Your Apartment...Part 2

Your Apartment...Part 2
I’m sitting on the couch feeling the cum beginning to dry on my face and body, while you lay on the floor dozing. Suddenly she announces, “It’s been fun, but I’d better go.” She stands and starts to take the 7in strap on off when I make a split second decision, “why don’t you stay and we’ll grab a shower” I tell her. “Sure, why not” she says and we both get up and start to walk to the bathroom. You stay put for a minute, watching her big juicy ass as she follows me into the bathroom.
By the time you get in there, I have the water running and she and I are once again kissing. She’s sitting on the bathroom sink; her legs spread showing me her slightly hairy and dripping wet pussy. My head is buried between her legs, my tongue wiggling again and again, deep inside her sweet tasting pussy. Her moans are echoing off the bathroom walls, easily heard over the running water and the sound of my slurping tongue. I’m so intent on what I’m doing that I don’t notice, that you standing directly behind me, until I feel your hand against the back of my head pushing my face deeper between her legs. I start to think I’m never going to be able to breathe again when you finally let go, I barely have a second to catch my breath before you push my face back between her legs. As soon as, my tongue slides back into her dripping pussy, I manage to get two of my fingers around her clit, squeezing and rubbing it. “God please stop,” she cries, as she begins to cum. Her screams are so loud that I reach up and stick my fingers in her mouth to suck on to muffle the noise. I continue to wiggle my tongue and pinch her clit while she cums, not letting up until her pussy juice is all over my whore face.
I turn to you and start to lick a little of her cum off my face, “Mmmm, do you want some?” I ask. You lean over to kiss me, taking my tongue deep in your mouth, tasting her sweet cum on my lips. “We better get in the shower before the water runs out,” she says. She slides off the counter and hops in the shower, while we both follow.
The water is so hot and warm as we stand in the shower. I’m standing against the back wall, while she stands behind you, with your back to her. She’s rubbing your nipples, pinching and pulling them, making them stand up. You’re moaning for more as I slide down onto my knees. Your moans get louder as I take your semi hard cock in my hand. I hold it long enough, to spit all over it, making it nice and wet, just the way you like it. I can feel it start to harden as soon as I get your cock into my mouth. I begin to suck just the head, licking around it with the tip of my tongue before starting on the rest of your cock. It isn’t long before I’ve taken all off your hardness into my mouth. In the back of my mind I know what’s going to happen very shortly. I can already feel you start to flex your hips and I know soon that I’m going to be gagging around your cock.
While I’m busy pleasuring your cock, I can see that she’s also down on her knees. She’s rubbing her hands, all over your ass and lower back, scr****g them lightly with her long fingernails. She gently starts to separate your ass cheeks, taking one of her fingers and rubbing it gently against your asshole. I know something is up because you’ve started to fuck my face very hard, making me gag on your cock. I pull back just as I hear you moan “oh baby what are you doing to me?” I smile to myself because I know exactly what she is doing. She’s got one of her fingers shoved in your ass, moving it in and out of you. I start to play with your balls while she fucks you with her finger.
Soon she has two fingers in your ass, and you’re begging for more. I continue to play with your balls; sucking on them, rolling them gently in my hands, and occasionally spitting all over them. We continue to torture you for a few more minutes, when I tell her to stick her tongue deep into your ass. She nods and I can see that she has very quickly buried her face in your ass. Her tongue starts to penetrate your ass, slowly wiggling it into your tight hole. You look down at me and tell me to, “Suck it slut.” Right away I take your cock into my mouth, bracing myself for the first thrust that will put your cock firmly into my throat. I start to gag almost immediacy, pulling back a little, before going back for more. Soon, I’m taking all of your cock with ease, feeling you fuck my throat again and again.
Before long, I can feel your cock growing in my mouth. She’s got all of her tongue buried in your ass. She’s wiggling it around, as if she were fucking a pussy with her tongue. You continue to beg for more. I suck harder, she buries her tongue deeper, working your ass and cock hard and fast; bringing you closer and closer to orgasm. Before I know it, without any warning, I can feel you start to shoot your yummy hot cum into my mouth. When you have finished shooting your load, I slowly stand up and open my mouth, which is still filled with cum. I want to make sure you see it, as she stands up behind you, I slide around you and stand in front of her as she puts her arms around me, and kisses me deeply. I release the cum from my mouth to share with her, moaning as she sucks it from my tongue
She pushes me back against the shower and starts to kiss me deeper making us both moan. She’s rubbing her big hard tits against mine as we continue to play and you watch. I’m moaning loudly, “Please make me cum.” She starts to slide down in front of me, but before she can start playing with my pussy, you tell her to stop. I groan my disappointment, as I hear you say, “We’ll get out of the shower and then she beg for what she wants.”

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3 years ago
Just as hot as part 1