We're in love with a stripper(part one)

Me and my girl friend stayed together for a little over 2 years and i knew she was a very kinky woman.We had always discussed about her being with another woman,but she was afraid it would make it seem as though she was gay.She is 5 ft tall chocolate skinned tone and has a 36d bra size.A very juicy ass and thick thighs and a fat shaved pussy.One night me and the boys where out at a strip club and i saw this real thick red bone who had almost the exact body frame as my girl just a little taller.I bought her a drink and asked do she do private shows and she said yes and gave me her number.That next weekend me and my girl was at home drinking and smoking getting a little freaky like we usually do when she said baby i want to suck some pussy.I told her i had this number of baby girl from the strip club so she said call her and see if she could come over.When i called she said she was free and will be over in thirty minutes.Well me and my boo fooled around a bit,just kissing and fondling till she got there.Man this bitch was fine and my girl couldn't take her eyes off her.We asked how much for a private show and we got that out off the way so she went into the bathroom to get ready.I put her cd in the stereo and my girl sat on the couch and i took the chair out of the way cause this show was all hers.When the stripper came out in her outfit which consisted off a bra with nipple cut outs and a thong i started the music.She started her dance in front off my girl and she looked real lustful in the eyes,my girl is very bold when it comes to sex so i knew something was about to happen.Andrea(my girls name)started to rub and pinch her nipples so i knew she was getting horny and her pussy very wet.Next thing i knew she was taking her panties off and threw them at me and started playing with her pussy.I was drinking my tanguray gin sitting in the chair,dick hard as hell and i got a pair off panties in my lap with the crotch wet,and i mean wet.Well you know what i did next,put them on my face an started playing with my 9 inch snake.Her wet panties smelled so good,just the smell off hot pussy was driving me crazy.Meanwhile the stripper(Ladywet)stop doing her show and started looking at Andrea playing with her pussy.Ladywet then got on all fours and went straight for Andreas hot pussy,licking and sucking like she hadn't ate in weeks.SO since the dance show was over i turned the stereo off so i could hear her licking that juicy pussy and boy she didn't disappoint,all you could hear was the slurping of her tongue on my girls clit.It was getting heated so i suggested we take this party to the bed room,so off we went.I could see pussy juice dripping down Ladywets thighs so i assumed that's why she was called Ladywet,hmm little did i know.Ladywet seen i love to sniff wet panties so she took her thong off an said "get off on these"well you don't have to tell me twice,and damn they where soaked,man i was in heaven.Andrea and Ladywet got on the bed and started tongue kissing and rubbing each other,hands going from tits to ass to pussy it was getting real hot.Then i heard Andrea say "I wanna suck your pussy",with that Ladywet laid on her back and spread her legs wide and her 2inch pearl tongue wanted relief.(part 2)
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