Grocery Store checkout

On my way home last night I stopped at a local store to pick up a few items one of which was a box of Magnums, you know rubbers, anyway I'm in the checkout line and the clerk a good looking middle age woman gives me a big smile and says as shes scanning the rubbers "Aren't these the large size" I smile back at her and say "yes thats right" another smile from her and she gives me the total of my purchase as she looks at my crotch and winks..Wait it gets better all I've got is a 5th of Absolute Vodka and the Magnums and this cute little girl whos bagging my items says Sir do you need help out with your purchase? and just for the hell of it I say yes that would be great, the clerk looks at the bag girl and says isn't it time for your break and the girl smiles back and says as soon as I take care of this customer I'll go on break. Off we go to my car, me with my keys and this little cutie with my bag, as we approach my car she says I've got fifteen minutes and I've always wondered what kind of man uses these big ones so I asked her if she wanted to see what I was going to fill them with...give me a minute to go punch out and I'll be right back was her answer. Needless to say I showed her what she wanted to see and she got what she wanted, a mouthful of cum in the parking lot.
84% (26/5)
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7 months ago
if this is true, u are every mans desire to be
1 year ago
HGreat Story... Thanks for sharing the Fun adventure!
1 year ago
So hot! You should write more of you adventures!
2 years ago
3 years ago
Nice story
3 years ago
giggle,erin is right
3 years ago
If i was that girl who helped you out with your purchase, i would have taken the rest of the day off and gone home with you and let you fuck me.