how it all began

If you are a lover of stories that get straight to the
sex I doubt this will interest you. It will take some
time to get to the sex but I hope it will be worth the
wait. This is the true story of my exploration of my bi-
sexual side.

Okay, firstly let me give you a little rundown on me. I
am a 37yo guy, 6 foot 2 inches tall, tightly shaved
head, hairy bodied, heavy build and an average sized 6"
cut cock. I would be considered an attractive guy by
some. I am very open-minded sexually and I have always
been open to trying new things.

I have a long term girlfriend who I adore. However for
some years now I have begun to have wonder about guy on
guy sex. It is hard to explain when this started. I was
never interested in guys as a teenager or in my early
20s for that matter.

But about 10 years ago while watching porn with an ex-
girlfriend I began looking at the cock of the guy on the
screen and wondering what it would be like to touch it,
to feel it harden in my hand. I began to wonder what it
would be like to taste his cock, his pre-cum on my
tongue. Then I wondered what it would be like to feel
his cum in my mouth. My interest grew from there, slowly
at first over the next couple of years.

I began to look more closely at a guys cock whenever I
looked at porn. I started to search the internet for
bisexual porn (MMF) and then for gay porn, two guys,
three guys and then gangbangs. I would wank off watching
guys suck each other off, deep throat each other, ass
fuck each other. I would shoot huge globs of cum all
over myself. I wondered what my cum tasted like and I
would taste just a little to begin with and then I began
to eat my own cum whenever I came.

While my interest in cock began to grow, I still had
girlfriends. And I enjoyed the sex with them but
something kept drawing me back to cock. I started to
give my ass some attention, while wanking I'd begin to
finger my ass. Just a fingertip to begin with, half a
finger, a finger, two fingers. I loved the feeling I got
when I had a finger or two buried to the hilt in my
asshole as my cock leaked pre-cum while I wanked.

About five years ago I found a gay social networking
site and signed up to it. It opened up a whole new world
to me. Now most of the guys on this site are looking to
hook up. Was that something I wanted to do?? I didn't
think so. I enjoyed chatting with guys but didn't have
the guts to take the step and meet any of them. I had a
girlfriend at the time. I didn't want to ruin that. I
had a good job and I didn't want to be outted by anyone.
So for a long time all I did was chat.

I made some good online friends, who I'd chat with and
wank off with as we chatted. I didn't have a cam on my
computer at the time but there were some of the guys I
chatted with who were happy out to show their cocks to
me as I wanked off looking at them and sending them
messages as they wanked.

There were plenty of guys who were looking to hook up
with me but I just couldn't take the step. Online was
safe. Somewhere I could lead a fantasy life and feed my
need for cock. The reality of meeting up with someone
for sex did appeal to me but I just couldn't take the
step and do it. I would feel guilty after shooting a
load and tell myself it was something I could never do.
I'm sure many of you bisexual guys reading this
understand what I mean. For a time I would stay off the
site, avoid chatting with guys etc but I was always
drawn back.

I began to tell myself that I would not meet a guy, I
was happy with simply chatting online with them, having
phone sex with them, camming with them. I went and
bought a cam and took some pictures of myself (obviously
I didn't post face pics and still haven't) and posted
them to the site. I would never say I am happy with my
body but there seemed to be a lot of guys who liked
chubby guys. I began to get more requests to chat
online. After several guys asking me to cam with them I
eventually took the chance with an older English guy I
had chatted with several times.

Paul was a sixty-something guy. He liked heavier guys
and we had hit it off chatting online over a period of a
few months. He was good fun to chat with and as I lived
in Ireland and he in England meeting was never an issue.
We had exchanged pics several times, clothed, partially
clothed, naked pics. He particularly liked my hairy
chest and ass.

I remember being very nervous as I hit the button on
messenger to let him view my cam. He was sitting in a
leather seat fully clothed. I was sitting in my leather
computer chair in jeans and t-shirt. The conversation
was a little strained to begin with but after a few
minutes I began to relax.

My cock was hard in my jeans as we chatted. Maybe 10
minutes into the chat Paul asked me to take off my t-
shirt. I stood up and pulled my t-shirt from my jeans. I
ran my hands up over my stomach to my chest. I knew he
liked my chest and wanted to see me play with my
nipples. I began pinching my nipples through my t-shirt
until they were hard. As I did this I could see Paul
rubbing his cock in his pants. My own cock throbbed and
jumped in my jeans.

I pulled my t-shirt up over my belly and I could hear
Paul moan as I exposed my chest to him. I couldn't
resist squeezing my cock in my jeans as I watched him
stand up and unbutton his shirt. I stood there pinching
and tweaking my nipples as he took off his shirt and
exposed his hairy belly and chest to me.

I unbuckled my jeans and lowered the zipper, exposing my
hard cock in briefs to Paul. I could already feel the
pre-cum beginning to seep out my cock head. I continued
to squeeze my cock in the briefs and Paul opened his
pants and lowered them to the floor.

I turned around and lowered my briefs, exposing my ass
to Paul. I heard a moan from him as I spread my ass
cheeks to give him a view of my virgin asshole. I turned
around to see him standing nude stroking a very hard
thick cock. His cock was definitely 7" long and nice and
thick. We both sat back down in our chairs and began to

As I wanked off Paul kept saying he wished I was
kneeling before him sucking his cock. That's exactly
where I wanted to be that second. I smeared my pre-cum
on my nipples as Paul asked and began to pinch them nice
and hard as he wanted. His cock was like iron as I did
this and I could hear the lust in his voice.

He took his cam and gave me a real close up of his cock
head as he stroked nice and slowly. I could see the pre-
cum seeping from his piss slit as he wanked. I was
getting closer and closer to shooting my load. I began
to wank faster and faster. I could feel my balls tighten
and my load shot out. Glob after glob of cum shot out
straight in to my waiting hand and onto the floor. As my
cum flow stopped Paul's erupted all over the floor in
front of him. His cum was thick and there was a lot of
it. All I wanted right then was his cock in my mouth and
the feel of his cum spewing into my throat.

At Paul's request I brought my hand to my mouth and
began to lick and swallow my cum for him. It made me
feel so slutty doing this. The cum that remained I
smeared all over my nipples. I watched as Paul stroked
the last of the cum from his cock and then he put his
finger into his mouth. I could only wonder what his cum
tasted like as I played with my nipples.

We sat there for several minutes chatting about what we
had just done and agreed it was very horny. We agreed to
repeat the experience again soon and chatted about what
we would like do for each other on cam. Paul wanted to
watch me finger my ass for him as I wanked off and I
began to get horny at the thought of next time already.


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That was sweet!!
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that was a 10