My neighbor's wife's BBC

I was raised out in the country in Central Texas and enjoyed exploring the woods, hunting and fishing. I remember one time being on my neighbors place which was heavily wooded with mesquite trees. As I was hunting I heard some noises and went to investigate. As I got closer, I could tell that they were of two people having a fun time.

I was wearing camo clothing so I could easily sneak up on them but it would not have mattered if I had been wearing flashing lights and bells, the two were totally absorbed in each other. From a distance I could see a woman in a white dress and another person in dark clothing. As I got closer, I noticed that the man was not wearing any clothing and he was black! In fact, he was one of the older boys in school whom we called HorseLee. I could now see why the name as his big dick was swaying in the air and the woman was laughing and touching it and telling him to swing it up and down!

I moved to within 10 yards of the pen behind the barn and just relaxed and let my dick grow hard! Soon the woman, who was small in stature and about 33 yo, kneeled down and started sucking his dick! I could see her hands move around and hold his black ass. I could not see her exactly but by the way her hands held his butt and the way he moved his hips to and fro, I knew she was sucking that large black cock!

After about 5 minutes he grabbed her arms and pulled her up and removed her dress and let it fall to the ground. She was very white and he, very black and they kissed and he lifted her up to his face and she wrapped her legs around his waste. He then moved to barrel and sat down with her on top and in line for me to have a great view of that black dick entering her white pussy. She giggled and moaned as she slide her ass down on his horse sized dick. His big black hands were on her butt lifting it almost off his dick and then pounding her ass down to the root of his dick. Wow! What a view. He fucked her deep and hard for about 15 minutes until I heard him groan and he cummed deep inside of her pussy. I could see the cum around her pussy and all over his dick as he still pumped her slowly. It was frothy and running off his balls! She giggled and they sat there for a couple of minutes as she slowly moved her pussy on his dick which never got soft. Then he grabbed her butt again and off they went. Him raising her up to where the head of his dick was almost out and then down hard to his balls. Oh was she moaning and saying to him to not stop.

They fucked for like hours until he cummed again deep inside of her. After a few minutes, his big black dick plopped out of her and she laughed and they got their clothes and dressed and went towards the house. She told him thanks and to cum back next Saturday afternoon as her husband would be gone again.

I enjoyed watching them many times more. They fucked in the middle of the back yard, on the back porch, on the tractor, and all in the woods. She loved his big black dick and told him many times and he said that he loved giving it to her. I agree!
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3 years ago
Cool story! Thanks
3 years ago
very good