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I pull into my drive way at a little past seven on Christmas Eve night. My day at the office was horrific and all I wanted was to get home. Earlier today I got a call from my girlfriend telling me she got a special gift for me and that she'd have it for me tonight. When I pushed for a hint, she told me I'd have to wait and see for myself.

So I am finally home. Finally in my drive way, looking at my front door, wondering just what exactly she has in store for me. I crack open the car door and step out into the cold night air. I rush to the front door and before I can grab the knob, Victoria has it open wearing only a pair of blue jeans.

It isn't odd to see a sight like this. More often than not Victoria will open the door to me dressed in a different way and usually half naked. She has done this for the last four years, since we met midway through college. Instantly, I toss my bag into the house and scoop her up.

Our lips meet and she kisses me hard as I carry her into the house. We continue kissing all the way to the to the living room, in front of the Christmas tree. I slide my hand up and down her ribs. She grabs my hand pulling me to the floor and places it on her breast. She has a handful that are firm and round with a nice little, hard nipple.

I squeeze and rub her breast, pinching that little, hard nipple occasionally as she moans into my mouth. Her hands are all over me, groping and rubbing me roughly, while I begin to wonder what my surprise is. The Victoria really surprises me as she shoves her hand down the back of my pants and starts rubbing my ass. She squeezes my ass cheeks for a few minutes then slides her hand between my ass cheeks before sticking her finger as far as she can into my asshole.

I grunt into her mouth and try to struggle a little, but she doesn't slow down and if anything she becomes more excited. As she eagerly finger fucks my ass, she continues rubbing her body against me and thrusting her tongue into my mouth. Finally, after a few minutes, she pulls her finger out of me and breaks the kiss and says, "Get your clothes off."

I quickly shed my clothes as she slides out of her jeans. She kept her panties on, which at first I think is odd, but I didn't have much time to think as she jumped on me, tackling me to the ground.

Her tongue is back in my mouth and her body is pressed against mine. She is grinding her firm breasts against my chest as she thrust around in my mouth with her tongue. I know she is horny, probably as much as me. We haven't had sex for a few months because as I remember now, she had a special gift for me at Christmas. I don't know why I didn't think of it before, but she told me about it months ago. I start to wonder if this has something to do with it.

After a couple of minutes she breaks the kiss and breathlessly says, "Wrap your legs around me."

I spread my legs and hook them around her hips, squeezing tightly. Victoria's mouth is back over mine and her tongue is working in and out between my lips as she thrusts against my ass. I can almost feel something hard through her panties. A few seconds later she stops thrusting and reaches down to her panties to tug at them. The whole time she continues to kiss me and rub against me. Seconds later my asshole is being f***ed open as she pushes something big and slippery inside me.

I groan in pain as my ass is f***ed to stretch further and further to accommodate what Victoria is pushing into me. We have done this several times and my first thoughts are that the surprise is a strap-on. She knows how I like something on my and we have talked about this before.

Finally, when my ass is stretched open far enough and I can feel the shaft of the strap-on begin to slide into me. My groans are muffled by Victoria's mouth as are her own moans of pleasure. As I start to think it odd that she is moaning, she stops pushing into me and pulls her mouth away from mine. We are both breathing hard, her from excitement and me from the sudden intrusion. Her face is close to mine as she says with a smile, "I had a sex change for you. Merry Christmas!"

I smile at her and ask, "A full one?"
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what a
chrismas Present
3 years ago
Wow what a christmas present thanks