Late night invaders...

Part 5 – After party ‘invaders’.

It had been a great night. Debs and her husband had been out since seven and it was now two in the morning. The taxi drove up the driveway to their house. Her husband had driven to town but as he had since consumed large amounts of alcohol, so had Debs for that matter, they decided to leave the car and take a cab back home.
It pulled up opposite the front door and stopped. ‘Seven pounds and 20 pence, please’ asked the driver, his hand raised, palm flat poised inches away from her husbands right arm. ‘Thanks mate…keep the change..’ He handed the driver a ten pound note and fumbled to find the catch on the door. ‘Cheers’ replied the driver, smiling and placing the money into his pocket. Her husband opened the door and stumbled out onto the drive, stood up and closed the door behind him. He then went to the rear passenger door and swung it open. ‘Madam’ he said as he bowed slightly, his hand swayed from the car to the house door. Debs swung her legs from inside the car, her bare feet making contact with the brick drive way. She had taken her shoes off as she had entered the taxi and it didn’t seem worth putting them back on again, it was only a short walk to the house. Her husband offered his hand into the car, Debs responded, her hand gently falling into his, grasping firmly as she raised herself out or the car. Her husband closed the door behind her and the car set off. They both made their way to the front door, Debs reached inside her little black clutch bag, pulled out the key and handed it to her husband. He took it and held it aloft as if he had just drawn Excalibur from the stone and he then proceeded to unlock and open the door. Once inside he turned the hallway light on, turned and relocked the door. ‘Right then..’ he said ‘…get upstairs, I want some of that!’ slapping Debs hard on her bottom. Debs giggled, threw her shoes down and started running upstairs, her husband removed his shoes and began up the stairs close on her heels.
He caught her at the top of the stair, just outside their bedroom. They embraced and kissed passionately, tongues twisting and entwining. Debs felt her nipples harden and the familiar feeling of arousal down below. Her hand slid down the front of her husbands trousers, it was met with a firmness that she knew all too well. Sex after a few drinks was always the best, relaxed, wild and more fun. She began rubbing the mound, her husband groaned from the attention, he responded by breaking their kiss and moving his mouth down to her neck where he resumed the kissing, his hands were roaming all over her, one cam round to her front, massaging her breasts in turn, and then slowly downwards to her mound. The fingers on his hand circled, tracing over the lips and up and down between them. Her dress was becoming wet from his actions, he could feel her wetness coming through it as he continued with his actions. Debs threw her head back, moaning as she did so, she was enjoying the feelings the fabric of her dress was giving her as it was pushed between her outer lips and onto her clitoris. They broke their embrace, Debs looked her husband in the eyes, backed into the bedroom door, opening it as she did so and raising her hand and gesturing with her finger for him to follow her.
In the bedroom Debs took over. She approached her husband, and started to undo his bow tie. It had been a ‘black tie’ affair and both of them had dressed up accordingly. He had on his matching dinner jacket and trousers, with a crisp white, short collared shirt, with straight pleats down the front. A black silk cummerbund and black silk bow tie, with black socks and shiny black shoes. Debs had gone for simple elegance, a long black evening dress, velvet to the touch. It had two straps, they started from above each breast and went up either side of her neck and fastened at the back. It hugged her every curve, her breasts, her hips and her bottom. As the dress was so tight she didn’t bother with any underwear, why spoil the smooth lines with bulging bra straps or god forbid…VPL! She had finished the outfit with black high heels and a small black diamante handbag.
