Mary's first black dick

True story.
My gf Mary and I had several sexual encounters with other men and having sex in public and I had asked her if she would like to fuck a black man and she said that there was one she would be interested in. He was an Army recruiter to the school she taught at. He was 6'3" and muscular and very polite. I asked her if she would mind if I called him and she eagerly said no and gave me his number.

I called Sarge and told him about Mary and gave him the option of either looking further into getting to know her better or dropping it all together and he thanked me. A week went by until he called Mary and made small talk verifying what I had told him. Mary was very excited about it and told me that they had made a date for that weekend. I would await the details 500 miles away in another part of the state.

Mary told me she was wet to the max waiting for Sarge to arrive. They made small talk on the couch and had a drink or too to set the stage. There was a deck of cards on the table and he suggested they play cards and Mary mentioned strip poker! Sarge agreed laughing! Mary told me she quickly lost to be naked for him as she did not want to waste a second being with this big, dark, well endowed black man. After removing her panties she crawled into his lap and kissed him as his big hands explored her tiny, firm butt before working their way into her wet pussy and little asshole. She said she was moaning on the verge of cumming when he suggested he get completely naked as well.

Mary could not believe the length and width of his black dick! She has had many big white dicks but this one was very think and long and very dark. She could not hold her excitement as she led him to the bedroom as she watched his big dick sway as he walked.

Once in the bedroom she laid him on his back and started licking and sucking on his massive black dick and balls. She said she could barely get his head into her mouth and hoped he would fit in her stretchable pussy! He moved her around to where they were 69 ing and came several times as his tongue found the depths of her pussy and asshole. She then moved onto him and slid that monster deep into her pussy. It took several up and downs before she felt his hairy mound meet hers. She moved slowly up and down that black pole for awhile until he grabbed her butt cheeks and took over. She said he pounded all the way up into her pussy and then pull the head almost out and then thrust all the way up into her cumming pussy! She said she lost count of the times she came but remembered when he shot his first big load deep in her pussy. She could feel his large dick get harder and thicker and he pumped her harder and faster and finally moaned as he thrust deep inside her pussy. His dick did not go soft and he slowly turned her over and fucked her missionary style for the next session. She said she just held on tightly as he ravaged her little white pussy. The cum from the first fuck was everywhere she said and several times he had her lick and suck it off his dick. He came his second time on top and then pulled out and made Mary suck him again until hard.

The third time he bent her over and fucked her doggy style. She said he fucked her like a machine! Hard, deep, and non stop. He fucked her for 5 hours and came in her 6 times. He asked to spend the night and she let him. While he was in the shower she called me and gave me these details. She was so exhausted but very satisfied. So was I as I jacked off during her retelling of what happened!

Found out the next day that he spent the night and fucked her before he left. Before he was shipped out to another job, he stopped by and fucked her several more times! She misses him to this day!
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