Penis dreaming

Boys love blow jobs and I know that oral pleasure are often better than sex -if its done properly. I sincerely hope I’ll one day life my dream and get the chance to take on a huge black cock or a tiny pretty penis like mine. There are of course some constraints. Hairy, smelly or strange colored. Dicks are individually unique they might all look similar but every single one has its trademark. You could say I’m penis picky but when that day comes and I have a penis in my hands that is not mine I just want it to be perfect. Shaved, hard, clean, breezy and beautiful and not a weird looking Popeye the sailor man with a huge scrotum. The only sperm juice that has been on my body is self manufactured. I don’t think I would like to get the secrete sauce right in my mouth but in the heat of the moment you never know. -the prettier the penis the sweeter the juice, so maybe a little taste wont hurt. All these sexual fantasize towards the male genitalia only turn me on a transsexuals and lady boys. The only thing that happens when I see well built male body I think sure I’d like to look like him but I don’t want play with him in a sexual way he just doesn’t have the power to turn me on -he’s welcome to try and I really am an open minded person but I also know what kind of fuel drives my sex engine.
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