Doin My Toes

My name is Ashlee… And last week, it took me 2 hours to do my toes!!!
Not because I’m slow or something… it’s because I had to wait till everyone else was done with them.
Seriously, I was sitting in the living room at the end of the couch, checking out some colors. I had already done them in an electric blue the other day and wanted something to go with the new pink tank top I had brought. I had it lying in my lap while putting different colors on it to see how they matched up. My feet were tucked beside me, up on the couch, arched to perfection, curling my toes back in anticipation. My girl-friend, Morgan, was sitting in the other room tweaking her myspace page on the computer, and we had the whole house to ourselves.
That is until my friend, Brandon, came in. That day, I was wearing loose shorts with a blue tank top that matched my toes. He was always picking on me and teasing my brains out. He’s totally into my feet and arches, and I knew that day would be no different.
He was like, “What the hell are you doing?” as he walked in.
I said, “What the hell does it look like?” I like playing tough with him.
“Something girly…” He said, “You should go cook or something..”
“What the fuck ever.” I quipped. I knew he either was staring at my feet on the couch, or down my shirt. My boobs were squeezed tight into this little bra that made them muffin out. My cleavage looked delicious.
He sat down beside my sexy feet, and put his freaking hand on my leg. “You don’t like to cook?” He asked. Then he went to grab the tank top off of my lap, rubbing my cooch in the process.
“No, stop…” I said. “I need that.” I pulled the shirt back and put it back on my lap… I was hoping he would go for it again, so I put it right over my pussy. “I’m about to do my toes… What color do you like?’ I held the colors up beside my smiling face so that my whole crotch was vulnerable to him..
“Oh, I don’t know...” He said. He went for the tank top… Again... and thumbed my cooch as he grabbed it off my lap.. I creamed up FAST. He held it up next to the colors…
I snatched it back and put it back down there…. Tee he he…
“Whatever,” he said. “You’re putting them on your toes-ies?” He rubbed my arch until I giggled…
“Yes...” I laughed and fought him off… Higher, you ASSSS!!! I knew Morgan was in the other room and couldn’t hear us well. She would probably get mad if she could hear me in the other room getting fucked without her permission. She had been clingy that way for like, a while.
“Oh,” he said as he stood up. “Maybe you could do Morgan’s toes, too.” He walked to the arm side of the couch where I was leaning.
“I guess,” I said. I didn’t want him to leave, just yet. I wanted to be bad. The last time Morgan walked in on me fucking him she spanked my ass… HARD.. for like 10 minutes.. I fucking came, and all, but not as hard as I do when she slow licks my clit.
“Well seeing you do Morgan’s toes would make this so hard...” He said, and plopped his dick right out into my face... Hel-lo! That’s what I want. But he’s so rude, and Morgan would be so mad, but that dick was right there. Oooooo I tried to be good.
“You ass… you know my girlfriend is right in there.” I rubbed my pussy with my hand under the tank top on my lap.
“I was just showing you that THIS would be hard.”
It was plenty hard already… But, yea. When I do Morgan’s toes, we do look sexy. He has been in the room at times when we were doing that and he would just walk over, pull out this rock hard cock, spew cum, right there on Morgans’ wet toes, AND me… Then lay right beside us on the bed. Morgan would kick at him and say something like, “You dick… Ashlee, clean that.” Then go on reading her little magazine… I always smile and clean her toes and his dick off with a washcloth and a kiss…. He’s so rude.
I told him, “You’re already hard... You should go take care of that.” I was trying to be good. Then he reaches down and pulls my tank top over my boob and pulls it free from my bra, like, Boing!. My nipple was rock hard.. I gasped in a yelp of surprise…
“Let me use your boob’s real quick…” He said grabbing her in his manly hand. He pulled his dick with the other hand and it hit me in the cheek.
I smiled in protest, really. “What the fuck… You’re just gonna grab my boobs and pull ‘em out?” His dick kept smacking my cheek as he stroked it next to my face. He pinched my nipple and bent over to suck her. “Did I say you could do that? Morgan’s gonna be pissy...”
He rubbed his slippery spit on my nipple as he rose up. “Its only one boob..” His dick smacked my face again as he stood. I was rubbing myself, hard, under the shirt. He had fucking stretched my tank top out over my boob and I was so fucking hot, I didn’t care.
