The Hunting Trip Part IV

It was around 9:00 am when I felt someone shake me. “Pssst, wake up.” I wake up to find Mike leaning over me. Everyone else still sound asl**p s**ttered about the bed, Chris still holding onto me tight. “I have to leave in about two hours, but there is something I want you and I to do before I go.”

I slowly unwrapped Chris’ arms from around me and slunk out of her grasp, trying not to wake anyone. I throw on some clothes and clean myself up, throwing on some makeup and brushing my teeth, and head down stairs with Mike. He grabs his camera and throws me my jacket. “C’mon lets go,” he said pulling me out the door.

It was beautiful outside. So quiet and crisp, a fresh new dusting of snow covered the ground. “Where are we going? What are we doing?” I asked.

“You will see,” he replied grinning mischievously.

We came to an opening in a beautiful field. The ground was untouched, the snow fresh and white, with not a flake disturbed. “Take off your clothes,” Mike told me gently. I knew exactly what we were doing. Taking off my clothes, I smiled. “Now you do whatever you want and I will snap the pictures.”

Yay, I was so excited. A photo shoot of me naked in the snow was another great fantasy of mine. I posed in different positions. Some of me lying flat in the snow playing with myself. I used snow and icicles to masturbate with. A few of me crawling in the snow, back and front my ass sticking in the air. Along with other provocative positions. I was not sure how I was doing all of this outdoor nakedness without freezing to death. I was actually quite warm. After about fifty shots, Mike handed me a blanket from a bag I did not even realize he was carrying with him. “Warm up a bit,” he said holding me in his arms, giving me some of his body heat. “Then put this on,” he said handing me a black corset, black skirt, black fishnets and black thigh high boots. He also pulled out a thermos of hot chocolate. We sat in each others arms for about 15 minutes sipping on hot chocolate. I put on the clothes he tossed to me and we began the next photo shoot.

Doing a few more poses in the corset, I was starting to get very cold. I grabbed my clothes and put them on and wrapped the blanket around me. Heading back to the cabin, Mike and I talk about my adventures so far this weekend. He expresses how happy he was to be a part of it and wishes he could stay longer but has to get back to work. I smile sadly at him, but I understand.

Back at the cabin, Darryl and Chris are packing up their car. “Oh, I did not realize you were leaving to,” I mope.

“Yes we have to get back home. Our uncle is in the hospital and we should really go visit him.” A lump forms in my throat as I realize that this uncle is John’s father in law. Shouldn’t John head back to his wife? I am keeping him from f****y obligations. Has he even talked to his wife since we got here? I feel guilty and ashamed, and express this to Mike. I suggest that I should get a drive back with him. Chris overhears this conversation. “Don’t worry about it, her father is fine. If she needs John she will call. We just are going to visit because we are heading back to Montreal tomorrow afternoon and do not know when we will be back again.”

This assures me somewhat, but I still have a twinge of guilt. It was so much better when it was just me and John. When I knew nothing about his f****y life. Then I met his wife’s cousins, then I came across the photo album with pictures of his wife, now I am hearing that her father is in the hospital. This is all starting to get too involved. I should really walk away. I decide that after the weekend is over John and I should have a serious talk about this relationship. But for now, we have a day and a half alone, Mike, Darryl and Chris are leaving. It will just be John and I here, finally.

I kiss Mike good bye, promising him we will get together as soon as I get back to the city. I watch as he drives away, still impressed that he showed up and shared this experience and beauty with me. Shortly after Darryl and Chris leave. John and I say our goodbyes to them. Kissing each other and groping each other one last time. Finally it is just John and I. He wraps his arm around my shoulder and kisses me on the cheek as we head up the stairs into the cabin.

Once inside he tells me to go shower while he makes breakfast. That sounds like a splendid idea. I go into the master bathroom and strip down, about to go into the shower, I look at the huge bathtub and change my mind about the shower. I turn the taps to the bathtub and look through the linen closet looking for some bubble bath. I find a few different choices, and choose the vanilla scented bubble bath. I pour a capful into the water, bubbles forming in the tub.

