A Ride I Will Always Remember

This is a true account and unfortunately the only time in my life when anything like this ever happened.
After a great night out my husband and I were making our way home, we had planned to jump in a taxi, but as it was the night of the royal wedding and we were aware of one couple who were left waiting over 2 hours for a taxi to pick them up we decided to jump on one of the few busses still running, we were both a little tipsy but far from d***k. The bus was packed, we knew we had quite a long journey and as the bus would drop us off quite a distance from home we knew we would have a bit of a walk once we got off but we had agreed it would be better than just hanging around waiting for a taxi, we jumped on and my husband pushed me inside and instructed me to go right to the back thinking it may be less crowded there. He was wrong it was much more crowded and we both got stuck mid way up the aisle but I pushed my way to the back only to discover my husband was still somewhere in the middle.

The bus driver kept stopping and more people got on, I was being pushed and shoved but everyone seemed to be in real good spirits and as I was still relaxed it didn’t seem to matter, being at the back of the bus I had stepped up and was slightly higher so from where I was standing I could clearly see my husband’s head I caught his eye he was still way down the bus and unable to move he just shrugged his shoulders the thing is we never travel on buses for this reason. I found myself wedged tight between people I had a guy standing in front of me and the guy standing behind me said “crazy isn’t it”, I laughed, I looked over my shoulder and in what room I had turned to see a young handsome black man smiling at me, even though I was holding the support straps with both hands with the movements of the bus I was still swaying a over the place. Every now and then I fell back against the guy behind me, I kept apologising but he said not to think anything of it. He was pleasant and to look at he appeared strong, medium height and in his late twenties early thirties.

Suddenly I realized that something was poking at my bottom, I could feel his body close to mine and his breath on my bare neck, as it was July and it had been a real warm day I was wearing a light floral dress with a cardigan (as we were all packed in like sardines I had taken the cardigan off) and small heals, through the light fabric of my dress I could feel something hard pressing up against me, I looked down and round but the guy never moved, every time the bus jolted I felt it press against me, this went on for a couple moments then to my horror I realised it was his prick and although I was sure it was still inside his trousers I knew without doubt it was erect, I tried to step forward but within a second he was up against me again, I did not know what to do, I was in a bit of a panic , things like this don’t really happen in real life, what was he thinking, does he think I am some slut who doesn’t mind a complete stranger sticking his prick up against her or is he some kind of pervert but what did surprise me was the bottle he showed doing such a thing. A thousand thoughts ran through my mind and apart from screaming blue murder and have husband come smack this guy in the face I realised there was not much I could do, I decided I may be over reacting and what was the real harm was he really doing, I just stood there and tried to ignore it. The young man whispered in my ear “I love the smell of your perfume” and as he spoke it sent goose pimples down my spine I stood in silence and ready to stab him if he so much as laid finger on me. No matter how hard I tried to stop the contact between us the motion of the bus gave this guy the perfect excuse to press himself against my arse and I was unable to do a thing about it, in those few short minutes a whole host of emotions ran through my head , at first I was scared if my husband found out he would go ballistic with me because I had said nothing, I was insulted because this guy thought he could do it and I would let him get away with it and so on and so on, my mind was in a complete spin but the strangest and most alarming emotion was still to come, the thought of my husband only standing feet away and having no idea that a complete stranger was rubbing his stiff cock up and down his wife’s arse started to turn me on. The more the bus moved so did all the standing passengers the young man took full advantage of the situation at first he had only pushed himself up against me ever so slightly and only now and again it was as if he had been testing me to see what I would do but now confident I was going to say nothing he was gently gyrating his crouch into my arse the light fabric of my dress offered no protection to the sensation, the people around us had no idea what was happening I was not sure if it was the alcohol but I was shocked to discover I was defiantly beginning to enjoy the attention. What was coming over me I realised I was no longer repulsed by this guys actions far from it I was now beginning to enjoy it I even started to push my bum out to meet his tiny but firm thrusts, I began to feel flattered and thought, “girl you have still got it”, I was in some kind of daze, I felt his breath on my ear and then “I am sorry, I can’t help it.” He whispered.” You are very beautiful.”

I looked over the shoulder of the guy in front of me and up the bus I could make out my husband was still pushed up tight against other passengers and I knew him well enough to know he would be doing his nut. To this very day I still don’t know what I was thinking that night, as I said at first I had been alarmed and repulsed at this guys actions but now my greatest fear was my husband was so feedup at any moment he might signal me to get off at the next stop. I removed one of my hands from the strap, I knew I would be less stable on my feet but I had stopped caring I placed my free hand behind my back and forcing it down between us and felt the front of a complete strangers trousers, trailing my fingers along the length of his erection I felt the size of his cock I thought fuck me! My husband had a nice cock and up to that point had always satisfied me but this was something else, I had heard that some men had really big ones and here was the proof, I then realised why he had so much confidence, I think he knew if he could only get a woman to notice the size of his cock she would let him do anything and he was right, they say Curiosity killed the cat, but what a way to go.

It was the last bus and it was already getting dark I looked around but people were either busy chatting, had their eyes closed or too d***k to notice anything that was going on right under their nose but why should they. I could not help myself I just started rubbing the front of his pants and gently squeezing his magnificent cock. I was getting so excited, my clit was no longer just tingling it was now throbbing.

“Please open the zip.” He whispered with a kind of dark seduction in his voice, I felt him adjust his legs.

