a real cock

The k**s were away with their grandparents for the night and she
would be home soon. I hurried upstairs to get ready. We had spent the
last few weeks experimenting more and more and pushing things further and
tonight was definitely a play night. Several months ago we bought her a
strap-on, and she really enjoyed taking my ass with her ?cock?. Ever since
we discovered how sensitive my ass is I?d been loving nights like this. My
wife is hot, and even after almost 10 years of marriage she just gets
hotter and hotter to me. Telling her how much I enjoyed the vibrator and
toys in my ass was such a turn on, she could see that when she sucked my
hard cock, it was bigger then it had ever been. And just thinking about
sucking her long hard cock had me oozing. I would get harder just telling
her how much I wanted a cock, a real cock in my mouth. She always sad she
couldn?t dot hat and toys would have to do but I still fantasized about my
wife feeding me a hard cock then fucking my ass while I sucked it. I wanted
to feel the smooth hard cock sliding in and out of my mouth and the biggest
turn on was that my beautiful wife was the one who was giving it to me!
I ran upstairs, dimmed the lights and got in the shower. I toweled
off and got our toy box out. Tonight she would come home to find me naked
on our king sized bed with a 5? vibrating plug in my ass. I?d pick out a
porn movie for the DVD player, my preference is usually a Bi threesome with
a guy sucking cock while he get?s his ass fucked. I loved watching him
take a long hard cock in his mouth?dreaming one day I?d be lucky enough to
be sucking a guys cock while my wife fucked me in the ass!!!
The porn was playing and I laid back on the bed naked. A glob of
lube placed on the end of the plug then rubbed all over it. This plug
required some work to get in but it was so worth it. I slide it in, a
little at a time, nice and gentle. I turned on the vibrator and I began to
ooze pre-cum. My cock was hard but not nearly as hard as it would be once
she came home. I watched the porn and sent a few text messages to my wife.

Me: ?Plug is in?feels so good?
Her: ?good baby?be home soon?
Me: ?can?t wait, everything is ready?
Her: ?mmmmm good?
Me: ?Stroking my cock, can?t wait to suck yours!!!?
Her: ?You will, turning in now?

She walked into the bedroom and my cock immediately got harder when I
saw her. She walked over to me and felt my cock then pushed the plug a
little deeper. She smiled her approval and said she?d be right back. She
turned and walked into our bathroom and began to ?prep?. I continued to
watch two hot guys suck each other?s cocks. While a woman with a large
strap on took one of the guys? asses.
The shower turned off and a few minutes later she came out of the
bathroom. She was wearing knee high boots and a fishnet body stocking with
her strap-on harness holding her cock in place. She asked me what I wanted
and I told her I needed her cock. I wanted to suck her long hard cock.
She positioned herself so that her cock would slide easily into my mouth
and I gladly took it as deep as I could. She was stroking my cock and
making me suck hers. ?Suck it baby, show me how much you love sucking my
cock?, she said. I gladly did as I was told. ?You?re such a good cock
sucker?, she told me. I took her cock as deep as I could, licking the
shaft and playing with the balls. She would stroke my cock and
occasionally push the plug in deeper. Her hand on my cock and her cock in
my mouth along with the vibrations o the plug was an amazing feeling.
Every once in a while she would see the pre-cum oozing and she would get it
on her finger then slip he finger in my mouth telling me to taste my cum.
I did and loved it!!!
I was so ready for her to take my ass. I moved to the edge of the
bed, preparing for her to take me while I was on my back so she could
stroke my cock and look right into my eyes as she fucked me and see the
pleasure on my face but instead she told me to get on my knees. My back
was to the bed and she was standing there holding her cock. She wanted to
be sucked more! I gladly got on my knees. I took her cock in my mouth
again and sucked her good. She mad me stop and told me that she didn?t
think I was getting all I wanted out of her cock. She asked me, ?Do you
really wanted to suck a man?s cock?? I did so I told her, ?yes?. She
smiled and said, ?good?. And just then someone walked into our bedroom. I
was kind of surprised but I had always suspected that he was bi and would
certainly be up for a threesome. I was harder then ever!! He laid down on
the bed and she told me to suck his cock. It felt so good finally taking a
man?s cock in my mouth. She moved me into position and as I sucked his
cock she got her cock lubed up and slipped it into my ass. She fucked me
as I sucked and the harder I sucked the harder she fucked me! I was in
heaven. She was sliding her cock in and out of my ass and I was licking
every inch of his cock. Finally, I felt his balls tighten and he shot a
hot load in my mouth. I swallowed every drop. She pulled the cock out of
my ass, took it off and climbed onto my cock and rode it. It didn?t take
me long to cum and fill her pussy up. She pulled off my cock and put her
pussy on my face and I licked her until she came.

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2 years ago
great story!
3 years ago
You have a HOT wife!
3 years ago
Hot story! And such an understanding wife.
3 years ago
Mmmm, so. . ..Mmmm!!!
3 years ago
very hot sexy story hope theres more to cum lol