“Oh fuck… Hurry up, then… ” He reached down to pull my other boob out. I sat up to give him titty access and, oops, landed, face first, into his thick dick.
“Wait, wait,” he said as I giggled, “Open your mouth..”
I did, a little, and looked up at him... Then, he shoved his thick, black dick deep down my throat. I about crossed my eyes watching his body come up to my nose.
“There,” he said. “Now I can get your boobs out without smacking you.”
He was right. He plopped my other boob out by stretching my tank top down and pulling my bra up and, not once, did a dick slap me in the face. So resourceful… AND I didn’t have to use MY hands, which were busy massaging my cunt.
“See… Isn’t that Better?”
I tried to say, yes sure is, but could only muffle out a few sounds. He kneaded my breast together, hard… I was hoping that Morgan wouldn’t mind… He was only gonna use my boobs to nut, and that’s all… I was gonna make myself cum, and then, I could go back to doing my toes… and that would be that. Right?
He pulled his dick from my mouth and slapped my boobs with them. My mouth was very wet so there was spit EVERWHERE, just streaming from my lips and tongue. I put my arms together so that they could rest up high for his servicing. I’ve been told several times by him that they were perfect for fucking and cumming, so this could really work. He kept slipping and sliding across my boobs and nipples, then back to my fucking throat for more lube. I just knew it; cum was gonna get all over me.
He was going freaking crazy, pushing my tits together, and making a mess of my face and shirt while he fucked my boobies hard… I slid my shorts and panties aside and put my fingers into my fuck-hole, so, of course, I was going crazy too, trying not to be too loud though. I didn’t want Morgan to rush in on us and freak out. I wanted to do my bitch later, cum off her tits and down her throat, then tell her she couldn’t play wit my boobs cause they were sore from Brandon’s fucking… Tee hee hee… She would go the Fuck off and spank me till I creamed again, probably. Then eat the cream because he hadn’t fucked me. Such a good bitch, mmmm….
Then, outta nowhere, Brandon asked me, “Is your cunt wet?”… What the fuck, right?
“Ummmmmm…” I said, with a guilty look on my face… “I don’t , I don’t…”
“Wait, wait,” He stuck his cock into my mouth to shut me up. “I got an idea,”
I sat there staring at him and sucked on the cocks’ head while he told me his plan…..
“Let me use some of your cunt juice so I can get real, REAL wet, then explode on your boobs… Ok?” He looked down at me with those savory brown eyes. I knew I shouldn’t trust him.
I started to talk with my mouth full of cock, “Mmmf mmf mmmmff….”
“Hold on, “ he said. He pulled his dick from my mouth. It was COVERED in spit from my savory mouth.... More than enough, I thought, and I didn’t want my bitch, Morgan mad, so I tried to lie to him.
“No, not really… This should be enough.” Spit drooled down my chin to my boobs... I knew I looked like a messy whore-sicle.
He said, “Well, let me see, ok?”
“Fine,” I said. He pulled my legs up, together, so that my dainty feet dangled, hitting his cock a few times. I tried to stroke him, a little, with my toes, hoping that he would just do them, and forget about my pussy hole. I knew that after a few pumps of him checking, with his DICK, I would be wetter than a soapy bath. He’d probably fuck me, LOUDLY, and cause Morgan to come in. Whoops, right?
My Head slipped down into the corner of the couch. He pushed my knees up, squeezing my boobs together, and pulled my pants down, off my ass underneath me. Shit, I wanted to cum, right there. I grabbed my gentle cheeks and spread them for his inspection. I felt the cool air on my soaked pussy lips. Oooooo… Hold it in, Ashlee, girl…
“You ready?” he asked.
“Oh yes…” I said. I kept my toes around his dick for good measure, though…
Then, Oh No!! The asshole starts to finger my clit…. “What are you doing” I begged, wriggling under his weight.
“Keep your fuckin pussy spread…” He demanded… Fuck, he was trying to make me his cum-whore… Fuck, Fuck… All my bitches knew that when I came, I had the wettest, slickest, sweetest fuck juice you could ever put on your tongue… or, on his dick, in this case. And once I cum hard, fuck, my bitches can use my tits, toes, tongue, and whatever to get off, any way they want… no objection from me… FUCK!
