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Have you ever really watched a woman have sex without her knowing? This is my collection of an attractive, shy and unaware wife in a series of homemade sex videos. Nothing faked or staged, she was not acting or playing it up for the camera. Just a normal married woman and mother in every respect, except one, you have the opportunity to spend some time looking into the bedroom of her home without her knowing she was watched.

Her Story:

A nice looking wife who was secretly taped having sex, what is not to like about that? The tapes were traded through the mail many years ago, packed away and probably forgotten in a handful of private collections. The old VHS tapes and a few pictures were pleasantly rediscovered in mine and I wanted to save them and let others enjoy her too.

An "Unlucky Bride", married to a man who found it exciting to trade home made videos of her with others. A video camera would be occasionally hidden in her bedroom closet by her husband to record these private moments. They were taken in the early 90's, a time when people traded and mailed video tapes and pictures (lingerie, used panties etc) to each other using classified ads. Nobody worried about seeing their videos on the internet because the internet didn't exist. I ended up with a total of five hours of her on video that was taken periodically and in secret over the course of two years when she was 33 to 35 yrs old. I was able to digitize the video and scan some pictures so you can enjoy her too.

The lingerie you see her wearing was sent to her husband by one of his trading partners. She thought the lingerie was a gift from her husband and wearing it made her comfortable with leaving the bedroom light on, allowing her to be taped. Little did she know a friend of her husband was her voyeur and he was dressing her up like a Barbie doll for his personal enjoyment. Sure the angles, lighting and the zoom could have been better, these were not made in a movie studio, it's her bedroom and you get the opportunity to peek in and watch her fuck without the risk of being caught.

She has great tits!

Listen to her cum at 12:45

Thank you to those folks who take the time to comment or send a message showing your appreciation for the effort to upload videos and pictures for everyone's enjoyment. It's appreciated as this is here for it's value as timeless erotic art that simply begs to be shared.

Finally, if you are one of the people who feels the need to vote thumbs down or leave a negative comment about a free video or picture that anyone took the time to upload for other people's pleasure I really hope you wake up tomorrow with a venereal disease.
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23 hours ago
What an awesome profile and even more exciting story. Very hot!!
2 days ago
Thanks for the invite & for your good stuff : )
10 days ago
"Had my cock inside a new lover tonight"

Of course we can only hope that you'll document these encounters for posterity.....and share them ;). Carry on Paul. Excellent stuff as usual!
13 days ago
Thanks for the friend's invitation! - Dave
15 days ago
very hot
18 days ago
Cool stuff bro.
19 days ago
Great content!
Thank you for sharing it with us.
21 days ago
Real people having real sex, great
25 days ago
thanks!happy new year!
28 days ago
Happy New Year
1 month ago
many thanks for your friending !!!!
1 month ago
Thanks for sharing your wife with us! Give her a big hug from me! I'm looking for many more vids to cum! Merry Christmas!
1 month ago
great profile so hot and sexy
1 month ago
This is AWESOME! We've only watched one(so far) & it really turned us on! We LUV the TRUE amateur homemade XXX videos(we make lots of our own). It's like secretly knowing what your friends & neighbors are doing in the bedroom. Thank You for sharing these with us! Sincerely... P.S.We'd LUV 2 see your Private Pics also...
1 month ago
hello lady!!
1 month ago
Thank you for friending!
1 month ago
Thanks for the invite She looks great
1 month ago
nice ty
2 months ago
soft and pleasant videos
2 months ago
very hot vis's
2 months ago
Thanks for the invite. I love these types of videos. You seem to have a flair for story telling. I guess I'd better limber up my wrist and start watching. Thanks.
2 months ago
Thanks for the invitation. I like the narrative. You're a real character I bet.
2 months ago
Thanks for the invite
2 months ago
Thanks for the add!
2 months ago
Thanks for the peek inside your relationship.
2 months ago
Thanks for the add
2 months ago
How the hell did I miss seeing your postings before now? Fantastic collection..great writing, video, and pics. Very hot!!! I don't have pix to share, but I do have memories...wouldn't sharing true stories with you. Keep up the great work
3 months ago
thx for the add love your hot pics and vids!!!!
3 months ago
Wonderful profile, Thanks for all the videos
3 months ago
Thanks for all the videos and story behind
3 months ago
I have one of the VHS tapes, mailed to me by her hubby several years ago. Not sure if that was you, or you also received them from her husband. Your clips here are what is on the tape I received.