Carolyn, her dad and me.

Several years ago, when I was 18, I started dating a beautiful young 16 year old girl named Carolyn. I had met her during the fall marching band season as she was a member of the drum & bugle corp and I played trumpet in the band. Carolyn was a petite young thing, about 5'-3" and around 100 lbs, with blondish hair, pert breasts, tight ass, and gorgeous dimples when she smiled. Everything about her was perfect, in my opinion, from her head down to her toes and everywhere in between.

We continued to date over the next several months. Carolyn was so beautiful, but I was somewhat shy and inexperience. It had taken me quite a while just to work up the nerve to kiss her the 1st time one evening in my car. I wanted this girl like no other, but I wanted her to want me just as badly. I resolved to take my time and to be a gentleman with her at all times, rather than just try to get into her pants as my hormones dictated.

We continued to date as my senior year in high school stretched on. My highlight of sexual experience with her came one evening when we were alone on the couch at my house when I had actually fondled Carolyn's breasts, eventually working up my courage to pull aside her shirt and bra to kiss and suckle those perfect "B" tits and the nipples attached to them. The wonderful taste of her skin and the stiffening of her nipples excited both of us so much. Carolyn held my head softly to her breast as she struggled to breathe in her own state of urgency. I slid my hand slowly down her quivering, naked belly, working towards the goal of opening her jeans and touching her glorious pussy when she grabbed my hand and pulled it back up to her chest. Carolyn shook her head no, and whispered in my ear that she didn't want me to do that. I was crushed, but I went back to her breasts, squeezing, stroking and nuzzling. I decided that I had pushed her far enough on that particular evening. My dick was so hard - I knew she could feel it against her pussy as I ground my hips into her crotch in a fucking motion, even with our jeans still on. But I refrained from trying for her pussy again that day.

Eventually we calmed down and I drove her back to her house. I wanted more, but was unsure how to proceed with this beautiful young girl. This status quo was maintained for quite a while.

Everything in our relationship changed during spring break. I dropped by Carolyn's home one warm day unannounced. When I got out of my car I could see her Mom and s****rs working in the garden behind her house. I went back there and said hi to all. When I inquired if Carolyn was home, her mom told me that she had gone into the house a few minutes before I had arrived. Her mom told me that Carolyn's dad was working in the garage on the garden tractor. She said I could go into the house after Carolyn, but to enter the house through the attached garage so "the dad" would know I was there.

I walked into the garage and could see where the tractor was being worked on as tools were out and the engine was in pieces spread out in several areas of the garage. But Carolyn's dad wasn't in the garage just then. No bid deal, I thought, as I strolled on into the house. Everything was quiet as I walked into the kitchen. I could see a couple of glasses with ice out where people had obviously been drinking some water or soft drinks. I was looking around, but couldn't figure out where Carolyn or her dad were.

I was getting ready to call out and let Carolyn know I was there when I heard a funny noise coming down one hallway. It sounded like a low moan or groan of excitement! I walked as quietly as I could down the hallway until I was just outside Carolyn's room. The door was slightly open and as I was standing there I heard a moan again. It was definitely coming from within Carolyn's room!

As I moved nearer the opening of the door I heard Carolyn whisper, "That feels good, Daddy. Do it just like that."

I peeked through the door opening but couldn't see anything amiss. I could hear some rustling sounds that sounded like someone was on the bed moving around but the bed wasn't in my line of sight. I pushed the door open a little more and realized that I could see the edge of the bed if I looked at the large dresser mirror that was directly across from the door.

I pushed the door open another inch or so changed my angle so that I could see part of Carolyn. In the mirror she appeared topless, laying back on the bed reclining on some pillows, with her eyes shut. Her breasts and nipples were right there in plain site for my viewing pleasure. As I watched she brought her hands up to cup and squeeze her own breasts, slowly stroking the nipples in her obvious excitement. My cock was tenting my jeans as I watched her pleasure herself.

I heard a muffled sound from within the room. I stood up on my toes to change the viewing angle and I could see that Carolyn wasn't just topless, she was completely naked laying on the bed with her legs hanging over the side. I could see her nicely trimmed pussy hair in the mirror. The next thing that registered in my brain was that her father's head was between Carolyn's legs obviously licking what I imagined was her very juicy cunt.

I mentally shut down for a few moments. I held onto the wall as my knees went weak and the shock of what I saw started filtering through my brain. My hard-on quickly disappeared. My gorgeous girlfriend was naked on her bed while her dad was licking her pussy! I was dumbfounded as I watched her in the mirror, rocking her hips up to give her daddy better access, and then moving her hands down to grab his head and pull him tighter to her pussy lips. Carolyn reached down and with her fingers spread the lips of her vulva wide, allowing her dad better access to her clitoris. Carolyn's face flushed as she whispered, "I'm gonna cum, Daddy. Soon!"