The tie cam off, she then began to slowly unbutton his shirt, once the final button had been undone she tugged at the shirt hem, releasing out of the cummerbund and his trousers. Her husband tossed his shift onto the bedroom floor, undoing his cummerbund and throwing that to join it quickly afterwards. Debs hands went up to his face, stroking it gently then she dragged her hands down his chest until they reached the trouser button. In one swift movement she undid it and then slowly lowered the zip, his trouser tops slowly widening as she did so. The zip at the bottom, his trousers fell to his ankles, he removed them along with his socks and then stood erect and in nothing but his black silk boxers. Debs fell to her knees, her hands slid up his legs from his feet into his boxers which were already tenting towards her, a small darkened patch visible where her actions earlier had caused a little pre cum to appear. Her hands began to roam underneath the silky fabric, stroking his smooth firm arse and then coming back round to the front. One hand went in between his legs searching for his hairy ball sack. As soon as contact was made, his penis jerked and popped out through the front opening of his boxers, level with Debs mouth. She laughed and then with the tip of her tongue began licking around the head of her husband’s penis. She could taste the sweet taste of the pre cum and began licking faster, her other hand pulling gently downwards on his balls. Her husband was struggling to remain standing, his wife’s actions were making his legs tremble, he loved her blowjobs they were the best and he loved having his balls played with at the same time, bliss!
He took a step back to break from her attentions, causing Debs to fall forward onto all fours. ‘This is not fair…’ he said, ‘..I’m naked …and you …you’re still dressed…’ ‘Ok then…’ replied Debs rising to her feet ‘…I’ll join you…’ With that she raised her hands up behind her head, unfastened her dress and then, with a strap in each hand, slowly pulled them down the front of her body. They peeled slowly over her firm mounds, her nipples popping up as the fabric fell lower. Her hands dropped the straps and went behind her back to work the small zip that ran from the middle of her back to hips. As the zip opened the dress fell further, resting for a moment on her hips. Her husband stood looking, his cock hard full with bl**d, pulsating, the veins clearly visible. He removed his boxers and preparing himself for what was to come. Debs shook her hips and the dress fell to the floor, leaving her standing there naked except for her gold necklace, with the diamond drop resting at the top of her cleavage. She was standing with her hands at her sides, her feet together with her left knee slightly bent…the perfect pose. He husband just stood looking at her as if she was the most beautiful thing he had ever seen. His eyes went from her face, ,to her shoulders, to her chest, to her tummy, to her neatly trimmed bush and to her lovely long legs. He moved closer, taking her in his arms, making as much skin contact as possible. Debs raised her leg and hooked it behind his calf. His left hand came down from her shoulder, gliding down her back, over her buttocks to the top of her thigh, he moved it further round her smooth buttock until the tips of his fingers reached the warmth of her sex. His fingers brushed gently backwards and forwards up and down her opening. Debs sighed, involuntarily relaxing in her husband’s hold. His fingers kept up their movement, he could feel her juices start to flow allowing him easy access into her inner lips. Debs hand went down to stroke her husbands manhood that was pressed into the side of her other leg, her fingers wrapped around it, just below the helmet and began to gently stroke backwards, pulling his foreskin back exposing his its purple head and then forwards. More of the pre cum oozed from the end, with her finger she circled it all around, covering as much of him as she could and then continued with her gentle backwards and forwards movements. They continued their mutual masturbation, kissing passionately as they did so. Their arousal levels were growing more and more and the sense of anticipation rising. Debs gave a shudder, an orgasm ran through her body, not a mind blowing fuck me kind, but a gentle ripple of pleasure reaching every part of her. Her husband sensed it, leant into her and they fell onto their bed. He slowly moved down Debs body, giving little kisses on her face and neck as he did so. He paused at her breasts, his left hand gently massaging b**st and tweaking her left nipple while his mouth engulfed the right nipple, his tongue tracing the shape of the areola, occasionally flicking across the centre. This was driving Debs wild, she felt her pussy began to warm with the increased bl**d supply. Her lips gently opening and she became more an more aroused. Her husband lifted his head slightly, letting the nipple drop from his mouth, he gave a gentle blow and as the cooler air crossed the tip, the areola wrinkled and the nipple rose, large and hard, as if standing to attention. ‘I love that..’ he said and then resumed his kissing of it. His teeth gently closing around it and his tongue dancing over the end. He then proceeded further down her body, planting small kisses again on any part of her body he met. When