We're in love with a stripper(part two)

Andrea started kissing on her thighs and squeezing Ladywets nipples licking all around the pussy and sticking her tongue in and out of her wet pussy hole teasing it like i do her and Ladywet was going crazy wanting her to suck that long fat sensitive clit.Andrea turned and looked at me and said"Oh baby you are so right pussy tastes so good."with pussy juice dripping from her chin.When Andrea started licking her clit and stuck her finger in her pussy and started rubbing her g spot Ladywet went crazy.She grabbed the back of Andreas head and started to buck her hips back and forth then screamed as she squirted a river in Andreas face.I thought she would have snapped but instead my girl went wild and wanted more of that girl cum.Little did Ladywet know is that Andrea is a squirter to so when they started grinding pussies,pussy cum was all over,i mean our bed was soaked sheets and all.When they did the 69 that shit was so hot,all you could hear was moaning, sucking and that wet squishy sound when they squirt in each others mouth.The hole room started to smell like scented lotion and raw hot aroused pussy,i busted about three nuts watching them go at it and was still horny as hell,gin had me on ten.Well Ladywet washed up and left and me and my girl laid in that girl cum soaked ass bed and fucked all night till early morning leaving are juices in the mix.I'm telling you some people buy panties i could have sold that mattress on ebay.Well needless to say my girl is officially bi know and we have more adventures as well.let me know if you want to hear about them.(true story)
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