Carolyn's dad didn't miss a stroke with his tongue. His head was moving as much as Carolyn's thighs would allow, working her pussy towards orgasm. Carolyn went stiff when her orgasm came, pulling her daddy's head tight to her pussy, her legs stretched out rigid and straight off the floor. She let out sexy groan, and then slowly collapsed against the bed, allowing her dad to lift his head from her pussy, breathing hard and getting some much need air. He occasionally bent over to give her clitoris a small lick or nibble as she recovered from her orgasm. Carolyn slowly, but firmly, pushed his head away from her cunt with a groan as she came down from her orgasmic high. I saw her smile sweetly at her dad, still resting his head between her spread legs.

I ducked back into the hallway for a moment, collecting my shambled thoughts. My girlfriend was on the other side of a door - naked - with her . . dad. He had just finished what appeared to be a great job of oral sex on his . . daughter. I was standing in the hall trying to figure out how I could use this knowledge to finally get sex from my girlfriend. It was confusing, to say the least. Could I blackmail her? Maybe, I thought, then again I could simply tell her what I'd seen and I figured she would have to let me explore her pussy as she had allowed her dad to. Who knew? It might just work. God knows that she made me horny enough to try anything.

I couldn't hear some low conversation from her room between her and her dad, but then I clearly heard Carolyn whisper "Do you think we have time, Daddy?"

"Sure," was his answer, "Mom & your s****rs are still in the garden. It will take them hours to finish planting by hand. But enough about them, my turn - use your mouth."

I moved back into position to view the mirror and watched fascinated as Carolyn's dad stood up next to the bed. In the mirror he was in perfect profile as he faced the bed, his cock rigidly arcing upwards from his groin. Carolyn crawled across the bed towards her father, slowly rising to her knees as she approached him. She reached out to grasp his cock, stroking him in what appeared to me to be an all too familiar fashion. I heard her ask "Ooohhhh, Daddy, is this hard cock just for me?", in her best little girl voice. As she lowered her mouth onto his prick, Carolyn quickly swirled her tongue around the head of his cock, and then stretching her mouth wide open, she engulfed his erect tool, working her lips downward until most of his prick was buried in her mouth and throat. Her dad closed his eyes in bliss as his daughter started to move her head and hands up and down his pulsating shaft, giving him an obviously experienced blow job.

God, did it look hot while I watched in the mirror. My own prick was starting to grow again with the show that was playing out in front of me. My girlfriend was really sucking on her dad's cock! It was obvious that she knew what she was doing, and doing it very well judging from the moans her dad was making.

Carolyn's dad tenderly held his daughter's head in his hands and started taking control by slowly working his cock into and out of her hungry mouth. I was having a hard time remaining quiet as I watched her dad fuck his daughter's face. Before too long he stopped his motion and wrapped her hair around his fist, drawing her head up. I could see and hear perfectly as her mouth left his cock head with a slurpy pop. Carolyn looked like she was fighting to return her mouth to dad's hard lollipop and continue sucking, but he pulled her up for a passionate kiss.

Her dad broke the kiss and looked his daughter up and down her naked body before softly declaring "I need to fuck you now, Carolyn. Daddy needs to fuck his little girl real bad."

Carolyn smiled up at him and raised herself to peck another small kiss on his jaw before reclining back on the bed again. She scooted herself completely up on the bed with her head on her pillows and then reached her arms up toward her father. As he climbed toward her on the bed, she slowly spread her legs outward, welcoming him between her pale thighs as he settled in for the next part of their tryst.

I could see Carolyn reach down between their bodies, apparently providing guidance for his cock as it approached her pussy. I watched her dad's ass muscles clench as he thrust his hips forward, towards his daughter. She let out a fairly loud moan, "Oooohhhh", when his penetration obviously occurred. I could see in the reflection that her daddy's hard cock was now buried in his daughter's pussy! Carolyn was getting fucked by her Dad!!!

The view in the mirror was somewhat restrictive to see everything, so I took a chance and silently pushed the door open enough to move my head into the room and look directly at my girlfriend's bed. Her dad's head was next to hers, but on the far side so that I could clearly see Carolyn's face. Her dad had moved his arms down her body, holding onto her hips as he worked his cock into his daughter's tight cunt. Carolyn had her left hand around her dad's waist, and her right hand around his head, stroking his hair in time to his pelvic thrusts. Her eyes were closed at that moment as she rocked her hips up and down in time with dad's thrusts, feeling her daddy fuck his cock ever deeper into her hungry pussy. She had her naked breasts mashed into his equally naked torso, moving her body beneath him. Carolyn wrapped her legs around her fathers legs, her heels at his calf muscles. I heard her whisper to him "Fuck me, daddy. Fuck me good!"

