Just Golden

I remember when I first became curious about golden showers. I felt so dirty even thinking that this was hot. But the a****listic side of me just could not look away and I kept thinking how amazing it would be to have someone do this to me. I was surfing around the internet looking for lesbian domination porn. Two beautiful women were fisting and choking each other. Then one of the girls squatted over the other and pissed all over the other girl. Pissing everywhere, even in her face. I was so turned on, yet so disgusted at the same time. It was so degrading and dirty, so taboo. At this point in my life and growing up in a small fishing community the most taboo thing that I had ever thought about was giving someone a blow job.

But that was the point in my life when I decided to explore more about myself and sexuality. I often fantasized about a girl pissing on me. I never considered a male doing it though. I didn’t even get turned on by porn with males pissing on females. I tried to find some girls who would be interested in this, but no one was curious about this.

As I started talking to different guys, I was amazed as to how many men were curious or even in to golden showers. But why wouldn’t they be? It is so a****listic and raw.

A regular play partner and I often discussed trying golden showers. One day it finally happened. Because at times I squirt a lot, when playing I will put down towels and a shower curtain on my bed so I don’t have to sl**p in a we bed. So it was perfect that I had done this the day it happened.

We had been playing for quite awhile that day, going down on each other, licking, fingering, the usual stuff. Then he did it. Slowly at first, a stream of piss on my abdomen. It was warm and felt so good streaming down my sides. Then a longer stream all over my pussy. As he was pissing on me I played with myself, rubbing the piss all over my abdomen and pussy. It was so warm, and there was so much of it. I wasn’t sure whether to be turned on or feel dirty and degraded. After awhile I realized I was very turned on. After the stream of piss ended, he smiled at me and he went down on my. Licking my pussy, he was tasting my sweet pussy juices and his piss mixed together. It was such a turn on for me to feel him down there, knowing he was tasting himself on me.

Finishing up, we lay next to each other discussing our experience. Both of us not really sure how we felt. We held each other for a bit, wet and smelling of sweat and piss. Finally he had to get ready to leave, as he showered up, I threw the wet blankets and towels in the washer. Kissing him goodbye, I could still taste myself and his piss on his lips.
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2 years ago
I love a good golden shower story, have tried them regulary since? My wife & I both love to give and recieve a nice hot stream on each other. She now even asks (and loves) to piss inside her...something for you to explore perhaps?
3 years ago
Now that's story is AWESOME!!!
3 years ago
Awesome story. Have you had any more experiences with pissing yet? I would love to find a female that is into this and be my first...ummm just the thought of it gets me hard
3 years ago
PISSING ON EACH OTHER ! What a thrill that would be ! WOW !