Putting the bubble bath back I knock a box to the floor, the lid opens and a few toys fall out. There is one that looks especially interesting. It is shaped like a cactus. It is a silicone penis with a curve for the g-spot, with little nubs on the head for stimulation. At the base there are two curved arms, one shaped like a rabbit for clitoral stimulation, the other a mini curved penis for anal stimulation. My pussy throbs as I think about how exciting that would be to use. I press one of the buttons on the base, this button makes the little rabbit vibrate. The second button I press makes the smaller penis spin around in slow circles. Finally the third button causes the dildo to vibrate and spin around.

I look closely at the vibrator and notice that it is waterproof. A smile comes across my face. The bath tub is full and I turn off the taps. I sit at the edge of the tub, turning the toy over in my hand, analyzing it, debating to myself whether or not to use it on me. I then realize that this is probably John’s wife’s toy. A lump forms in my throat, but quickly fades when I remember the pictures I saw in the photo album. I am suddenly turned on, imagining her naked in this very tub, using this toy on herself. It is so wrong for me to be turned on by this image, the thought of how wrong it is turns me on even more.

I get into the bathtub, leaving the toy on the edge of the tub, just in case I decide to use it. Lying back and relaxing I close my eyes, imagining John’s wife with her fingers between her legs. She caresses her clit with her thumb as she slowly inserts a finger inside of herself and rubs her g-spot. As I imagine this, I do this to myself, I moan as I see her face in my minds eye playing with her self. Her voluptuous body immersed in water. I grab the toy on the edge of the bathtub. Turning on the main dildo it turns slowly, I put it in my mouth, sucking it and lubricating it with my spit. I spread open my legs wide and rub the dildo against my pussy, teasing myself slowly inserting the first inch inside of me pulling it in and out of me. Pushing it into me further I turn on the little rabbit, the ears vibrate against my clit. The mini penis pokes at my asshole, not yet entering my ass, just right there at the opening. Pushing the dildo into me deeper and deeper, the mini cock slowly enters my ass. I press the last button and feel the probe in side my ass move around massaging me. I fuck myself with the toy, double penetrating myself with it and stimulating my clit. I again imagine John’s wife, I see her as she penetrates herself moaning in pleasure, playing with her huge breasts, sucking on her own nipples, her beautiful lips puckered. I see her as she arches her back and comes. Her body spasming uncontrollably as she releases herself. Just at that moment I arch my back and my body tenses, I spasm as I orgasm and gush of liquid squirts out of me, making a strange gushing noise in the water.

My eyes still closed, I hear John clear his throat. I open my eyes, embarrassed. Is he going to be mad at me for using his wife’s toys? I had no right to be snooping through his stuff. I look at him, blushing, “how long have you been standing there?”

“Long enough, sweetie. That was hot,” he smiles. “I forgot about that toy,” he grinned. “C’mon, finish cleaning yourself up, breakfast is almost ready.” He turns and leaves the room.


A pile of blueberry pancakes were stacked in the middle of the table, fresh fruit, and ham. John poured sangria from a beautiful crystal pitcher into huge wine glasses. “Really? We are drinking again all ready?”

“We are on vacation,” he snickers.

He dips a strawberry in chocolate and feeds it to me, wiping a dribble of chocolate of my lip he sticks his finger in my mouth. I suck on his finger and lick it sensually. I notice a tent form in his boxers as his cock stands to attention. Bending over he kisses me on the forehead and sits down to eat. We play footsy under the table like teenagers and giggle and laugh, enjoying each others company and the silence around us. We sit and take in the quiet for a few minutes, the only noise is the fire crackling in the fireplace.

“So what is on the agenda for today?” I ask. “Any surprise visitors? Any kinky hijinks?”

He smirks at me, and winks. “Nope nothing planned today. I think we will just relax. I might go for a walk in the woods and see if I can find a buck. You can come along, or stay here and relax. It is up to you.”

We clean up from breakfast and he starts to get ready to go hunting. I decide to stay in and watch a movie.

Once he is gone I look through the movies and come across a collection of home movies. Curious I put one in the DVD player and press play.

