Afterschool special

So, in my country students go to school in the morning one week and in the afternoon another week. This week is afternoon week so I decided to have some fun for my 18th birthday.

Last class today was gym so we all went there to do some exercises. It was boys vs. girls volleyball. Two other girls and me didn't play (I came up with a menstruation excuse) so we were sitting. When I saw both girls leaving to the changing room and/or toilet at least once I did so, too. Most of the time I have some extra vaginal juice so I wear pads all the time but not today. I checked my black panties in the female toilet and saw they are quite dirty with white smears. I took them off and sneaked into the male changing room and left them there in the open so the boys could see them. I knew it will cause quite a commotion and erect dicks.

I went back to gym class pantyless (and in my schoolgirl outfit). When the class was over there was quite a lot of noise in the boys' changing room. I smiled as I knew what's it all about. When we were leaving the school I overheard them wondering and their theory was it was sperm on panties. Suckers! If they only knew I bet they would lick them clean.

On the way home I turned into an dark alley that was quite short and had walking people next to both ends. Anyone turning their head could clearly see me. So I stood in a doorway that would hide my halfway and took out a diaper from my backpack and slowly wore it making sure some people who walked by saw me. It was quite a few strange looks that made me smile.

Continuing my walk home I made sure my skirt "accidentally" lifted a few times uncovering part of the diapers for everyone to see. It was really turning me on that people would see me like that and wonder what the hell. I drank quite a few cokes in school so soon I got to pee, as expected. I stood surrounded with several people on a road crossing and let go. I felt the warm piss filling my diapers and them getting heavier. I was turned on by pissing next to that much of people and nobody noticing.

A few blocks later I had to pee again and I was next to a park. I decided to have a bit more fun so I went into one bush that was still exposing me to peoples' view and dropped my diapers to the ground. Then I lift my ass high in the air so anyone taking a good look could notice it and pissed. I heard a few people comment and laugh at me, and even some boys who probably never saw a naked girl ever in their lives. I'm sure that I saw one photo flash as someone probably took a photo of me pissing.

When I was done I continued home and arrived with a wide smile on my face. This was fun! First thing I did was to register on xHamster and write this story.
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