Then it happens!

I have a crazy real life story to tell, my life story. Well I won't tell you my whole life story, but here is a story of a memorable day.

It was back when I was about 24, my wife and I had only been married about a year now. We were still very sexually active, very active! Partly to do with our horney roomates we had then. We could hear them fucking all the time . That ofcourse would turn us on and lead to some hot fucking for us aswell. My wife was, and still is a hot peice of ass, and was so horney all the time. She gives great head, which is the reason for this story. She would suck my cock about 3-4 nights a week, and I loved every minute of it. The times she wouldn't suck me off left me wanting it really bad.

One day, I came home from work tired and horney. Our room-mates were out, my wife was at school, and I knew she was heading to work straight after class. I went into my room-mates bedroom looking for some panties i could use for a quick jerk off. Score! Thongs! Double score! I went into my bedroom and jumped into bed with panties in hand and hard cock ready to stroke. I brought them up to my nose and inhaled her sweet auroma. I seen a sticky snail-trail on the panties and licked the sweet crust juice. My hand was a blur on my hard cock. A strange thought crossed my mind,, maybe this is man cum! Since the roomies wete always fucking, this could be posdible. Fuck, that ruined it. I took the panties back and headed for the shower. When I was standing in front of the mirror I looked at how hard and big my cock looked. I was super horney so that must have been the reason I thought what I thought. I bet I can suck my cock. Why not? I did before. When I was younger, thinner, and alone. Fuck it, I'm alone right now! I stretched a bit before I attempted to do what I needed most at that time, a blowjob! I leaned forward, pulled my cock up, stroked it, stuck my tongue out, and licked the pre-cum off the tip of my cock. Mmm, tasty. I pulled up on my cock some more, leand forward some more, and kissed the head. After a few more strokes and a little more stretching I tried angain. This time I got the head between my lips, in my mouth! I could lick the head all around like my wife did while she sucked me. That made my cock twitch and jump in my mouth, which felt good. I continued to go further down on my cock till I knew I couldn't get any further. I had about 3inches of my own cock in my mouth. It was enough for me to suck hard on and draw my cheeks in as I did. I bobbed my head as best I could, licked my cock-head as best I could, and tried my hardest to lick my balls once or twice. When I had a good rythem going I tried not to come up for air as much. I could feel my orgasm building and knew I would be cumming soon. I was so into my self-suck blow job that I didn't pay much attention to how close I was to blowing my load, or where I was going to blow my load. I just kept sucking my cock till I was at the point of busting one of the best nuts of my life! Then it happens! I knew I was about to cum, my balls pulled up, my cock started twitching, and a knock on the door!! "Hi loves, I'm home." I swallowed all my cum in a quick gulp, gulp, gulp. I was busted with a mouthful of cock and cum! Eventhough I was alone when this all started, I still locked the batroom door just in case. I swallowed the last drops of cum, licked the head clean, stood up and said,"don't come in, I'm taking a dump"! She laughed and said," thanks for the warning. I'm just grabbing some lunch brfore I head off to work". I could hear her walking across the bedroom and close the door on her way out.

Wheeeww! That was a close call. I stood there for a while looking at myself in the mirror, breathing heavy, leaning against the wall, licking my lips, and my cock softening up covered in my own saliva. It was the only time I gave myself a blowjob that good. So good in fact that I don't remember all the previous times I had sucked my own cock. Those memories faded in comparison to the blowjob I had just given myself. It wasn't that last time I tried sucking my own cock, there has been many times since that day, but none have come close to that one. Now, I wouldn't say I'm gay, or even bi for sucking my cock, it's my cock. I never thought about sucking another mans cock or wanted to suck another man's cock, but when I think back to that day, I wonder,, would I? Could I? If I enjoyed sucking my cock so much, would I like sucking someone elses cock? I cannot say for sure untill I am "eye to eye" with a one-eyed snake. If that day ever cums, I'm sure I will cum too.
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1 year ago
Maybe you should write the alternate ending to this story with you being caught by your wife and what she does to fix your problem. (Not that it's really problem!)
3 years ago
good story, wish i could suck my own
3 years ago
Lol, I thought it wasa good story.
3 years ago