Life at home with mummy

After our first time mummy and I had a talk - she wanted to make absolutely sure she had done the right thing - "after all" she said," I now love my son in a way that mothers are not supposed to". Of course I was able to put her mind completely at rest - it takes two to tango! She told me how grateful she was that I understood her needs and desires, and that she wanted to enjoy the rest of her life having sex with me - more than that in fact, she wanted to be my whore - she actually used the word whore, and again I was thrilled to hear such language from her lips.She said she would do anything I wanted her to, she wanted to experience every possible sexual act...which left me plenty of scope...

I told her to get rid of all of her bras and knickers - with lovely pert titties she did not need a bra, and since she had long ago finished having periods I could see no reason why she need ever wear panties or knickers again. We had a wonderful ceremonial clearout of her underwear,and from now on she would wear only stockings, sometimes hold-ups,sometimes ordinary stockings with those open-bottom girdles that I had always admired on her.On really warm days she would go bare-legged. When she was at home alone or with me she was to be completely naked.I told her she should keep her cunt completely shaven from now on - even though she only had a small amount of pubic hair, her cunt would look so much better completely bald. Mummy accepted these demands without a murmur - she also told me how it turned her on so much to use obscene language - she wanted so much for both of us to use the crudest terms imaginable whenever we were fucking or playing together. She told me this as she lay naked on our new double bed while I shaved her cunt for the first time...

Finishing work early and going straight home was always worthwhile - most days I would let myself in and find mummy naked in the kitchen preparing our evening meal. She would look round as I came through the front door, stop what she was doing and lean forwards with her arms resting on the kitchen worktop and her legs apart..."come and do mummy's favourite thing darling," she would say," I've saved myself all day for you as usual". 'Mummy's favourite thing' was having me kneel behind her and start sniffing her cunt and her arsehole - she had got into the habit of never wiping her cunt after she had been for a piss, so her cunt always smelled delightful. And on warm days her whole fuck-slit from her clitoris to her puckered brown anus had the most wonderful warm sweaty aroma - and not just aroma, it tasted as good as it smelled, since it was never long before I was tonguing out her fuckholes and tasting all her juices. And of course it always ended up with me fucking her hard from behind with mummy bent over the worktop. Sometimes I was up her cunt, sometimes I fucked her arse - oh yes,she loved anal sex too, and in those days anal sex between a man and a woman was still i*****l in England - like we cared anything about that! Being young and virile I had no trouble keeping her well satisfied, producing several loads of sperm for her each day. Some mornings I would cum all over her face just before I left for work, telling her to leave the mess where it was until I got home again. If anyone called early at the house - apart from f****y or friends! - they might look rather curiously at the older woman who answered the door in her housecoat with a wet and sticky face. I encouraged her to masturbate as often as possible, and it became such a habit that even when we were out together she would often have a hand up her skirt playing with her cunt.

We had first had sex in the February of that year (1980), and by the summer mummy was absolutely relishing being my whore. She had dyed her hair blonde, nothing outrageous or too brassy, "just to hide the grey" she would tell friends and f****y (they were just a little bit surprised at first!), but when she was fully made-up and dressed like a slut on our days out, oh boy did she turn some heads! As she grew in confidence I was able to make her behave more and more outrageously. I bought a gold ankle bracelet for her, with the word SLUT engraved on it. Once she wore some large clasp earrings (she never did have her ears pierced), and it got me thinking about other places she could wear them. It wasn't long before she was wearing a lovely big dangly pair clipped to her cunt lips...and after that my fertile imagination came up with the idea of her having a heavy jewelled buttplug in her anus when we were out and about...I particularly enjoyed the fact that she had to concentrate to some extent on keeping it in place! Everything I threw at her she accepted unhesitatingly. I knew that she had meant it 100% when she told me she wanted to be my whore. Our days out, especially in the warmer weather, were so arousing for us both. I remember the first particularly memorable one...

It was a lovely warm summer Friday in early July 1980. I had taken the day off work to go out with mummy, as usual we left the house with her dressed quite demurely, flat shoes, stockings, along plain sleeveless dress entirely suitable for a woman in her early 60s. Underneath of course she wore no underwear, and I knew that her freshly-shaven cunt was correctly adorned - after all, I had shaved her cunt and put her jewellery in place! In the shoulder bag that she carried was her change of clothes, shoes, make-up and her buttplug. We set off for a day out in rural Shropshire, but first we had a stop to make en-route...

We stopped at a service area on the motorway, and mummy went to the toilets to get changed and made-up. I hung around in the shop until she was done, and it wasn't long before she reappeared. She looked magnificent. On this day I had chosen for her to wear a fairly plain white v-neck blouse with short sleeves, a very short, lightweight flared skirt in a pretty summer pattern and with a pair of high-heeled strappy sandals. And of course she was wearing plenty of slutty make-up and her ankle bracelet. But as she walked over towards me I also saw that she had only fastened one button on her blouse - I knew that she was getting bolder all the time, but this was a new and exciting development. With no bra on and only one small button to preserve her modesty her pert little breasts swayed and jiggled enticingly under the silky fabric. Her blouse was not exactly see-through but neither was it completely opaque, so even though mummy did not have large nipples, you could just make them out. I already noticed a few people staring or turning to take another look as she went by. But mummy cared nothing, she smiled her lovely smile at me, kissed me firmly on the lips and said "all ready now darling, let's go". We walked out towards our car, and the breeze outside played with the corners and hem of mummy's blouse, almost but not quite showing the delights within. But if I had been (pleasantly!) surprised by one new development this day, the next one took my breath away...after only a few steps outside mummy simply flicked open the one remaining button on her blouse, threw back her shoulders and strode defiantly across the carpark with her breasts completely exposed. People walking in the opposte direction gazed open-mouthed at her, men sitting in their parked cars turned to get a good look, and mummy - beautiful, shameless whore of mine - simply took it all in her stride, enjoying every second of it. I was finding it increasingly difficult to walk with an ever-hardening cock in my pants, but we got to the car and drove off. As we rejoined the motorway mummy turned to me and said "did you enjoy that darling, do you like me exposing myself in public?" In reply I simply took her hand and placed it on my throbbing cock..."what do you think mummy?". The next motorway exit was coming up. I knew there was a quiet layby just amile or so from it. We never did make it to Shropshire that sunny day...

To be continued - next part "and s****r makes three"

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3 years ago
very sexy & hot great mummy
3 years ago
I hope they got married that would be hot.
3 years ago
You lucky guy, she's a brilliant slut, ever eager to please.
I didn't manage to get this far with my mother but we did fuck loads.
3 years ago
brilliant, cant wait for next one