I knew I had to do something! .“But if you do that,...“ I protested, “Ima be a Cum-whore,.. “I cried, breathing hard, “and Morgan gonna be… Maaaaaaddddddd!!! OOOOhhhhhh…” But it was too late... Shit, I fucking came at the thought of pissing that slut off.
From that moment on, my cunt was his… and he knew it. His ass got bold, too.. I slowly opened my eyes and saw the grin on his face. I knew it was coming, and sure enough… “Uuuggghhh…” He slid his cock so deep inside me I thought I’d gag from it in THAT direction….
“Oh, yea… You are wet, aren’t you?” I was in no position to protest. My cunt belonged to him. Whatever. Fuck Morgan for now. “Good lord, you are one wet ass cum slut!!!” he said pounding me….
I answered the truth in deep breaths, “Yes, yes, Yes….. Oooooo..” his fucking bounced me down into the couch pillows and then he fucked me as I bounced back up. My pussy became so slick and juicy, I thought we were gonna drown in the overflow.
I came, hard, like six times, as he rewarded me and my cooch for being such good cum outlets. He played wit my toes and arches as they flung in the air… I knew it wouldn’t be long before he needed the services of my boobs again..
“Ooooo, Fuck yea, Peach.” He said. “Push those Fucking boobs together, would you,” he said as he pulled his cock out and up to my melons….. “I need them real quick…”.
I could only obey and smile as I squeezed them up into my face… I didn’t want Morgan to be bent outta shape, but shit, It felt so gooooood,
He jacked his wet dick off between my plump cleavage… My cooch was soooo fucking wet, it had actually made his dick into the perfect fuck tool for my boobs.
I grinned and whined under him as he pumped, “Don’t tell Morgan, Ok?...,” I begged, “Don’t tell her that you made me your cum-whore… aright?” Even thought I was trying to save my ass, I knew that he got off watching my innocent face beg with my boobs squeezed underneath … I rubbed his nose n lips with my blue toes.. “Please, baby…”
He fucking let go before I finished the word, “Baby”…. “Ooooooh, Oh, Oh.. Fuck!!” He shot between, my boobs, on my boobs, on my face, down my neck, EVERYWHERE. He kissed my arches as he reared up and hollored, “Ooooooh, Oh, Oh.. Fuck, yeah…. Fuck yeah, baby…. Fuck!!!”
I let him simmer down as he dipped his dick in the cum soup that was pooled on my boobs. He thanked me by slapping his dick ladle against my smiling lips.. I just blinked each time….
We quickly got up as we heard the bedroom door open. Fuck! I didn’t want to piss my bitch off. I collected my boobs back into my bra and pulled my tank top up. Brandon stepped back and put his dick away, like, Bye, bye. I pulled my pants and panties up and plopped down on couch. Brandon picked up all of the toe nail polishes that had been thrown onto the floor and put them on the table in front of me. He picked up the pink tank top that I had been trying to match to, and started to walk towards the hallway and bedrooms to buy his cum-slut some time.
I picked up a random color, placed my toes off the edge of the couch, and pretended to begin to paint.
Morgan exchanged with Brandon in the hall… I heard her laugh as he grabbed her and then she came in, pulling the tank top away from him as she did.
She looked at me with my sexy fucking toes dangling off the couch, stopped smiling, and asked me curiously, “What the fuck have you been doing?”
I looked up at her and smiled… “I’m about to paint my toes to match that new tank top,” I pointed to the shirt she was clinching…
“Oh, Really?” She quipped, like she had something to say… WTF...
“What, you don’t like this color?” I asked, “What color should I do them?”
Then, she leaned down to kiss me, like the good bitch she is. When I puckered up, she fucking slurped and licked the side of my cheeks and lips.
There was this thin stream, as she slowly pulled away from me. Tee hee… It was from the cum and spit mess that had been left all over my cute little face by Brandon.
She bent down and spit the messy cream all over my toes…
“Do ‘em THAT color, Bitch!” she said, and smacked my ass….
Oops… Lol… I about fucking died….
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9 months ago
amazing :)
2 years ago
i wud love sniff and taste your feet and toes
3 years ago
3 years ago
great story, id love for this to happen to me. the male perspective i mean lol :D x
3 years ago
I may need MY toes done, like that!
4 years ago
Wow! Great story;)
Very bonerific
4 years ago
Excellent! I give 3 nuts...:)
4 years ago
very very good sounds like a pt 2 cumming