Susan was a very attractive blonde haired woman. Susan had awesome stats at 5ft.-8 tall-36D-23-34 measurements and was a slender 110 pounds. Susan never shaved her natural hairy body and had thick blonde hair in her armpits. Susan also had a thick hairy blonde pussy with thick hair all the way up her hairy belly to her hairy navel. Tonight Susan would let her black lover Duke use her oral hole for his pleasure.

Duke levered up on his hands into a push-up position above the slowly, undulating body of the white girl. Her face was contorted in indescribable rapture and her lips were pursed in a wet rounded oval shaped with tiny wisping groans of half-conscious pleasure escaping from around the soft pinkness of her tongue circling moistly around the outside of her mouth. He looked down between the contrasting color of their bodies and could see his giant throbbing hardness pressed blackly into the liquid saturated folds of her pink and open cunt. The silken softness of her pubic hair surrounded the stump-like pole of flesh in a lust-inciting mixture of blond against glistening black that caused his cock to throb involuntarily against her.

“Ooooooooh,” she groaned u*********sly as she felt the wet, moist contact grow closer. He strained for all he was worth against the all consuming desire to ram forward at that very moment and impale her instantaneously like a ravished white Goddess on a stake. There was too much of her that he had not tasted and he wanted it all. He would never have the chance again.

He looked down at her large firm titties swaying out gently towards her ribs and quivering slightly with each soulful gasp that came from her mewling throat. They excited him and he had to have them in some way. He slithered forward up her chest and straddled her with one leg on either side of her ribs and gently placed his throbbing black cock in the narrow cleft between them so that her warm flesh enclosed it on both sides. Her eyes opened momentarily but flickered shut again quickly as though she too were afraid of the strange spell that hung over the room. Her mouth still hung open crooning softly into the dim light the candle cast.

Duke’s hands shook and he reached down and crushed the soft resilient mounds between his strong, sinewy fingers, making tiny ridges of white that stood up between their blackness like the whiteness of a moon in the dark sky. He kneaded and stretched at them watching them ooze through his hands like firm, flaccid foam rubber, soft, yet springing back into voluptuous shape the moment his pressure lifted. He pushed them together so that they met across her body and formed a velvety, yielding tunnel in which his cock was sensuously entrapped. He pressed them hard so that the nipples met at the top and then began a gentle rocking motion, thrusting his whole rigidity through the warm, flaccid channel formed by the firm, white rounded, tits. As he pushed, the blue-black head of his cock appeared at the far end of the warm, soft tunnel and brushed gently against her chin leaving a tiny spot of moisture each time it touched from the seminal fluid seeping from it in his excitement.

He kept up the slow rocking motion between her quivering breasts for several minutes, feeling his penis growing and expanding until he was afraid it would erupt into a great gushing fountain of sperm before he was ready. He had to f***e himself to sit still for a moment and content himself with pushing and pulling at the maddening softness of the two throbbing mounds so warmly surrounding him. He tweaked at the nipples and rubbed them over the top of his cock together, one against the other, watching with bared teeth as they jerked and throbbed into a greater hardness that he had not thought possible. At the same time, he studied her face and the reaction it was having upon her. It was electrifying!

Her eyes were open now and gazed unseeing up into the darkness of the ceiling. A thin smoky-veil of passion obscuring their dilated pupils. Her hips and ass writhed on the bed below, her thighs limply kicking out and then drawing up again as though searching for some invisible lover to draw inside of them. She was completely out of control and Duke knew that nothing he did now would matter, she would accept any degradation he would f***e upon her to quell the fire that was raging out of control in her vagina.

There was just one thing more before he fucked her. His eyes locked on her full red sensuous lips still muttering nothings out into the air from her tortured need. They were wet and moist from her tongue swirling around them as she lay suffering beneath him in unfulfilled desire. He wanted to shove his cock down in between them and shuddered as the mere thought of that moist warm cavern closing around it caused it to jerk and almost ejaculate where it lay between her breasts.