he reached the top of her pubic hair he repositioned himself so he was kneeling on the bedroom floor in between her legs. Debs raised her legs and placed them on his shoulders. Her husband took a deep breath, smelling her sex. He started moving his tongue gently across her now swollen clitoris. The roughness of his tongue sending tingles from her loins up to her breasts and then to her head. Debs was beginning to feel another orgasm approaching, this time it was going to be a big one. She clasped her knees with her hands and raised them towards her body, bearing down as if trying to push the orgasm out. Her husband kept on licking whilst placing a finger inside her. It slid easily inside with all the lubrication Debs was providing, he then offered another and then another until he had three fingers buried deep inside his wife. He swirled and twisted them around in side while his tongue began to move rapidly and firmly across her bud. Debbie’s breathing was increasing more and more in pace, she felt her stomach muscles tighten as her husband continued fingering and licking her. She moved her hands from her legs onto her breasts and began kneading them, massaging and pushing them together, occasionally tweaking the nipples. It was close now, she could feel her husband’s fingers inside as the walls of her pussy clenched and then released, clenched and then released. With each clench ame a small squirt of her juices, lubricating his hand and his tongue. He increased the speed and pressure of his licking as he sensed his wife’s imminent explosion. ‘AAAAAAAAAGGHHHHHH!’ screamed Debs as the first spike of the orgasm struck her, ‘Fuck….fuck……fuck……’ she repeated as each subsequent pleasure wave ripped through her body…her husband stopped his licking and instead sucked hard on her clitoris, causing it to swell in his mouth. Whilst holding it there he resumed his licking. Debs was thrashing her arms and hands on the bed, riding the orgasm, taking everything it had to offer. Eventually it the feelings subsided, not disappear, just calmed a little. Her husband released his mouth from her gentials. They were ruby red and swollen. Her lips were open and very wet. He watched as Debs calmed down and saw the walls of her vagina contracting every few seconds, closing and then opening again, her juices running from her. He resumed his position between her legs, stuck out his tongue, the tip just below her opening and then proceeded to lick upwards to her clit. As he reached her opening, his tongue delved inside, reappearing again covered in her juices. He hit the clit and Debs jerked and let out a little moan. He continued moving up onto her, his hands sliding up on the bed either side of her spent body. When he was level with her face she lifted her head towards him, he lowered his to her and they kissed. Debs could taste her own juices as their tongues entwined again. She then hooked both legs around her man and pulled him inwards to her. Her pussy opening, as if inviting him in. She felt him nudge at her wet entrance and pulled her legs in sharply causing his full length to slip inside. She could feel his ball sack on her arse and pressure on her clitoris from his body. He felt good inside, filling her. Her pussy walls clamped onto him, he was hers now. He began to withdraw until he was only just in and then rammed his cock back into her, taking her breath away. He repeated this again, and again. When he was deep inside her Debs, raised her right hip causing him to fall onto side. She followed him and kept on rolling until she was sat straddling him, his cock still buried inside her. Debs moved her hips backwards and forwards grinding down onto him. She could feel him touching every part inside her as she was treated another orgasm, this time not as intense but instead more continuous gentle feeling of ecstasy. She continued riding him, his eyes were open looking at Debs, her head was tossed backwards as she enjoyed the feelings she was having. She then brought her head forward, looked her husband in the eyes, gave a wicked smile and raised herself onto her feet so she was now squatting with his cock still inside her. She lifted herself up until he was just outside her, then lowered herself enough to just cover his bell end. She repeated her movements, not letting it slip any further in than an inch or two. Her husband leant forward, his arms pulling down on her shoulders trying to get her to go deep but Debs resisted. This was driving him wild, the feelings were so intense, pain and yet pleasure at the same time. She grabbed his wrists and f***ed them down onto the bed either side of his head. She kept on riding him, enjoying the feelings this position was giving her. Faster and faster…She felt him starting to tense his arms stiffened, his legs stiffened and then his cock stiffened and Debs felt the first spurt of his hot cum hit the inside walls of her pussy. She kept going, it was her husband’s turn to be writhing on the bed this time. Then she stopped and dropped back onto his rod. She felt spurt after spurt shoot deep inside giving her a warm feeling contented feeling. Her pussy was tingling again and with a few more grinds of her body onto his she had her fourth orgasm of the night. She fell forwards, her breasts onto her husband’s chest, their faces together. They kissed again and fell asl**p.

