The Hunting Trip Part III

Back at the cabin, Mike, John and I walk in to a warm crackling fire in the fireplace, dimmed lights, lit candles on the table, a bottle of wine and a platter of lobster and mussels. I look over at John, he looks just as shocked as I do.

“Chris and Darryl are amazing people. How many people can say that their wife’s f****y helps to plan a romantic weekend for her husband and his mistress,” he laughs.

I agree with him how nice it is, but how strange as well.

The three of us sit at the table, dining and drinking, laughing and talking about life, politics, religion and the normal dinner conversations. After we fill our bellies with food and drink, I realize I am still cold, and sweaty and covered in cum. I get up to have a shower, John and Mike start to get up to join me.

“You know what guys, I think I need some me time. You guys chat. I just want to get clean, even if it will only be for a few minutes,” I say winking at the two adorable men.

They moan and grunt in agreement, slightly disappointed.


In the shower I listen to the trickle of the water run over me. The warm water feels so good on my body. Finally a moment of peace and quiet. I am alone for the first time since I got here late yesterday afternoon. It was great all of the attention I was getting, but I had not expected any of this. I truly thought it was going to be a hunting trip. I knew we were going to have fun and fuck every chance we got and maybe try some different things. But I had thought that I was going to have some time to myself to read and relax while he went out and killed innocent little a****ls.

Never in my life had I expected to get here to find out that his hunting camp was a huge cabin, with a pool house, a sauna and a guest home in a beautiful scenic mountainside. Nor had I expected to be fisted by a beautiful red head, to walk in on John fucking another man. Never did I expect to have a foursome with John and his wife’s freaky twin cousins. Then to be left naked and tied in the woods alone, and then to discover eight men standing over me, to be jerked on and be a cum slut, and find out that one of these men was Mike. What an amazing surprise. It was so nice to see another familiar face. As amazing as this weekend has been so far, it was nice to have another person I trusted involved in this insanity.

Standing under the shower and washing the cum and sticks out of my hair, I wonder what tomorrow will bring. I am excited by the unknown, but part of me hopes it is going to be quiet and low key. Just John and I doing our own thing. But I know of course that will not happen, not while the twins are here, and now Mike. Although I am pretty sure Mike will not be staying the rest of the weekend.

Out of the shower now, I dry myself off, dropping the towel on the floor, I bend over to pick it up. I notice a book under the bed. I reach under and pick it up, realizing it is a photo album. I flip it open and see photos of a woman in the nude, in corsets and other lingerie. The woman looks a lot like Chris except the woman in the pictures is a lot heavier and voluptuous. She has a beautiful smile and kind eyes. Perky round tits and round ass. Then I realize that the woman in the pictures is John’s wife. I had never seen her before, and never wanted to. I was slightly jealous, but knew I had no right to be. Of course there would be pictures of her here. She was John’s wife. She stayed her on occasion as well. She slept in this bed with John. She had sex in that shower with John. She was all over this place. I could not be jealous of this woman, they were still married, they were in love, he had told me he was never leaving her for me. I knew the deal and situation. I threw the album down on the bed opened to a photo of his wife in a pink teddy with a dildo between her legs.

Going downstairs, I did not know what I was going to walk in on. But it was quiet and no one was around. The table was clear and the place was spotless. I found a note by a bottle of wine, stating that Mike and John have gone into the pool house. Grabbing the bottle of wine and slipping on my slippers, I ventured out into the cold across the yard to the pool house. I was not sure what to expect. A huge naked orgy? Skinny dipping? Would Chris and Darryl be there? Slowly I opened the door, and took a peak around. In the sitting area John and Mike sat on the leather sofa drinking beer, while Darryl and Chris sat on the leather love seat. They sat and talked and drank their beer like normal, not so horny people. I did a second glance to make sure they had all their clothes on and that there were no strange people naked in the hot tub. I was relieved to see normalcy for a moment instead of walking in on a porn.

I smiled at everyone and sat down in the big empty leather chair. We sat and talked about normal things for a couple of hours. I felt strange sitting here with these people whom I had just shared a life changing experience with, and could not stand it anymore. The normalcy was not right. I was horny and wanted to be touched. Finally breaking the vanilla vibe, I got up and stripped down to nothing, and dived into the pool. Everyone watched me, I think Mike and John knew I would be the first to break. I was just to insatiable to go this long in a room of horny people without something sexual happening.

I do a few laps around the pool and notice nobody has joined me. I get out of the pool, clearing my throat the water dripping from my naked body. Clearing my throat, I ask someone to get me a towel. My nipples are erect from the temperature change from the heated pool to the cool air, and I make sure that everyone notices as I stand up straight with my chest thrust out.

Chris gets up and grabs a towel for me, walking towards me, I reach out letting her think I am grabbing the towel from her, instead I grab her hand, twirling her around and knocking her into the water.