On the large flat screen television John sits naked on the king size bed upstairs. Darryl walks towards John and sticks his hard cock in John’s mouth. John wraps his hand around Darryl’s cock and strokes it while sucking and fucking it with his mouth. Pushing John’s head down, Darryl chokes him with his cock. Male on male action is not something that usually turns me on. But the sight of two men that I have been intimate with on video makes my body shiver and my pussy excited. I watch as John sucks Darryl’s cock, the two men moaning. Darryl pulls out his cock and turns around as Chris comes into the frame. She grabs her b*****r’s cock in her hand and strokes him gently. Picking her up around his waist, he sits her on his cock. They flop onto the bed and Chris rides her twin b*****r vigorously while John watches and strokes himself.

Next another naked female enters the frame. It is John’s wife. She grabs a toy off of the bed, which is the same toy I played with earlier in the bath tub.

Well isn’t this interesting. She isn’t such a prude. Not what John makes her out to be like at all. She is having a foursome with her first cousins and her husband whilst being video taped. If is hard to believe that this sexual creature on this tape is no longer interested in having sex. She used to be so vivacious and alive. It was really too bad.

I watched as the four of them fucked each other. I especially was turned on when John’s wife and Chris played with each other. Being first cousins, they looked so muck like each other. They both have beautiful long red hair, bright green eyes, the same nose and full lips. The only difference was that Chris was much tinier, but other than that you would swear they were s****rs. I watched as John’s wife fucked her cousin with the cactus shaped vibrator I had found earlier, playing with myself as I imagine that I am there, playing with these two beautiful redheads.

A door slams, interrupting my day dream. I jump up my hand still in my pants. That can’t be John all ready. I turn around and look at the person standing in the door way. The woman looks familiar but I just can’t place her. She is plump, with baggy jeans and a huge winter jacket, which is three times too big for her, with shoulder length dull reddish hair, with streaks of gray. She has bags under her tired eyes and looks very unhappy. Then I clue in, I look at the image on the screen behind me and look at the woman in front of me.

Oh shit. Fuck, fuck no!

“Who the hell are you!” John’s wife asks me.

I don’t know what to say. I stand there my hand between my legs, my jaw dropped, froze in place.

“Where is my husband? Are you that bitch who is fucking my husband? Oh he thinks I don’t know about you! I know a lot more than he thinks he does!” She starts toward me. I don’t know what to do. Suddenly she stops in her tracks as she notices what is on the television screen. Her cheeks turn red, she looks at me astonished, then looks at her feet in embarrassment. She runs to the television and turns it off.

“What gives you the right! Who do you think you are!” She exclaims, shaking her finger in my face. She looks down and for the first time notices my hand down my pants as I still stand there dumbfounded.

She starts to laugh hysterically. I don’t know what to say or do. Slowly I remove my hand from my pants, and start to back up slowly to the door. I have to get out of here. Where do I go? She looks at me and starts crying. Oh fuck, now what do I do.

“I don’t blame him you know,” she sobs. “Look at me, I am not the woman I used to be. I am not that woman in that video anymore.”

Sobbing uncontrollably she flops down on the sofa. Now is my chance. I go to grab my jacket and shoes, but stop. I cannot stand to see her so upset. Not thinking about the consequences I go over to her and sit down. She looks at me as I sit next to her giving me the once over. “You are cute“, she says to me. “No wonder he is cheating on me. Do you love him?”

Shocked to her question and her overall demeanor at this point, I don’t know how to answer.

“You do love him,” she acknowledges. “Well I love him more. We have been together for ten years. You can’t just come in and take him away from me so easily you little bitch.”

Oh this was a bad idea, I should have ran when I had the chance. She leans in and grabs me by the neck, shit she is going to choke me. She is going to kill me and throw me in the fire. Instead she loosens her grip and leans in and kisses me. Okay. Now what do I do. This woman is crazy.

“I want to know what is so great about you that has my husband sneaking out to call you nights he is home. What is so appealing to you that he lies to me about going to sl**p at 9:00 when he in the city working, telling me not to call because he is sl**ping, when really he is with you!”

My heart beats rapidly in my chest. She pulls at my hair biting my neck, as she f***efully puts her hand down my pants, rubbing my wet pussy. “Are you turned on by this you home wrecking bitch!? I could kill you, and you sit there, turned on! What the hell is wrong with you?” I did not know what was wrong with me. She was right, I should be scared. But the moment I realized who she was, I became extremely aroused.