Debs was awoken by a strange sound from downstairs. She was now lying on ‘her’ side of the bed and her husband on the other. She sat up, resting on the head of the bed and listened. It sounded like cupboard doors being opened and closed and then she heard what she thought were voices. She leant towards her husband ‘wake up..I think we’ve got burglars ‘ She nudged him with her hands, rocking him slightly. He mumbled and turned over. She tried again ‘Wake up’ nudging him. Still no movement. ‘Typical’ she thought climbing out of bed. She made her way over to the door and took the white towelling dressing gown down from the hook. She put it on, wrapping and fastening the belt around her in a simple bow. She went out on to the landing, and stood at the top of the stairs listening. She heard more noises and this time definitely voices. Her heart began to beat, adrenalin pumping through her body. As she slowly walked down the stairs she could feel the wetness between her legs from their earlier antics and a trickle of cum ran from her pussy down the inside of her thigh. Step by step Debs proceeded to descend the stairs, her legs shaking with nervousness. When she reached the bottom she stopped, everywhere was in darkness, all she could see was a small shaft of light coming from under the study door. She approached even more cautiously now, her throat dry with fear. As she approached the door, the she could make out voices more clearly. They sounded like two men, late twenties, early thirties she guessed. She didn’t know why but she decided she was going to confront them, it was her house and she wasn’t having two strangers help themselves to all the things she and her husband had worked hard for. She grasped the door handle and f***efully pushed it down and entered the room. ‘What the bl**dy hell do you think you’re doing?!’ she exclaimed staring one young man straight in the eyes. He jumped and turned for the open window behind him. Debs could only see him, so where was the other voice from? The next thing she felt was a soft warm palm of a hand cover her mouth. “We’re doing whatever we want to’ said the voice from behind her, it was the other voice, he had been behind the door as she entered. He brought his other hand up around Debs waist, walked forward and kicked the door shut behind him. His partner stopped his retreat and turned to face Debs. She was stood between the two men, held by one, being looked at by the other. The man behind her said ‘If you promise not to scream, I’ll take my hand away’…Debs nodded, she decided it better to be in a position talk to these two men rather be their hostage..his hand dropped from her mouth… ‘Don’t hurt me..’ pleaded Debs ’…take whatever you want ‘. Her bravery had disappeared and she was beginning to feel more afraid. ‘Whatever we!’ answered the man looking at her ’Well….how about YOU!’ and with that he grabbed her robe and dragged it down over her shoulders exposing her breasts. ‘Very nice’ said the man holding her ‘Very nice indeed’ ‘Please don’t…’ started Debs but she was interrupted ‘Don’t worry love, we’re not a****ls, but we wouldn’t mind a bit of fun with you’ ‘But …. But …but……my husband…’ answered Debs ‘Well….you join in our fun and your old man won’t get hurt….’ Said the man in front of her ‘that’s a fair deal isn’t it…Dave?!’ The man holding her nodded. ‘Sound’s good to me Pete’. Debs’ mind was reeling…’could she do things….with these two complete strangers…if she didn’t then her husband would be hurt…if she did and he found out then he would be devastated….’ Her captor released his arm from around her stomach. She stepped forward…forgetting her breasts still free of the robe, her nipples hardening with the cooler air…She looked at two men in front of her. They weren’t your typical burglar types, dressed smartly and both very handsome. Dave had a fair complexion, short brown hair, green eyes and a baby-like face. Debs figured he wasn’t much over twenty. Peter was older, around thirty five, thick dark hair, blue eyes, with a bit more of a rugged look. Both were dressed in well fitting jeans, each with a slight bulge showing in the groin area. Dave had a simple white t-shirt on, tight fitting showing off his toned body, whilst Dave had a black polo shirt, quite a loose fit, the three buttons undone, exposing the top of his chest, where a few hairs were showing.