She grabs the side of the pool, trying to pull herself out. Her long silver night gown clinging to her body, showing her perky tits and nipples. The men sit in the corner laughing as Chris curses at me. She grabs onto my ankle pulling me into the pool with her. I grab her and pull her close to me, pulling her gown over her head and throwing it out of the pull. I put my hand between her legs, rubbing her already erect clit. She moans with delight and grabs my face, kissing me and licking me. Taking her breasts in my hands, I squeeze them and grab her nipples tightly, pulling them and nibbling on them. She squirms slightly as I suck and nibble on her breasts, moaning from ecstasy.

The water splashes as the three men jump into the pool, drenching Chris and I. The men swim towards us. Mike grabs Chris by the hand and pulls her towards him. “Now it is my turn to have a piece of the perky redhead,” Mike says to us, as he grabs her between the legs. A twinge of jealousy hits me as I see Mike and Chris fondling each other. But that feeling passes quickly when Darryl picks me up and puts me on the side of the pool, burying his face into my pussy.

As Darryl licks my throbbing pussy, he slowly rubs my asshole with my pussy juices and his spit. I lie back and moan as he fucks me with his tongue and slowly fingers my ass. I look around wondering where John is. I see him in a lounge chair watching us and stroking his cock. Then I look for Mike and Chris. Mike is on all fours with his ass in the air as Chris fucks him with a strap on. Oh my god this is hot. I am so turned on. I play with my nipples as I watch the others and while Darryl sucks, nibbles, and licks my pussy and fingers my ass. This has been the best weekend ever, and it is still only Friday evening. There is still all day Saturday and Sunday before John and I head back to the city and back to reality. I sense of sadness overwhelms me for a minute, as I realize this is the most time John and I have spent together, and in a couple of days it will be over until March or April. He will be going home to his wife until the new season starts and he gets hired on back to work. I try not to be sad, and before long Darryl has changed that emotion into pure ecstasy.

His tongue flicks across my clit quickly as he fingers my ass. A shock of emotion goes through my body. My back arches, and my pelvis tightens. I can feel a tightness and ache in my cervix as I prepare to cum. Arching my back more, my sphincter contracts around Darryl’s finger. My body spasms, my eyes rule in the back of my head, a shiver goes down my spine. My body begins to relax as it spasms and I moan, letting out a scream of delight. My passion echoes throughout the hollow room. I then hear a familiar grunt as I look up and see John still on the lounging chair, stroking himself with vigor as cum squirts from his cock, running down his hand, his back arched as he spasms. I smile from delight. My body relaxes completely as Darryl slowly pulls his finger out of my ass. He grabs my shoulders, and kisses me. I taste myself on his lips and in his mouth. His breath smells like my pussy.

I look over at Chris and Mike. Mike is now lying back, enjoying a blow job from Chris, his arms behind his head, lying there nonchalantly as the beautiful redheads head bounces up and down over his cock. He looks at me, smiles and winks, mouthing the words, “I am next.” Next! Oh my god. I don’t know if I can take anymore, I am exhausted. It is only 9:00 pm, but it has been a long couple of days. I need sl**p.

I crawl across the wet floor to John, who is sitting up now, in a pounce stance. I smile at him as I make it to him and lie my head on his lap. “How you doing, baby?” he asks me. I grunt, indicating I am tired. “It isn’t over yet sweetie. There is still more in store for you.”

Oh shit. What now?

Chris and Darryl, holding hands, walk towards John and I. “We are going to go back to our cabin now and leave you three alone,” says Darryl as Chris pulls on his hand.

After Darryl and Chris leave, Mike, John and I go into the hot tub, relaxing from the heat and massage of the jets against our aching muscles. John and Mike talk in a low voice, conspiring their next move. I don’t even try to eavesdrop. I just lie back and relax taking in the warmth of the pulsing water against my body. My eyes closed and off in my own little world, I do not notice that John and Mike are no longer in the hot tub with me. I look around and they are nowhere to be seen. I start to head out of the hot tub when all of a sudden the room becomes completely dark except for the glow of the fireplace. Oh no, what now, I think to myself.

I grope my way out of the hot tub and find a towel in the darkness and wrap it around myself. Then there is a hand over my mouth, I jump startled and try to scream. “Shhhh, shhhhh,” John whispers in my ear.

