The Party...

This story was written for me by and old fuck buddy. Enjoy...

If I had known how the party was going to turn out, I probably wouldn’t have fought going so much. I was royally pissed when you told me that I had to go to this party with you, but I went anyways. I dressed especially slutty that night, figuring I would at least get some hot and nasty sex when we got home. I decided on a short black skirt, a low cut top, showing off what little cleavage I have, a black and red garter belt with stockings and a lacy red thong. On the way over, I make sure that my skirt rides up just enough so that you notice what’s underneath. I reach over and start to rub your leg, making sure that my hand slides over your cock every so often. I keep this up for a good portion of the ride over; rubbing and stroking, making it good and hard, before I tell you to pull over. You look at me oddly, but do as I ask. As soon as I can, I reach over, unzip your pants and take your cock out. I have it in my mouth before you can even think to stop me. It isn’t very long before I have you in the back of my throat trying to milk your cum from your cock. While I’m sucking, I hear the car start back up and you tell me I have until we get to the party to make you cum or you’re going to make me suck you off at the party.
Right away, I go to work on your cock, sucking you as fast as I can, making sure my lips are tight around you. I can feel you wrap your hands around my hair and push my face into your cock making me gag hard but I continue to suck, until finally I’m rewarded with a big mouthful of hot sticky cum. Before I can even collect myself you get out and walk into the party. Once I have composed myself, I go inside and talk to a couple of people I know, but it isn’t long before I’m bored out of my mind. I wonder upstairs to check out the situation. Noticing that its way too early for any of the rooms to be filled, I decide it’s time to have a little fun. I find you talking to a couple of your friends downstairs; I slip my wet panties into your hand while you continue to talk. After a few minutes, I excuse myself and slowly walk back upstairs.
When I get back to the bedroom, I sit on the edge of the bed and wait. Not two minutes later you come into the room. “Whatcha doing?’ you ask, as you sit beside me on the bed. “I just got a little bored, “I say. “I thought we could have a little fun before we go back to the party.” I stand up and slip my shirt over my head before straddling your lap, making sure to grind my pussy against your semi hard cock. Leaning back I pull your shirt over your head and rub my hard nipples against your chest. I whisper in your ear “Fuck me.” I slide off of your lap and slide my skirt down my legs leaving just the garter and stockings on. “I want you to fuck me any place you want, however you want, I want you cum on me before we go back down stairs again; I wanna feel it drying on my skin under my clothes,” I tell you.
You tell me to go lay on the bed. As you start to undress, I ask you to shut the door, but you tell me no, “No one will be up here anyways and we’ll know long before they get close.” I nod and watch, as you take the rest of your clothes off. You lay down on the bed next to me; I can see that your cock is already hard, when you tell me “Ride it baby.” Right away, I straddle your cock, squeezing it with my pussy, before starting to ride you hard. It isn’t long before you’re egging me on, causing one orgasm after another. I try hard to be quiet so that no one will hear but before long I’m moaning very loudly. So loudly, in fact, that neither of us hear someone coming up the stairs. I get the shock of my life when I decide to turn around and ride you backwards, so that you can play my with my ass. I look up and shriek when I see another couple standing in the doorway. “Excuse me but what in the hell are you doing,” I ask.
We all stare at each other for a second before the guy asks, “We were wondering if we could join you?’’ I pause for a second and say, “Why not?” They both walk into the room. The woman with him (I never did find out her name), is just a little smaller than me with much bigger boobs, but a smaller ass. Right away she starts to shed her clothes and climbs up on the bed. Before I even have time to think about it, she leans over and starts to kiss me; sticking her tongue deep in my mouth. Moaning and deciding to just go with it, I reach over and start to play with her huge tits; rubbing both nipples between my fingers before pinching them hard, causing her to cry out a little bit. Behind me, I hear you tell me to slide off your cock and get all fours. While I do that, she does the same putting her pussy right in my face. Unable to resist, I slide my fingers between her wet pussy lips, spreading them wide before sticking my tongue deep inside her. She moans very loudly not only because of my tongue buried deep in her sweet pussy but because she’s got her mouth wrapped around her friend’s big hard cock. My face is deep in her pussy and I’m not really paying attention to what you’re doing, when all of the sudden, you slam your cock into my pussy hard and deep; this time making me cry out. You pound into me again and again, while I eat her pussy for all I’m worth. It isn’t long before both I and the other woman are orgasming hard.
