Week end at the lake

It had been a bad week at work. Friday afternoon found me doing a quick load up of my camper and then headed for the lake. The state park had a pretty good camp site area. Some of the sites were rather secluded and I had found over a few years a site that afforded me that privacy so I could work on a all over tan.

I got to the lake around 3pm, that Friday afternoon. The ranger was use to seeing and knew I was a regular. I paid at the check in station and made my way to my favorite spot. It was a on the water, but the forest growth had grown up and around it so that anyone driving by on the road wouldn't see it and couldn't see anything from the road. I pulled in and parked the camper. It was hot and humid, a typical southern summer day and I soon was sweating, as I went about setting up the camper.

By the time I was finished I was wearing a pair of old grey gym shorts. So I grabbed a towel, the cooler and my lounge chair and made my way to the water's edge. I set up the lounge chair, stripped of my shorts,laid back in the chair and opened up a cold beer. I laid there, enjoying the feel of the sun on my body. I soon forgot time as I took a few dips in the lake, laid in the sun and killed a couple of beers.

Then I heard a voice, "hello!" from behind me. Instictively I put my towel around me, turned and looked to see who it was. Standing on the edge where the woods ended and the lake sand began, were two guys and a girl. They were young. I would say late teens, maybe early twenties. I don't know if it was the heat, the sun or the beer, but I was hit with how hot this threesome looked. The girl was lean, about 5'7", with long blonde hair. The two piece she wore covered a sweet pair of tits and a heart shaped ass, that begged to be kissed. I was struck by the way her bathing suit was almost the same golden tan as her skin. The guys were both lean, both had six pac abs, their pecs and biceps were defined but not muscular. The taller was probably 5'10" and 160 lbs with curly golden brown hair. The other guy was a little taller than the girl, dark hair and maybe 140lbs. They both were wearing khaki hiking shorts and had the same golden tan as the girl.

My mind was racing. I had often worried that one day I might get caught laying out naked. So far, it appeared these k**s hadn't noticed that all I had on was the towel, or they hadn't noticed my gym shorts, that lay in a ball on the ground beside my chair.

"We were wondering if anyone else had discovered this little piece of Eden." the girl said. "Yeah, I've been coming here for a few years. It quiet and away from everybody else. I was beginning to think I was the only person who knew it was hear." I replied. "Sure is. man" the taller guy said as he tugged on the left side of his waist band, pulling down a inch or two, tshowing how tan he was. "Sandy!" the other guy said, his voice raised slightly. I immediately realized that I was both busted and it couldn't have been any luckier. All three of them appeared to be nudist sun worshippers also.

"Hey it's cool dude. We come here for the same reason." the shorter guy said, as he pointed at my shorts, hanging over the back of my chair. "You don't have to worry about us saying anything. We came here to camp and lay out all weekend." he continued, "You okay, if we join you and camp here?"

"Sure" I replied, as if I was going to say no. We made introductions. The girl was Abby, the taller guy was Sandy and her boyfriend. The other guy was Colt and was Abby's adopted foster b*****r.

"You hike in here?" I asked. "Naw, man. Our minivan is parked across from your camper." Sandy said. "We have this huge tent and the camping stuff in the van." "You need any help getting set up?" I asked. "Yeah, thanks." Abby said. They turned and headed back to the campsite. I took the oppurtunity and quickly slipped my gym shorts on.

We spent the next hour getting their tent set up and settled in. Sandy and Abby were both 20 and Mark had turned 18 earlier that week and Sandy and Abby were taking him camping for his birthday. We finished and made our way back to the lakeshore. Abby set her chair next to me, Sandy beside her and Mark was on the other end. Then came the akward moment. We all stood there, you could we each were trying to decide what to do next. Colt went first and shucked his khaki's and tossed them on the back of his chair. Sandy and I stripped at almost the same time. Both the guys were blessed in the dick department. That left Abby.

As Colt, Sandy and I laid back on our lounge chairs, Abby started to slowly remove her suit top. She turned to face us, she reached back with her left hand and undid the bottom strap of her suit top. She then took her right hand and pulled her hair aside and undid the top strp. Her top fell off, revealing and deliscious pair of gold tan breasts. She then reached down and pulled both strings of her suit bottoms, let it drop to ground.

I learned over time there are certain things one should avoid. I added dp not take a drink of beer when a beautiful woman is stripping off a bathing suit right in front of you. I caught myself choking slightly on the beer, as Colt and Sandy laughed and pointed at me. Abby gave me a smile and laid back on her chair. We spent the rest of the day laying in the sun, the k**s telling me about themselves and drinking some beer. The Colt and Sandy had been coming here for a couple of years. Sandy and Abby also started coming here to camp after they had started dating earlier this year, but this was the first time all three had been here together.

As we lay there I couldn't help but notice how sexy all three of these k**s were. All three had full body tans, like me. Damn, I thought to myself. This is cool, little did I know what was coming...

end of part 1
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1 year ago
que delícia!!! começou muito bom, adorei..., a próxima
3 years ago
take me camping with you
4 years ago
Hot start to the story,
can't wait for you to complete the next part
4 years ago
very good start for a story