stroking his cock. Semi-erect, I take his cock in my mouth, licking the tip, tasting his pre-cum. Taking his balls in my hands I slowly start sucking his cock. Licking his shaft as I take his hard cock in my mouth. Drooling I fuck him with my mouth, grabbing his balls. He is very hard now. Just what I wanted. Going into the bedroom, I get on my knees, sucking and stroking his hard cock.

Sitting on the edge of the bed hiking up my dress, he sticks his fingers inside of my wet cunt. Eagerly he fingers me flicking his tongue on my clit. I erupt, my juices squirting onto the floor and the side of my mattress.

Grabbing my legs he turns me around so I am completely on the bed. Slapping his thick hard cock on my cunt, I lift my hips and butt up off of the mattress as he slaps me, indicating to him that I want him inside of me. Slowly and gently, he introduces his hard cock to my throbbing pussy. It is a tight squeeze, I wince as he drives himself deep into me. Gentle at first he slides himself in and out of me. I moan from shear ecstasy. Then suddenly holding onto my calves he thrusts himself expeditiously, firmly pounding my pussy. I feel his body stiffen up as he climaxes, releasing himself. He relaxes trying to catch his breath and bring his heart to a steady beat. He pulls out of me, standing up, his knees shake. Putting on his clothes, he leaves, giving me a gentle peck on the lips.

It is almost noon. I get cleaned up and go online, engaging in conversation with someone who I had not yet met from my msn list. He offers to bring me a coffee. I decline at first. But quickly change my mind. What harm could come out of a coffee?

I invite him in, taking my coffee. We chat for a bit, and as always with me, chit chat about the weather turns into conversation about sex. As I tell him about some of my fantasies, he listens intently, getting closer to me, his hand on my thigh. When I mention that I squirt, his eyes became filled with wonder, and he grins from ear to ear. He leans in, shifting his cock in his pants. Moving his hand further up my leg to the inside of my thigh, he rubs my cunt through my jeans. Really I know this should not happen. I just had sex with someone not an hour ago, and I have a booty call that night. I am such a slut. But my sex drive is insatiable.

I gyrate my hips as my cunt throbs for attention. I unbutton my pants making for easier access to my aching cunt. He rubs my clit. Taking off my pants I position myself so he can have the full view of my wet, throbbing, pink pussy.

He inserts three fingers inside of me, rhythmically he pounds me with his finger, concentrating on my clit with his thumb. He finds my g-spot, I arch my back slightly. He realizes he found gold. Fixating on my g-spot and clit he fingers me. My back arching and my body spasms. My pussy tightens around his fingers, squirting it sprays all over us. On that note he fingers me more vigorously smiling as my juices squirt out of me, soaking everything close by. Pulling up my pants I sit in an upright position finishing my coffee. He grabs his coffee from the end table and says he has to go.

It is strange. At that point I should have been offended. But why would I be. It is not like he got off and left right away. He got me off and left. No complaints here.

Later on that evening my company arrives. We don’t waste any time either. Pulling down his pants I get on my knees and start stroking his already hard cock. Sucking on his balls I stroke him gently. I move my tongue up the shaft of his penis, licking the pre-cum off the head of his cock. Grabbing me by my hair he thrusts his cock in my mouth. Deep throating his long cock, gagging and drooling, I suck and lick eagerly, lubricating it with my drool. Pushing the back of my head, I deep throat all of his long cock. I gag quite violently, he lets go of my head and lets me breathe.

I get up onto the bed hiking up my dress spreading my legs. My wet cunt anticipating what he is going to do to me. Taking his long fingers he rubs my pussy, my juices all over his hands he sticks his fingers in my mouth. I taste my sweet pussy. Taking his fingers out of my mouth, he rubs me f***efully inserting four fingers at once. I grimace as he frantically fingers me rubbing my g-spot and drumming my cervix. I yelp from the f***e and pant frantically as he vigorously fucks me with his fingers. At last I feel my knees begin to shake, my pelvic muscles tighten around his fingers, my hips and buttocks spasm as I orgasm and lightly squirt.

I must admit with all the anticipation my body felt for that moment, preparing for that orgasm, I was rather disappointed in the outcome. But it was an orgasm none the less. I can’t complain about one not so amazing orgasm after I had had multiple pretty excellent ones that day.

Wow. Then it hit me. Well yeah it wasn’t really at that moment that I came to this conclusion. But I thought about it again. I am a SLUT! I have had sex with three guys today, one a complete stranger. But wait, you know what, I technically only had intercourse with one. So there you go , I am not a slut. I am just having fun. But fuck it, who cares if I am a slut. I like it. I am a dirty whore! Embrace it! And I have.
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2 years ago
Gotta love dirty whores! Should be more of them I say ;)
3 years ago
Great story. It had the effect you were hoping for. Thank you.
3 years ago
I'm loving your stories. :)
3 years ago
Loved it.
3 years ago
Good for you!