my first

I smoked weed for the first time with my new neighbor.
He showed me "morphed art" porn he had created that
looked like huge male organs from some photos spliced
onto bodies of women from other photos. The result was
beautiful women sporting thick twelve-inch erections,
with large balls hanging unusually low under them,
wearing garter belts, stockings and high heels. The
photos and the weed gave me a strong erection. He told
me he was the model for the lower half of his pictures
and showed me his large collection of sexy garter belts,
stockings, and high heels.

This guy was into some strange stuff, and I was
hypnotized as he put on stockings, a garter belt, and a
pair of high heels. His organ was quite large, with a
big knob partially covered by his foreskin. I commented
on his "donkey dick" and he began slowly stroking his
foreskin back and forth over his knob. Soon I was
staring at a thick ten-inch erection hanging at a forty-
five degree angle with a mild upwards curve. It looked
huge on a guy who was only 5' 5" tall, and it was what I
had seen in the photos.

His swollen organs would make a porn star jealous, and I
couldn't stop staring at his one-eyed hooded b**st. I
began stroking my dick as I stared, and after only a few
strokes I began spurting wads of warm semen all over his
legs. He was very excited by how fast I'd shot my load,
and I watched in awe as he stroked his foreskin until he
shot a copious load all over my chest, belly and pubic
hair. I knew we would get high and masturbate together

A few days later he dressed me up in a garter belt,
stockings and high heels and made me stroke his
foreskin, while I masturbated with my right hand, which
made me shoot my load quickly. The next week we began
stroking each other's dicks, and he could make me spurt
with only a few strokes. A few weeks later I took his
dripping knob in my mouth while my own cock pointed at
my chin.

I didn't know what I was doing, but managed to make him
spurt so much thick semen down my throat that he made me
choke. A few weeks later I was sucking his dick when he
suddenly flipped me over, spread my legs, and fingered
my asshole with lots of Vaseline. His finger stimulated
me into shooting a huge load all over his bed. A few
days later he tried stimulating my asshole with two
fingers, which made me spurt a load all over his bed in

Finally, after a few months of "harmless fun" together,
one Saturday morning after he had been out of town on
business for a whole week, we got high and our dicks
were throbbing and dripping like never before. He packed
my asshole with lots of Vaseline using two fingers. But
this time he leaned me over his bed and slowly inserted
his big knob.

When he finally had that knob inside me, my dick was
throbbing and pointing at my chin, and my balls were so
swollen and heavy they felt like a pair of summer plums
hanging half way to my knees, stretching my sack like
never before! He grabbed my waist with both hands and
slowly impaled me on his big meat. After just a few
strokes I spurted huge wads of semen all over his bed.
He pulled out and masturbated until he spurted a huge
load on my back.

The next morning he woke me up by sucking my dick as I
looked at new morphed photos he'd made using pictures of
my organs! I shot my load in his mouth very quickly.
Then we smoked a joint and soon he was fucking me with
his big dick as my swollen balls hung low and swayed
wildly between my thighs. He told me my balls were the
biggest lowest hanging balls he's ever seen, and he
loved them! He had reached around my hip to stroke my
dick with a handful of Vaseline, and palmed my swollen
testicles as he fucked me.

So my horny friend with his big donkey dick was on my
back with his feet off the floor fucking my ass,
masturbating me, and feeling up my dangling balls. His
swollen pink knob was stimulating my prostate gland, and
his hands were expertly stroking my dripping penis, and
fondling my swollen balls. I balanced with my right hand
on his bed so I could reach far back under our thighs
with my left hand to fondle his big dangling balls.

He loved that, and began moaning deeply as his big knob
swelled up and stimulated places inside me that I didn't
even know I had. He began fucking me faster, and I
looked down to see my throbbing and dripping erection
pointing at my chin. It was bigger and harder than ever
before, and didn't even look like my own!

In less than a minute of getting my ass reamed by his
big thick meat, I lost control and spurted a wad of
semen on his bed. My tightly clenching and releasing
asshole milked his big organ into spurting his first wad
of semen deep inside my ass. We alternated spurts of
semen until his bed was covered with thick white
puddles, and my ass was filled with his big load. I
collapsed on the semen-covered bed, causing his big meat
to pull out of my cream-pie ass with a plop. I lay on
the bed breathing heavily as semen oozed out of my
tingling asshole and flowed down my thighs.

We now meet after work almost every day, get really
high, and then he sucks my dick, sucks my balls for a
long time, licks my asshole, greases me up with
Vaseline, and makes me suck his dick until it was really
hard. Then he fucks my ass until he makes me spurt huge
wads of semen on the bed. He washes his dick in the
shower and returns to me with that fat donkey dick
pointing its dripping hooded knob at me, and low hanging
swollen balls swaying between his thighs.

I suck his huge uncut dick until he spurts so much
semen down my throat that he leaves me choking. One day
I stopped sucking him, greased up his asshole, and
fucked him until he spurted all over his bed.

I challenge any straight guy out there to look at him
dressed up in stockings, a garter belt and high heels,
with his huge uncut erection dripping fluids and
towering over his big low hanging balls, without getting
a throbbing and dripping erection pointing at your chin,
just from looking.

I bet you will soon start imagining sucking that uncut
beauty, licking under his foreskin, and trying to
swallow his thick warm spurts of semen, or perhaps
choking on his copious load as I always do!

90% (30/3)
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2 years ago
ass fuck me"!!!!
2 years ago
Yeh thats what i want
2 years ago
Mmmmm, ya! I love to cross dress and take a nice hard cock up my ass! Sometimes I take it bareback too. I love a nice big load of wet cum planted deep in my ass!
2 years ago
I think your story is fuckin hot!!!
3 years ago
very good story
3 years ago
Liked it. I give it a full erection.
3 years ago
a nice one, gqve me a hard on, but it promised more