I Wanted Her

Nate glanced to the school yard and spied his attraction, some kind of winpy looking senior who looked still like a sub teen. He spotted her as she broke out from the pack, and then he smoked the last of his cigarette goodbye. He had been expelled, and there was nothing to stop him from what he was about to do!

Nate ground his cigarette into the soil, and then he casually sauntered after the girl with the lead heavy backpack. Nate tried to smile, and he felt like a monster. So he tried not to smile, and he almost began to snarl! Finally he tried a lopsided grin, and he found he felt like a crazy Picasso!

"That's what I am! Nice and crazy!" he thought before he followed the senior down a long deserted path with not many used until they lived in the street circle inside of the maze of trees and fencelines!

Nate followed the senior, and then he began to pace up his steps. He got closer and closer as he walked like a shark eyeing bait! Nate grew starved as the path showed a plot of park behind a row of trees. It was like a remote lounging space, with a park bench and an island of lawn behind some dismal scrub. Nate smiled, and then he swam his steps to his passion.

Nate grabbed the senior and asked her to come with him to the park. The senior dazed by his looks and given peace by his school uniform followed him. She walked with him to the lawn, and even strolled with him to the park bench. Nate smiled as they neared the item, and as the senior thought about sitting he dragged her a foot with an arm and then he threw her so that she fell all over the top of the park bench! Ten senior whined, and Nate moved to get her skirt hitched up. The senior screamed, and Nate whacked her throat against the bench with one punch against her head. The senior gasped!

Nate threw her skirt over her waist, and then began to rub the back of her covered pussy. It grew nice and wet in no time, and he didn't need much to test his own arousal! Nate threw the underwear down as the sensior coughed! Nate pulled her hips against his after he had opened his fly. The senior began to moan, and then she dismally cried out 'help'!

Nate whacked the back of her head again, and she was left to cough as she blubbered. Nate began to feel his loins grow wet off her dribbling pussy, and then he heard a shout!

"You were given consent to do that?" asked a tone that sounded pissed off.

Nate felt his cheeks grow red. He wasn't even allowed a moment to answer, he was quickly torn away from his passion and thrown to the ground where he was held and detained!

Nate glared at the police man as he kicked his legs. He tried to look touch, but his insides were fluttering! He wanted to get out, but he had been caught with his pants down! He had to stay!

"So why did you do it?" asked the police man.

"Because I wanted her;" told Nate before he leaned back and began to try and look touch as he rested a hand on his warm sex kissed crotch.

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very good