‘Ok .. then’ said Debs after a long pause….’but no fucking….’ ‘Fair enough’ replied Dave, ‘Fine by me’ added Pete. ‘What do you want me to do then?’ she asked. ‘Well, you could sort this out for a start’ offered Dave, unbuttoning his jeans and letting them fall to the floor. Debs looked down towards his groin, she saw he had no underwear and there was now a very large erect cock pointing up back at her. ‘Mmmmmmm’ thought Debs to herself, it was a lovely sight and then she reminded herself that she was only doing this so that her husband wasn’t hurt and that she wasn’t supposed to be enjoying it. She crouched down in front of it and started to gently stroke it with her hands. It was at least eight inches long and nice and thick. She pulled back the foreskin to reveal the shiny helmet. It was clean and as she peeled the skin back the eye closed and a drop of pre cum was f***ed out. She licked it without thinking, her tongue sliding from the underside of Dave’s cock, up and over the eye. ‘Aaaah’ sighed Dave, ‘That’s good’ Debs quickly withdrew her tongue and concentrated on her hand movements, ‘I’m not going to enjoy myself….I’m doing this for my husband’ she thought but her body was uncontrollably reacting regardless of how much she told herself it shouldn’t. She felt a warmth down below and her mind was beginning to overdrive with images of her riding this cock and her having an incredible orgasm. Her mouth opened and she engulfed the length of cock in front of her. Her tongue ran on the underside of the hardness, side to side over the frenulum, as she drew back she let her teeth gently sc**** across the top of his bell end. She continued to pull back until only it’s eye was resting on the edge of her teeth. She gently poked her tongue at it, sliding left and right acroos the opening. This was causing Dave’s legs to tremble ‘Oh Christ….that’s amazing’ he mumbled…..just when he couldn’t take anymore Debs took it all back inside her mouth until her nose was touching his pubic hair. She loved the feel of a hard cock in her mouth, filling it up. She began to move her head backwards and forwards sucking and licking as she went. She raised her hands and started to play with his heavy balls, gently pulling each of his balls downwards and then rolling them between her fingers. As she continued she became aware of her own arousal and the wetness that she could feel between her legs. Just then she felt a couple of fingers starting to explore her sex. They were Pete’s of course, gently sliding across her wet lips, Debs shuddered as he reached her clit. ‘Hey Dave..’ Pete beckoned ‘…she’s wet through; I think she’s enjoying you!’ ‘I’m fucking enjoying her!’ replied Dave, ‘If she keeps this up I’m gonna….’ his voice drifted away and Debs stopped her bobbing movements, instead replacing her mouth with her hand and wanking his cock, the tip still touching her lips. Pete was right, she was enjoying this, she knew she shouldn’t be but she couldn’t help the feelings that she had inside, especially as Pete continued gently stroking her pussy and clit. Debs felt Dave stiffen and his balls retract up into his body…she knew he was close to cumming so she increased the speed of her hand as it went back and forth, up and down his length. ‘Aaaaaaaahhhhhh!’ exclaimed Dave as a torrent of cum erupted from his cock, hit Debs and exploded across her lips and face. Debs quickly began lapping at the cock as jet after jet of white warm cum shot out at her. She then took into her mouth and gently sucked, until she had captured every last drop. When she felt his cock go limp, she licked it all around and then over the eye and then released it letting fall back onto his balls. ‘Mmmmmm’ the sound was involuntary as Debs pulled away licking around her lips capturing the cum that had first landed on her face. Pete gently eased Debs back so she was lying on the floor, her robe fell open as her raised her knees exposing her moist pussy lips to the two men. Pete moved forward so his head was between her legs, her legs gently fell open, allowing him full access to her sex. He lowered his head and began to gently lick her. Debs started to moan as Pete’s tongue lapped up the juices that had escaped from inside, his tongue opening her lips further. The flat of his tongue softly rubbing her hard clit. Debs tried not to enjoy it and pretend to be immune to his actions but she couldn’t. She could feel her heart beating faster as Pete began flicking her clit from side to side. Her hands wnet down to her pussy and pulled her lips