my fantasy....

Well, it would start off by me meeting you for lunch and we hit off by you saying that there is a party at my place for this labor day weekend and you live pretty close to me so i was thinking you should come....then you bite the lower part of your lips and smile because i have been staring at your lips as you spoke to me and i say ok, what time? You tell me the time and then i show up about 5 minutes early, and you have on a very revealing dress with cleavege just about to pop out. But not to revealing. Something that makes me think before i see the forbidden temple. Well the night goes on and everyone is d***k out there mind but i notice you were kinda sitting over by the kitchen, making people some of your famous drinks and i come over and ask do you need a hand making some drinks? You say," yeah that'll be great. I know most of the people in here and they can get pretty wasted. Everyone's staying here tonight because i'm not going to let them drink and drive from my place." Then we start making drinks and every now and then, we would make eye contact and smile at each other. Until i said enough is enough....i look really quick outside kitchen and i look at you and smile, i ask "you don't mind if i check to see if your doors are locked?" You say" yes i do mind"....... and smile back at me as i get closer to you. With a quickness i grab you and put you on your counter, kissing you uncontrollably and saying sorry about this .... I've waited all evening to just rip your clothes off like this. You tell me the same thing as our clothes come off and our bodies mash together, the sexual tension between us heats our bodies even more. We kiss each other uncontrollably and we embrace the passion of not knowing what's to come. As we move from the kitchen to the bedroom, (with everyone passed out at this point) we run past a few of your friends and they say " right on b*o, go for the gold..." In my head, I'm thinking, idiots.....gezzz. But as we go into the bedroom we throw everything off and continue where we left off at. Now i throw you on the bed and i jump right next you, so you roll over and mount me and say" i hope you ready for this..." Then i say, "bring it on, my lady." You slowly inch your way down on my stick and as you get lower taking my stick deeper inside you, you moan gently and i look into your eyes and tell you.. i got you. So you start moving your hips back and forth, bouncing on my stick taking it deeper and i start to thrust upward, making you take every inch of me deep in your honey pot. You moan with so much extasy... I start go even harder. I then in one motion, turn you on your back and say, tell daddy how you want it. I put your legs on up on my shoulders and with a medium size thrust, i make you take 95% of me deep in your honey pot. You grab my arms and clench real tight as i keep going, harder, pounding that honey pot faster, and faster. I grab your legs and tell you to wrap them around my waist. With each stroke, you move your hips back and forth/ back and forth. Then i slow it down and kiss you passionately as your body vibrates under mine uncontrollably. I feel every part of you shaking and i smile and i even see tears of joy come from your face and i gently kiss them away.
Well that's just day one of my fantasy. Stay tuned tomorrow or Thursday for day two of my fantasy.
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