“Do you like fucking my husband, you whore?” She yelled at me, obviously I was not reacting the way she expected, I just stared at her, becoming more aroused and my pussy got wetter. Her hand still down my pants, she realized that I was not going to run and hide and pulled out her hand.

Finally, I managed to speak. “Do you know what, I do enjoy fucking your husband. Somebody has to do it since you won’t anymore,” she looked at me in shock. “And you know what else? I enjoyed fucking your cousins too!” Her jaw dropped and she grunted. A look of fury came over her face, and she grabs me by the neck and slaps me. Unexpectedly she kisses me with passion and fury. She fondles with the zipper on my hoodie exposing my bare breasts. She looks at my small but perky tits and grabs them in her hands.

She grabs my nipples and twists them. I yelp in pain. “Does that hurt, bitch? Who the hell do you think you are talking to me like that? You fucking home wrecker!” She twists my nipples harder, a lump forms in my throat.

Okay, she is really going to hurt me. I start to panic again, my heart beating in my chest. She pulls me by my hair and kisses me again, biting on my bottom lip. Jesus, this bitch is crazy, I think to myself. Where is John? Surely he will be back soon, he has to save me.

“Come with me,” she says, tugging my hair.

My pussy throbs in excitement and anticipation. What is wrong with me? I am enjoying this.
“Take off your pants,” she barks.

I do as she tells me, becoming more and more aroused, my pussy throbbing and wet.

“Now get on your hands and knees!”

Again, I obey her. I watch her as she walks to the kitchen. I hear drawers and cupboards open and close. She appears to be looking for something. I almost ask her if I can help her find something, but then have second thoughts realizing that is a bad idea. This is her cabin after all, she should know where things are, how much would she appreciate her husband’s girlfriend telling her where things are in her own home.

She comes back towards me, her arms full of various objects. What the hell, I say to myself, is she going to beat me with utensils and kitchen gadgets? I am confused for a moment, until she says “you know, I know more about you than you think. I have read some of the e-mails you have sent John. I read about your fantasies. How do you like it now? You want to be fucked with various objects do you? Well how do you feel about that fantasy now?”

Oh my god, is she going to fuck me with a knife? What the hell. Okay it is time to fucking run. I start to get up slowly, preparing to bolt for the door. She notices my slight movement and drops the objects in her arms, they clatter to the floor, and she puts her hand on my head. “You aren’t going anywhere!” she exclaims. I watch as she picks up a turkey baster.

Okay, a turkey baster, that is harmless, I think to myself She take the baster and shoves it in my pussy from behind. Hold on here. No foreplay, just shove it right in there. I flinch as she pulls the baster in and out of my pussy. I enjoy it immensely.

I can tell she is pissed that I am enjoying this so much, she grunts and starts to slap my ass with a spatula. She may have read some of my emails, but has definitely not read the one describing my fantasy of being dominated and abused by an older woman. Or that I am a pain slut. She is becoming even more furious and frustrated when she feels me gyrating my hips and pushing myself into the object in my pussy. She grabs my neck, “I am going to choke you bitch!” she yells. I moan even more, hoping she calls me a dirty cunt.

Suddenly the front door flies open. John runs in the cabin in a panic. He stops, frozen as he sees his wife standing over me with her hand around my throat with a turkey baster in me. He stands there for a moment with a look of shock on his face. “What the fuck…” he says and then breaks out laughing hysterically for a moment. Then contains himself. “Tiffany, ummmm…. I can explain?” he says in a questioning way. He has no idea what to say or do. I can tell he is slightly aroused at this sight, as well as confused and amused. But also terrified because he has been caught cheating.

“I am punishing this filthy slut!” she says to John. I moan again, becoming even more aroused by the name calling.

“Please let her go Tiffany,” John says. “And besides you aren’t punishing her, trust me.” He states stifling a laugh.

Tiffany looks at John, then at me, and starts crying. She lets go of my neck, the turkey baster falls to the ground. Quickly I get up grabbing my clothes, running to John. “Go upstairs, now!” he tells me. I obey, almost tripping over my feet trying to get away as fast as I can.
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Is there going to be an ending?
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wowthey just keep cumming and hope they do
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wow great stories