Carolyn's dad didn't respond immediately to her comment but he it was obvious that he wasn't in too much of a hurry. He had settled into a very rhythmic, penetrating, and thorough fucking of his daughter's cunt. His breathing was deep and even as he appeared to be in total control at the moment, sliding his prick in and then out of his daughter's young, squirming pussy as he continued to calmly fuck Carolyn's twat. I could see her pink nether lips clinging to her dad's cock as he withdrew and then welcome his next thrust hungrily as he would bury his erection deep inside her body.

I glanced at Carolyn's face just as she lifted her head and started opening her eyes. She was moving her body in time with her daddy's thrusts as she glanced around the room. Her startled expression when she realized I was standing there, her boyfriend, watching her take her father's cock up her pussy, was interesting to see. I quickly moved my hand to my lips, pantomiming a "shhhh" gesture with my index finger over my lips - without actually making any sound.

Carolyn looked at me with a question in her eyes. I stared at her for a moment, then pointed at my chest, grabbed my hard cock through my jeans, pointed at her, and then slid my middle finger from my right hand into a fist made with my left hand. I mouthed the words "I want to fuck you" silently at her as I moved my finger in and out of my fist. She understood exactly what I meant - I wanted my turn in her tight pussy!

Carolyn smiled at me for a moment, and then let her head drop back onto her pillow with her eyes closed again. She opened her legs wider and drew her knees up around her dad's waist, keeping with the rhythm of their fucking. Her feet were now just under her daddy's butt. She opened her eyes again and looked at me and nodded her head rapidly "yes", and then started moving her hips in a quick circular motion, really picking up the speed of their screwing. It must of excited her having me watching the two of them because the sounds of their fucking got noisier. The impact of her daddy's cock slamming into her pussy got louder, as did the wet, squishy noise of her cunt being reamed as she quickened the pace of their lovemaking.

We made eye contact again and I mouthed the word "When?" silently at her as she worked herself up and down on her father's cock. Carolyn looked back at me kind of glassy eyed and responded with a moaned "Soon!". I didn't know if she was answering my question or warning her father of an impending orgasm! Either way it was an intense, sexual groan of lust that just about drove me out of my mind as I stood there watching.

Her father still appeared to be in complete control. He turned his head slightly towards her and and in a loud stage whisper said "It's OK, Carolyn, go ahead and cum on my cock. You can cum for daddy whenever you want to. I want you to cum."

Carolyn now had both arms wrapped around her father's neck, holding his head down and blocking his vision with her own head so he couldn't turn and see me standing there. She made eye contact with me once again and mouthed the words "Watch this!", and moved her legs once again wider and upward so that she could cross her feet behind her daddy's waist. She was really opening her cunt for the pile-driving action that her dad's cock was starting to deliver to her pussy.

She turned her face and looked towards me, closed her eyes again, and said in her daddy's ear, "Fuck me daddy, fuck me good. I love fucking your cock. Fuck me, daddy. I'm gonna cum - soon, daddy." She continued on to start begging, "Please cum in my pussy, daddy, please cum in my pussy." I was shocked to hear continue talking to her father, "Give me a baby, daddy, give me your baby in my pussy. Please daddy, please cum in my pussy today! I want to feel your cum inside me! Please cum in my pussy! Cum inside me, daddy!"

With every expression of fuck or cum, her father really hammered his prick hard into her pussy. His composure was now gone and he was gasping for breath as his own sexual excitement neared its peak. He began shaking his head "No" as Carolyn begged for his sperm to be personally delivered to her womb. Suddenly, he lifted himself off his daughter and dragged his cock out of her pussy, just as he exploded in orgasm. He delivered his "money shot" in several hard blasts of cum all over her pussy, stomach and breasts as he pumped himself against her, but he was careful to not penetrate Carolyn's pussy again as he was cumming. With a groan he collapsed on top of his daughter, moving his cock weakly against her as he recovered from the physical effort he had expended while fucking her.

"You know I can't take the risk of getting you pregnant", he said quietly to her. "Why did you want me to cum inside you? How would we explain it to your mother and s****rs if you got pregnant? You know I can't cum in your pussy, now matter how much you want it!"

Carolyn held his head against her again and looked at me while he was talking. I saw her mouth the words "bathroom" and I slipped back into the hallway, closing the door back to its original position as I left my girlfriends room. I heard Carolyn answer her dad's questions, "I just got so excited Daddy, that I didn't really know what I was saying when I started to cum! Of course you shouldn't get me pregnant! I know you can't actually cum in my pussy, Daddy. But, I also know it excites you to hear me say it! You like it when I ask you to cum inside me even when you know you can't! I like it when you lose control and cum all over me!"

