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[Story] I only wanted to see you...

It must have been 80 degrees that hot July Saturday afternoon. The sky was cloudless and the trees didn’t move in the breezeless air. Parked facing a gate at the end of the lane and shaded by the large trees he looked expectantly in the rear view mirror of his Cabriolet car - looking back down the lane where a row of cottage style houses flanked one side, facing fields on the opposite side. She’d be here in a minute.

With the roof down, the soft cream leather of the Cabriolet’s seats became sticky against his bare back; just bathing shorts and flip flops were his only protection from the s... Continue»
Posted by pepperbox 2 years ago

[Story] Meet me at the Hospital

It was difficult not to be excited about where he was going that sunny Saturday afternoon. Her text earlier that morning was all he needed to see; finishing at four, meet me. She didn’t usually work weekends but this time she had no choice, and anyway, it would be good to see the hospital where she worked and it was only a 25 minute drive.

He pulled up beside her car in the car park and text her. I’m here! Seconds later she replied. Coming to meet you at the door. He made his way to the main entrance to see her walking towards him. He’d not seen her in her uniform before; black trousers, b... Continue»
Posted by pepperbox 2 years ago