He removes his hand and throws a pillow case over my head and ties it around my neck. I start to panic, and again he reassures me telling me it is okay. He grabs my hands and ties them together behind my back. “Get on your knees,” he tells me in his deep gruff voice that reminds me of my father. I obey and he grabs my ankles, tying them together. My towel falls off of me and I get a chill my nipples becoming erect. Picking me up he flings me over his shoulder. I am terrified he is going to drop me, I squirm and panic in his arms. I am not light by any means, but I know he can hold me, his work requires him to lift heavy objects all day. He slaps my ass and tells me to stay still. I relax slightly and stop squirming, but inside I am panicking and have no idea what is in store for me next. He carries me and I feel the cold air on my naked body indicating we are outside. We walk a few more steps and we are back into the warmth. I know we are not back in the main cabin, as we did not go far enough.

He throws me down onto a bed. I curl up into the fetal position, tensing up, not knowing where I am, what is going to happen and who is in the room with me. Someone unties my hands, start to move and am about to take the pillow case off of my head. “Oh no you don’t,” I hear Mike say, as someone on either side of me takes my arms and spreads them out above my head, putting my wrists in cuffs attached to the bed. Next my ankles are untied and my legs are spread apart, my ankle are then cuffed down. I squirm and scream, “take this pillow case off of me dammit!” I hear laughter all around me. Realizing that Darryl and Chris were in the room with us. They were not going to bed, they were in here setting this up. It must be the guest house, I thought to myself.

Suddenly there is a very strong, intense vibration on my clit. I know right away that this is a magic wand. Someone is holding the vibrator against my clit, moving it in circles. I squirm and arch my back in reaction to the intense vibrations. I then feel a coldness enter my pussy. Right away I recognize it as a glass dildo fresh from the freezer. I am in ecstasy. All the sensations on my pussy feel amazing.

Next I feel a pinch on my nipples, then an agonizing pain. I scream from the pain. Relaxing after a few brief seconds, as I hear John whispering in my ear once more, telling me everything is okay and that he will not let anything bad happen to me. I realize that the pain on my nipples are nipple clamps as some one flicks them and pulls at them. The pain turns into pleasure as I relax and go with it.

Next there is a warmth emanating over my abdomen and I smell Chris’ sweet pussy as she straddle me and sits on my stomach. I am not sure what this is, or why she is sitting on me. Her weight holds me down as I try to arch my back to react from the vibrating sensation on my clit and the cold glass dildo being pulled in and out of my throbbing pussy.

The weight of her sitting on me becomes less as she slowly bends her knees getting off of me, I arch my back and realize that she is still over me, squatting. I feel a small stream of warm liquid on my abdomen. Then a heavier stream. I realize that she is pissing on me. The warm liquid flows over my stomach and tits. I have had men piss on me before, but I had always fantasized about having a woman do it. It was amazing, the warm liquid running down my sides. All the sensations overwhelmed me. The pain on my nipples, the warm liquid pouring over me, the vibrations on my clit, and the coldness inside my pussy. My senses were screaming. I was amazed at how good all of this felt to me. I starting to panic again when I realized once again I was bound down and could not move and I had a pillow case over my head. Finally the pillow case was removed. I adjusted to the light and watched as Chris finished pissing on me, rolling off of me, lying beside me in her own piss. Looking down I saw that Mike was holding the vibrator to my clit and John was fucking me with the glass dildo. Darryl was walking around the sides of the bed as he released the restraints. Finally I was free. Bending my knees in the air, grabbing a pillow above my head, I pulsated and screamed as the vibrations on my pussy became stronger as Mike turned up the speed. John fucked me harder and faster with the cold dildo. Out of nowhere, I gushed liquid. John pulled the dildo out of me and Mike removed the vibrator, juices squirted everywhere as I came. Soaking anything in my way. My breathing shallow, as I moaned, my whole body shaking, my heart beating rapidly. “Oh my god, oh my god! Unh, unh, unh!” I screamed. Finally my heart beat slowed, and I caught my breath, relaxing, I sat up and put my hands between my legs, grabbing onto my pussy, as if protecting it from anymore undue stress. Everyone laughed at me as I flopped back down on the bed, my hands still protecting my swollen throbbing pussy.

I let out a big sigh as Darryl removed the nipple clamps. My nipples were red and swollen, and hurt like hell. Chris bent over me and kissed each breast gently and licked my nipples with he soft tongue. I grabbed her hair and kissed her passionately.

We were all exhausted and needed to sl**p. There was no way anyone was sl**ping in this bed tonight, it was soaked with piss, sweat and cum. John suggested that everyone clean up and shower and we could all stay in the main cabin in the king size bed. It was surely large enough. There were two more beds in the main cabin, as well as pull out sofa here and one in the main cabin, but strangely we all agreed to sl**ping in the king size bed.

After everyone was cleaned up and showered, we all had a quick night cap of brandy and wandered up to the bedroom. We all crawled in to the bed, spooning each other. I was in the middle, facing my back was John, then Darryl wrapped his arms around John. Facing me was Chris, as she wrapped her arms around me, then Mike wrapped his arms around her. Within no time we were all asl**p, exhausted from the events of the day.

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