I couldn't hear any more of the discussion as I walked down the hallway and ducked into the large bathroom that Carolyn and her s****rs shared. My mind was racing with everything I'd witnessed and I was wondering what would happen next! Just minutes after entering the bathroom I heard her dad go past in the hallway, muttering to himself as he pulled his shirt on that he had to get back to the lawn tractor's engine repair. A moment or two later and Carolyn rushed into the bathroom, still quite naked. I was pushed into the sink as she threw herself into my arms, kissing me passionately as she worked my own shirt over my head and threw it aside. I barely had time to breathe as she ripped my belt open, unbuttoned my jeans, and worked the zipper down enough to reach into my underwear and grasp my own very hard & rigid cock.

"Quick, quick," she gasped into my ear. "Lay down on the floor. I've wanted to fuck you for so long, but I didn't want you to think I was a whore or slut or anything like that. Since you've seen me fuck Daddy you know I like to fuck then I'm not waiting another minute." Carolyn quickly shoved my jeans & underwear down past my knees and directed me onto my back on the floor. Moving herself on top of me she straddled my cock and sank her hot pussy wetly onto it. Lubrication was no problem considering the fucking she had just received from her father, and she quickly started screwing her cunt up and down on the entire length of my prick.

Carolyn bent forward and kissed me again. She broke the kiss and worked her way up my jaw, quickening the stroke of her cunt on my cock as she rode me. She whispered into my ear "Please cum in my pussy! Please cum in my pussy! You'll cum in my pussy, won't you?"

I started to shake my head no - just as her dad had. I said "Carolyn, you're too young to have a baby. We shouldn't risk it."

Carolyn answered "I didn't say get me pregnant, I asked if you'd cum in my pussy! I've been on the pill since before my Dad fucked me the 1st time, I've just never told him that because it's fun to watch him struggle with his conscience to not cum inside me. Now - won't you cum in my pussy, please? I've never had a man cum inside me before. and I want you to be the 1st to do it!"

Hearing that, my answer was simply "My pleasure!" as my own orgasm came quickly to me. I grabbed Carolyn's hips and shoved her down on my cock, holding her there as I shot thick, hot ropes of sperm deep into her protected womb. Feeling my sperm eruption Carolyn ground her pussy firmly on my cock and proceeded to cum herself, moaning and gasping for air. In the middle of my own orgasm I could hear her babbling, "Thank you, thank you, thank you. I really wanted to feel your cock cumming inside me!"

We layed there a few moments and I realized I'd better get cleaned up pretty quickly and get out of that part of the house before someone caught us. Carolyn gave me another quick kiss, pulled her cunt up and off my shrinking cock, and then ran back to her room, still naked, to find her clothes where she and her dad had discarded them. I pulled my own clothes back on and checked the hallway to see if the coast was clear.

I snuck back down to the f****y room and was sitting there by myself watching a movie on the TV when her dad came in from the garage. He was very nice to me and asked how long I'd been there. I told him the truth about how long I'd been in the house, but said I'd been watching a movie the whole time because I didn't know where he or Carolyn were. He answered he'd been trying to find a manual for the lawn tractor in his office and that Carolyn was probably taking a nap in her room.

Carolyn picked that moment to walk into the f****y room, looking a bit worse from wear from all of the sexual activity in her room with her dad, and in the bathroom with me. She hadn't thought to brush her hair yet, and her wrinkled clothes looked like she had put them back on in a real hurry. She turned a little red in embarrassment as she heard us talking about her as she sat down next to me on the couch.

I saw that her dad noticed her appearance and discomfort with a little smile on his face. I thought her Dad probably believed her embarrassment was because of their sexual encounter in her room and was glad I hadn't caught them. I could tell that he thought he had gotten away with fucking his daughter again, even though I was in the house while he was doing it. He was definitely smirking just a little bit as he walked away, going back to his tractor repair in the garage.

I looked at Carolyn's expression and thought it was probably because my cum should be leaking wetly from her pussy about then. I couldn't help smirking just a bit myself as she straightened her clothes and ran her fingers through her hair. I was already looking forward to fucking her again.
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Wonder how long Carolyn has been fucking her father while not allowing her long-time boyfriend the please of her "womanly charms"?? It appears that she may now have her hands full pleasing both her lusting father andher long sexually neglected boyfried. Good, really good stuff. And a fantastic story with an exciting theme!!!
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Damn hot story, thanks!
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super story!
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Wow nicely writen
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a hot story and made me hard
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Thanks again for another great story, loved the intensity of their actions!
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well hot loved it
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Great story... Got very wet....
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