My heart beat was rapid. It had been a long time since I have been touched like this. His strong hands rubbed my shoulders. I could feel his breath on my neck. Feeling the moisture of his soft lips on my neck my knees began to quiver and my pussy moistened. He wrapped the scarf around my eyes tying it tightly around my head. I couldn’t see a thing through the dark scarf, not even shadows.

Taking two fingers he placed them around my jaw, opening my mouth wide. Something limp and soft entered my mouth. He slapped it around gently. Moving my tongue around I licked and sucked the thing in my mouth. I felt it get harder and thicker. I could taste the precum lightly oozing from the head of his hard cock.

He rammed his stiff manhood in my mouth, gagging me, fucking my mouth as his balls slapped my chin. Taking long deep breaths through my nose I tried not to gag. Drool dribbled from my mouth, down my chin. My eyes started to water as I tried not to gag as he rammed his hard cock deep into my throat. Finally I could take no more and tried to push him away, pulling on my hair he removed his cock from my mouth.

Still blindfolded, he pulled me by the hair leading me to the bed. He pushed me down and forcibly positioned my arms above my head. Taking another scarf he wrapped it around my wrists multiple times, tying it tight. Pulling off my pants and underwear he spread open my legs, tying my feet together. My pussy quivered in anticipation of what was going to happen next. Pulling on my shirt he ripped it open, buttons popping off and flying through the air. I hear him sigh happily as he looked at my bare breasts. I could sense him leaning over me feeling his warm breath as he blew on my erect nipples.

He gently rubbed my clit with his thumb, as he slowly entered three fingers inside of my wet pussy. I could feel his soft wet lips kiss my breasts, sucking and licking my hard pink nipples as he gently fingered me and rubbed my clit. My hips quivered as I raised my butt off of the mattress indicating to him that I wanted something more.

Kissing my lips, he removed my blindfold telling me he wanted me to see his face as he fucked me like the slut I am. Taking his hard cock he slapped my face and shoved it down my throat. Gagging he pulled it and rammed it in my wet pussy. I yelped from the slight pain and surprise. I looked up at him seeing the maniacal smile on his face. My feet still tied together, he wrapped my legs around his thick neck pulling me towards him and grabbing my waist as he rammed himself inside of me.

I squirmed beneath him, trying to wrap my hands around him, but they were still tied tightly together. He smiled at me, as he watched me wriggle beneath him. Pulling my hair and biting me he hammered my pussy. On occasion he would slow down and pullout when he felt the urge to come, and he would slap my pussy and rub his hard cock on my clit. He would then enter me again, starting off slowly and then pound my throbbing, aching pussy.

I felt my muscles tighten and knees shake as the urge came to me to come. Just as I was about to arch my back and release myself he pulled out of me one last time, the feeling disappeared as he jerked himself off coming over my breasts and abdomen.

He could tell I was a little disappointed that I had lost my orgasm. Kissing my forehead, he untied my wrists. Immediately I grabbed my vibrator from under my pillow, turning it on and applying it to my clit. He kissed my feet as he untied my ankles. I positioned myself so my knees were up in the air and my legs were wide open. He watched me as I rubbed the vibrator over my clit, my pussy and inside of me. Once again I could feel my pelvic muscles tense and tighten. Arching my back my knees shook and pussy throbbed. At last I felt myself relax as I felt my pussy pulsate as I squirted.

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very sensual
thanks for posting
3 years ago
just read two of your storys they are very well written look forward to reading more 6/10