Before I even have time to catch my breath, you lie back and tell me to start riding you again. I’m start out slowly, long enough for the other girl to straddle your face. I can tell right when you slide your tongue up her pussy, by the way she’s moaning. To shut her up, I lean over and start to kiss her and play with her nipples again, while I ride your cock. This goes on for a while when I feel someone behind me, playing with my ass. I assume that it’s the girl’s boyfriend, but when I turn around I see that it’s someone else. I’ve never seen him before but I smile at him and continue to fuck you. I can feel him playing around with my ass, fingering it, then leaning down and licking it with his tongue. I know what he’s going to do, before he does it. I brace myself as he starts to put his cock in my ass. It hurts for just a second, but soon I’m begging you both to fuck me hard and deep while I continue to suck and torture the other girl’s nipples.
Once again it’s not long before we’re both cumming again. She slides off your face, but I continue to get fucked in both of my holes. I’m screaming at both of you to fuck me harder, to make me cum again and again. I know you’re not ready to cum yet, but I can tell the guy behind me is close, soon I can feel him shoot his hot cum up my ass. Before I can even catch my breath you tell me to get off. Right away you turn to the other girl, who by now is fucking her boyfriend. I watch as you slide up behind her and stick your cock in her ass. I lay there, wondering what will happen next.
I don’t have to wait long as another couple of guys walk into the bedroom. “We hear there is a party going on here,” one of them says. You look over at me and tell them to have at it. One of the guys gets between my legs while the other one straddles my face. I open up as he sticks his cock in my mouth, he pushes down making me gag on it before pulling back to let me catch my breath, soon he’s fucking my face, making me take as much of it as I can; while the other one goes at my pussy.
The guy continues to fuck my face when he pulls out and says, “Beg for it slut.” I beg for it, telling him what a whore I am and that I want a load on my face. He starts to jerk his cock over my face, moaning as he does, “Here it comes,” he says. He shoots all over my face and tongue. I look over and see you watching the cum drip off my face. The other guy is still licking and sucking my pussy when he decides to start fucking it. He makes me straddle him and ride him backwards. While I fuck him, I can watch you fuck the other girl. You’re fucking her ass hard and deep. I can tell you’re about ready to cum as I continue to fuck this other guy’s cock. You pull out and shoot all over her ass before sliding away.
While I’m riding the other guys cock, I notice two more people coming into the room. This time it’s another couple. I know right when I see her, that I want to fuck her. I get off the guy’s cock and lay back on the bed. I look right at her and tell her to come fuck me. She crawls on the bed and we start to 69. I’ve got my face buried in her pussy, licking and sucking her; my tongue shoved all the way into her. Soon her juices are all over my face, when I pull back for a second I notice that all the guys in the room are standing back watching, more than one of them are playing with their cocks, including you. Knowing that all those guys are watching makes me even hornier. She pulls back a little bit, so that she ride my face, making sure to mash her wet pussy against my tongue and lips. I’m surprised when I can feel another person toying with my pussy. They start to play with my clit, rubbing it between their fingers, before pinching it hard, making me scream into the pussy of the girl who is riding my face. Right away I can tell it’s another girl by the way she gently slides her tongue deep into my hot drippy pussy. Shortly, all three of us are squirting hard, leaving us all covered in pussy juice. The girl slides off my face and I can see that a number of the guys in the room are ready to cum. You tell the three of us to lay side by side, with our mouths open. We barely have time to get into position when I feel the first guy start to cum all over us. Soon, there are six different guys shooting cum all over us. I make sure to watch you as you cum all over us, most of which hits my face and tongue. Soon, everyone is spent and starts to leave, you look over at me, cum all over my body and I smile, “I guess this party turned out much better than I expected, we’ll have to do this again next week.”

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3 years ago
so fucking hot!
3 years ago
3 years ago
OMG HOT!!!!! Really wished I could have been there!
3 years ago
Very HOT. Wish you had invited me, too. Thanks for posting.