A parking lot at night...

We've pulled over into a semi dark parking lot and you tell me to get out. I do as I'm told, as I wonder what in the world you've got planned for me. I walk over to the driver’s side of the car as you get out. I look around the parking lot and notice that it’s just about deserted, with the exception of a car in the middle of the lot. You stand there for a minute before telling me "to suck it slut". I walk over and start to rub your cock through your pants before reaching over to unzip you and take your cock out. You start to moan as I get on my knees and spit all over your cock. Before we go much farther, you tell me to turn around so that my back is against the car. As soon as I am turned around you start to push your cock all the way into throat making my eyes water. You pull back for a just a second, letting me catch my breath before slamming your cock back into my mouth. I stay crouched against the car as you fuck my face and throat for what seems like forever, occasionally making me gag.
Pulling back a little bit, you start to rub the wet sticky head of your cock all over my face, asking "you like that, don't you slut?" I nod yes, opening my mouth again, my eyes silently asking for more. When you slam your cock back into my mouth, I milk it with my throat as I grab your ass with my fingernails. Finally, you move back and tell me to go to the hood of the car.
I look around the parking lot as I walk the hood of the car; I'm silently hoping that no one has seen us. Before you can even tell me what’s next, I lean over the hood of the car; reach back and pull my skirt up over my ass, showing you my little black thong. I can feel you behind me, looking at my ass. Just when I begin to wonder what you're going to do next, I noticed someone walking over to the car between us and the other side of the parking lot. I begin to panic, I really don't want them to notice us and I start to pull my skirt back down, when you tell me to stop. I look at you and beg you to let me cover my ass. You pretend to think about it for a second and then shake your head no as you walk over to me and pull my thong aside. By now I can tell it's a man walking towards the other car. I can hear you unzip your pants again and take your cock out. I start to ask you to stop again but before I can even get it out, you slam your cock into my wet dripping pussy hard and deep; making me scream a little. I look over totally panicked and see that the man is looking at us.
I had hoped that the fact that he was looking at us would make you stop, but it doesn't, you just keeping fucking me hard, making me moan louder and louder. All of the sudden you start talking to me, saying things like, "you like that slut" and "beg it for it slut". Every time you ask me a question I answer yes loud enough so that the man can hear me. I look straight at him while you fuck me hard and deep, until you drag a loud screaming cum out of me.
Before I can even catch my breath you slam you cock right into my ass, really making me scream very loud this time. I can feel your balls slapping against my pussy, as I watch the man start to rub his cock, while you continue to fuck me. It isn't long before you're making me cum again. At this point, the man is really rubbing his cock, which makes me even hotter. I'm beginning to think that you're finally going to cum in my ass, but you pull out. I hear you take the condom off and tell me to turn around. You push me down on my knees and I start to fuck your cock with my hot wet mouth; pausing once in a while to spit on your cock and play with your balls. I can feel that you're getting closer to orgasming and I suck you even harder, until you shoot. I suck your cum into my mouth and hold it there. I let you pull out and shoot the rest of it on my face. When you're done, I open my mouth so you can see your hot cum in my mouth before swallowing it. I stand up and look around noticing that at some point the man has gotten into his car and is driving away. While I watch, you lean over and whisper, "next time, I'm going to invite him to join in."

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2 years ago
Very good...........................(_O_)
3 years ago
damn, i was hoping he'd join in this time! :)