gently upwards and outwards, offering him as much of her as she could. Her button now hard and being f***ed onto her pubic bone with every touch of his tongue causing little electric shocks to run through her body. She felt a warmth mouth engulf on of her nipples, it was Dave, he was kneeling beside her, his cock now hard again. His hand went o the other breasts and began massaging it, gently tugging and squeezing the nipple. Debs was in ecstasy, her breathing was becoming more impatient, she was arching her back trying to f***e more of her pussy into Pete’s mouth. Pete kept on licking and flicking, whilst with his fingers started to explore her pussy…stroking inside and moving in and out. Debs legs started to tremble as both men continued giving her attention. Peter’s fingers started moving in and out faster and faster at the same time as he started to flick her clit faster with his tongue. This was all Debs needed….’Ohhhhhhhhh…aaaaaaarrggghhhhhhhhh’ Debs was coming, coming hard, hard and fast. Pete felt her pussy contracting around his fingers as they entered her. In…out…in…out….fucking her with his fingers. Debs body went rigid as another shock wave washed through her…from her head, down her chest, to the tip of her breasts, down and over her stomach, through her pussy, down her legs and to her toes. She held on to the feelings as long as she could before her body relaxed and collapsed onto the floor. Dave stopped caressing her breasts, Pete slowed his actions, removing his finger from her and just softly circling her clit with his tongue. ‘Christ that was good!’ she exclaimed looking at Pete’s head between her legs. He stopped what he was doing, raised his head and looked straight back at her. Debs mouth moved and she mouthed the words ‘FUCK ME’ to Pete. In her head, not saying it out loud made it more acceptable given the circumstances. Pete stood up and removed his clothes, throwing them to one side. Debs looked up, as this young man’s naked, toned body, his cock standing out in front of him. It was a little longer than Dave’s but about the same girth. Debs smiled, turned onto all fours, her robe slipping off her shoulders and onto the floor as she did, lowered her head onto her arms, offering up her beautiful smooth arse and pussy. Pete knelt back down; her pussy lips were red and open, inviting him inside. He inched forward, his cock finding the warmth of the entrance to her pussy. He rocked slowly backwards and forwards only entering her an inch or so and then withdrawing. This was making Debs squirm, it felt good, she tried to push backwards onto his length but Pete move further backwards continuing to tease her. Then, in one deft movement he thrust into her. Debs gasped as his cock speared into her, filling her up inside. Pete then drew out until only the tip of his cock was still inside her, then straight back in again upto the hilt. He repeated this again ad again whilst Debs pushed her buttocks back to ensure maximum penetration, each thrust taking her breath away. She raised herself up onto her hands and was greeted to Dave’s hard cock in front of her face. She opened her mouth and greedily took it inside, each of Pete’s thrusts causing her to take it to the back of her throat. She f***ed her pussy backwards, holding Pete deep inside, allowing her to play with Dave’s cock more. Licking around the end, underneath and down the shaft, taking each of his hairy balls into her mouth, massaging it with her mouth before moving to the next one and then back to the head of his cock and then taking it back inside her mouth. Pete was still inside her, he’d now moved back a little further to allow him to move in and out again. His hands cam up on Debs arse cheeks, holding and pushing them apart, causing her pussy to rise and open more, giving Debs more of a feeling than before. With a free hand Debs reached backwards between her legs until she felt the wet, warm shaft sliding in and out of her. Her fingers curled to hold it tight, Pete pulled out further to allow her to wank the end of his cock before sliding back inside her. Debs reached under his cock, finding his balls, she started holding them, tugging them with each of Pete’s thrusts. She felt the cock in her mouth harden, this time she wanted it all, she locked her lips around his shaft as he pumped his hot seed into her mouth. She swallowed it all, when he’d finished pulled his cock out of her mouth, knelt down and kissed Debs, his tongue sliding inside her mouth, tasting his own cum on her lips and in her mouth. Pete kept