I deliberated for a moment but the temptation was too much, it was awkward and my fingers fumbled around for a bit but once I found it I did as he requested, placing my hand inside his pants I found he was not wearing any underwear and as I touched him a feeling of pure lust travelled up my arm and terminated deep inside me, his cock it was really hot and so hard, It felt like a foot long, I am exaggerating but it was so thick and long, growing up I had not had loads of lovers but I have had a few and his beautiful cock was twice the size of any I had ever seen, things were different back then, we didn’t have the internet and even the porn we watched didn’t have men with such big cocks. I took his cock in my hand but I was unable to get my fingers around it, I did my best attempt to try and wank him off but he stopped me by pushing close towards me trapping my hand between us, it was his turn to lead the action again. He lowered one hand placed it around my waist and rubbed my fanny through my dress and with the other he slowly started lifting the rear of my dress. Even though it was getting dark and the bus was so crowded I was freaked out, I gripped his cock so hard and pushed myself hard against him to stop him going any further, I was afraid this was getting well out of hand but he didn’t stop rubbing me and with his fat cock in my hand I hung on for grim death, he whispered “let go of the strap with your other hand, I have hold of you, and hold your cardigan at your left hand side I have my jacket at your right hand side no one will be able to see I promise” I was feeling more turned on than I ever felt in my whole life, I knew it was so reckless but I did what he suggested.
I felt the hem of my dress travel up the back of my legs and in panic I frantically looked around to see if anyone had noticed, people had been getting on and off the bus throughout but because everyone was standing so close together I was sure nobody noticed a thing. From behind he again began to gathered the fabric and once happy he put his hand up under my dress and squeezed my arse cheek, slowly inching his fingers deep between my thighs, I helped him by bending my knees and my thighs spread ever so slightly giving him a little better access he was now able to explored my fanny lips through the gusset of my now soaking wet knickers, my heart was in my mouth and I was breathing so heavily it was so erotic he pulled his hand out and I felt him tug on the fabric and in one movement he drove his hand up over the waist band brushing over my hip down my belly and into my pubic hair as he pushed his hand further down towards my aching clit, I straightened and slightly opened my legs. Here I was a normal average housewife standing on a packed bus and within a matter of 15 minutes I have my hand partly wrapped round a complete strangers cock, a stranger with the biggest cock I have felt and had allowed him no helped him get his hand inside my knickers and longed for him to make me cum. I felt his fingers slid easily inside me, I could feel his breathing get deeper and speed up he whispered “are you always this wet, your juice its running down your leg.” He speeded up the tempo of his hand as his palm moulded over my clit and his fingers worked their way in and out of me, every movement going unnoticed by the other passengers’ passengers who were just inches away, my hand tugging away at his huge cock, my legs felt so weak it was difficult to stand and not wishing to bring attention to the perverse act going on around them I gently worked my hand up and down his big cock without the knowledge of the other passengers. I knew what I was doing was so depraved and with his big strong hand inside my panties stimulating my clit I felt that familiar feeling starting to build and within seconds I began to cum I just stood frozen to the spot, I clamped my mouth tight shut as I was afraid some sound might escape my lips, my thighs griped his wrist like a vice and I came and came his fingers continued to snake their way deep in inside of me my pussy felt like it was on fire.

I stood in a daze for a moment then I heard him whisper “can I have my cock back”, I had not noticed but he had already removed his hand from inside my knickers, as I slipped my hand out of his trousers I then noticed it was all wet and warm, I realised he had cum also, it is hard to describe but what happened on that crowded bus compared to the sexual exploits of others I have read was pretty tame but to me and obviously him it was electric and just so naughty, I had his spunk all over my hand and arm I discreetly wiped it with my cardigan, we stood in silence and when my destination approached I walked down the bus without a backwards glance towards the black young man, I stepped off the bus where my hubby was waiting. I wished it was the young man who was taking me home to fuck me with his fantastic cock, but in a relationship you cannot live on wishes and in life you need more than just lust you need support through thick and thin.

My cardigan was a mess and it was really awkward because it had turned quite cool and my husband kept asking why I wouldn’t wear it. As we walked with the breeze between my legs I could feel just how wet I was. I never washed or wore that cardigan again but instead I kept it, I would take it out and smell its odour when fingering myself off for months. That incident opened my mind and from then on I have yearned to be fucked by a massive cock, over the years I have secretly brought myself with anything that resembled the size of that beautiful cock I felt on the bus that night. Now thanks to Ann Summers I no longer have to pop to the fruiters every time I think about the most erotic experience of my life. This may sound really strange and I am not sure if it’s the smell or motion but every time I take the bus it makes me so horny, I have even taken the bus just to sit at the back and secretly finger myself, I just cannot help myself.

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2 years ago
Was it on the No.1 bus back from Toon ;-)
Hot story
3 years ago
OMG, i wish..
3 years ago
Omg you totally sexy raunchy beautiful minx I do
Loved that story I made such mess of my self came
All over my chest and the hot Cum even shot passed my head
No lie x u turned me on that much I so wish it had of been
Me you was standing in front of god I would have been
In heaven x x
3 years ago
Great story, made me really horny
3 years ago
wow,so horny after reading that thank you for sharing xx
3 years ago
Great story, well told, thanks
3 years ago
Very very hot...and very human also...given the right place at the right time with the right person, everyone is a player...it's just the nature of the beast...would we have it any other way??
3 years ago
you can stand in front of me anytime
3 years ago
That was Great x
3 years ago
woooo fantastic
3 years ago
Phew..i'm exhausted reading it..bloody good story xx
3 years ago
mmmmm very hot
3 years ago
good hot & naughty
3 years ago
A very sexy story
3 years ago
Very hot storie. Please write more
3 years ago
yes well hot story, is there more
3 years ago
superbly written story - terrific