He moved up a little so that his knees were on either side of her neck and his long black cock throbbed out directly over her face, presenting her unseeing eyes a view of the pulsating sperm filled ridge running beneath it. His balls lay gently against her moistened chin. He sat still for a moment, feeling the firm resilient mounds of her breasts squashed down beneath his buttocks. He did not move to give her mind time to adjust to the change in position. Whatever he did had to be slow so as not to break the spell she was under. If she ever returned to total consciousness he knew her mind would fight the dictates of her body and he did not want her f***ed tonight. He wanted her mad with desire.

He placed both his hands gently down behind her head and lifted it up off the bed bending her neck up toward him so that her face and mouth were poised directly in front of the palpitating head of his cock. He pushed forward slightly, his buttocks rolling on the cushion of her breasts behind, until the tip of his penis was pressed gently between her slightly open lips. He groaned as he felt the soft lipsticked surfaces brush gently against the sensitive skin of the head. Her lips closed at the first touch and he held his breath waiting for a sudden cry of protest… but none came.

Instead her lips fell limply open and her head pressed forward of its own volition without his having to pull her to him. The movement caught him by surprise as he thought she was beyond moving at all and he watched with unbelieving delight as the tight rounded ovals of lipstick covered mouth enclosed over the tightly stretched skin of his cock. He had never in his wildest dreams ever thought he would see the day when he could look down and see his jet black instrument penetrating into the face of a white girl, particularly, one as beautiful and innocent as this one was… and she was enjoying it.

She had started using her tongue, slowly at first, and he could feel it swiping around him, causing his cock to jerk inside her mouth. Her lips were soft and smooth and clasped tightly to him in a close elastic ring. He could feel them with pained intensity moving down his prick and taking as much of him as she could in her mouth and surrounding him with the hot moist warmth of her saliva and the tender inner flesh of her tongue. He pressed his hands on either side of her hollowing cheeks and pressed inward.

She began to suck him with a moist, nibbling pressure and her tongue licked and curled around him as though she had done this a thousand times and all the hunger burning deep in her vagina was now concentrated in one great gust of sensation in her mouth. Duke above her flailing head groaned incoherently pushed his hands tight against her cheeks. He wanted her to make him cum and he wanted to make her swallow it so that she would know later that he had bent her completely to his will, that he had dominated her as she would never be dominated again. He flexed his loins in and out at the near rounded open hole formed by her lips and rolled his buttocks around on her flaccid yielding breasts as though he were attempting to crush them down into her chest. He watched wild eyed from above as his black glistening flesh disappeared into her clasping lips like it were another hungry, nibbling cunt. He could feel all of himself, every nerve he possessed pulsating and throbbing between her lips and into the moist cavity and warmth of her saliva-filled mouth.

His loins were growing hot and he was sweating between his legs and still she sucked, keeping his prick in her mouth, burying her face in his loins until he knew it was the end. The pressure building in his balls slapping against her chin as she worked in her u*********s and passion was excruciating and unbearable and his cock seemed to inflate and lengthen beyond anything it had ever done before.

And then suddenly, there was a jerk in his loins and nothing in the world could have stopped the liquid white flow that was rushing like a waterfall up from his aching balls and out the tip of his jerking penis. He gripped her head tight between her hands and shoved his cock deep into her throat. She groaned beneath him as the first needle thin spurt of hot, fiery liquid flooded into the back of her mouth filling the warm moist cavity, bloating and stretching her cheeks until they almost burst. Duke's thick cum was snorting out her nose; overflowing her pretty lips and sliding into her hungry belly. Her throat worked swallowing to keep from choking on the white sticky semen as he emptied his balls relentlessly into the depths of her gullet.

Duke’s body quivered above her as he felt the last of his masculinity drained from his rapidly deflating penis. He was momentarily exhausted and had to brace himself with his hands tangled in her hair to keep from falling to the side of the bed. He started to lift himself from her but to his amazement she would not let his deflated organ escape from her lips. She continued to suck gently, undulating her buttocks behind him down into the bed and rubbing her legs hungrily together as he watched with disbelief the thin tiny trails of white cum running down from the corners of her mouth to her chin below. He had never felt anything like it and it seemed as though he had been completely drained of all the strength and desire he ever possessed.
The End
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