on pumping into her, now concentrating on achieving his own orgasm. Debs broke her kiss with Dave, sensing her orgasm approaching and the increased intensity of Pete’s actions. She went back to forcing her self onto his shaft, each thrust causing a little tingle deep inside. She felt Pete’s cock stiffen, and the first shot of his cum hit the walls of her pussy, triggering her own orgasm. Her pussy muscles contracted, as if trying to hold onto Pete’s cock, as he continued to shoot his seed inside her. He stopped his movement unable to take anymore but Des wanted more so continued thrusting onto him. Her orgasm was going on and on, her juices leaking from her pussy as yet another wave swept through her body. Pete couldn’t take anymore, he was spent, he pulled out, his cock still hard, Debs could still feel the muscle spasms inside her forcing out the newly deposited liquid down her legs. Pete was kneeling up, resting on his haunches, Deb turned round, resting herself across his knees and began to carefully lick the now semi hard cock clean, stroking it gently with her hand, occasionally touching his balls. Dave lent forward from where he was resting and gently opened Debs legs. He moved his mouth down onto her clit and began to softly lick. Debs was still coming down from her orgasm and with each of Dave’s licks a little pleasure wave washed through her body. As this continued Pete’s cock began to grow, harder and harder until it was back to it’s original size. Dave continued his licking of Debs, giving her one of the longest orgasms she had ever had, it was a pleasant sustained level of ecstasy. Her hand kept stroking Pete’s cock, her eyes watching as she moved his foreskin up and down, occasionally sticking her tongue out to lick the helmet. Pete rested back on his arms, enjoying the feelings, unable to, not wanting to move. Debs quickened her hand movements, grasping his cock firmly, moving from the tip and banging back into his groin. It didn’t take long before she saw his ball sack tighten…’Jeeeeesssusssss’ exclaimed Pete as yet more of his juice shot from the end of his cock. Debs lifted her face, receiving shot after shot across her face and into her hair. She slowed her hand movements again, gently caressing his length, looking contented she laid back enjoying the feelings that Dave was giving her. His actions now increased in speed, bringing Debs to the peak of yet another incredible orgasm. She could no longer tell where one stopped and the other had started. Her hands grasped at the carpet trying to hold onto something as the feelings swelled. Her hands went forward, pulling Dave’s head into her. Whooosh…another explosion, this time causing every muscle in Debs body to tense, she could feel her wetness as yet more of her juice ran from her, down between her buttocks and onto her robe which she was lying on. Debs released his head but he stayed, gently caressing around her opening with his tongue. Debs relaxed back into Pete’s lap, her face and hair still covered in cum. Dave stopped his licking and lay between her legs, his head on her stomach. The three were now exhausted, content, but exhausted. After a short rest Debs suddenly realised what she had done. She quickly stood up causing Dave’s head to fall onto the floor. She gathered up her robe an wrapped it around her body, pulling the belt tight….’What..whats wrong ?’ enquired Pete, ‘You’ve got to go….you should go…I’ve got to get back to my husband’ replied Debs. ‘It’s ok love…’ said Dave ‘….we’re not planning on staying’. With that the two men dressed, Debs stood watching, she’d had a wonderful time, an amazing time, but she shouldn’t have she kept telling herself. These were men who had threatened her and her husband….the were thieves. Still, she couldn’t help feeling like she had just had the best sex ever. The men left, Debs secured the house and went back upstairs. She went to the bathroom and looked at herself in the mirror. Her hair was matted and still wet with cum, her face was streaked with even more cum. She quickly was her face and rinsed the ‘men’ from her hair and returned to her bed facing away from her husband. He rolled over to meet her, ‘Where’ve you been’ he whispered , ‘Entertaining guests, where do you think....’ Debs answered with a smirk on her face reminiscing on her earlier antics….’ye sure’ her husband responded, snuggling further into her his arm coming over her his hand gently stroking her breasts…

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veery VERY sexy, thank you for sharing