After the holiday.....a night out

Debs slammed the front door shut as she stepped out. Another day, another argument. It had been this way since they returned from holiday and Debs had told her husband about her secret meetings with the boys. She’d told him because she loved him and didn’t want to keep them a secret from him especially as they were now back home and she would never see them again. Her husband hadn’t reacted well though and every time she was going out he made some comment or other was made which subsequently led to an argument about her ‘secret’ meetings whilst on holiday. Tonight was one of those nights, she was going out, she was going out with her friend Sue, but despite telling him and asking to come with her he still didn’t believe her ‘If you’re going out with Sue how come you have those clothes on?!’ And the argument ensued.
She could see his point, she did look hot, but they were going round town and the clothes she had on were no different to what she used to wear when she went out with her husband and he didn’t object then. Skin tight white v-neck cropped top, no bra, her cleavage framed beautifully by the V, nipples barely visible through the sheer material. Short pale blue pleated skirt, long enough to cover her but short enough to draw attention and a pair of white open toed shoes. Debs looked behind her to the house and then headed for her car and drove off in the direction of town.
She drove for a while looking for a parking space near the place they’d agreed to meet. Eventually she found somewhere, parked, got out and locked the car behind her. As she walked the warm summer evening breeze gently blew her hair away from her face, her breasts slowly moving in time with her steps. She headed for the wine bar, xChange, it was the new place in town. It had been Sue’s idea; she had heard about it and thought it would be a good night out especially as it was the opening night. ‘Come on Debs, there’ll be plenty of free drinks and who knows what else’ she had said. As Debs reached the large wooden doors of the entrance her mobile beeped. She took it out of her small clutch bag, a message from Sue: ‘Will be late, sorry. See you about 10 x’. Ten o’clock thought Debs looking at her watch. It was only just past seven. 3 hours by herself in a new place. She wondered if she should come back nearer to when Sue would be there, then she remembered what had happened at home before coming out, ‘No way’ she said to herself and with that continued walking towards the door. The doorman was black and dressed smartly in a white suit with black shirt. ‘That reminds me of someone’ she thought…a smile coming to her face and a warm feeling reaching her pussy. It was Nathan of course….the man on holiday…boy, what a man. She composed herself, the doorman opened the large door, smiling, ‘Good evening madam’ he said, ‘Thank you’ replied Debs as she stepped inside.
The first thing Debs saw was a reception desk, again made from solid wood. Behind it stood a beautiful young woman, blond hair, blue eyes. She was wearing a smart dinner suit, with the jacket buttoned just enough to keep her decent but not enough to hide the fact she had not shirt on underneath it, just a white lacy half cup bra which held her breasts perfectly, giving her a respectable cleavage. ‘Good evening madam’ said the girl. Debs looked at her, then her name badge, ‘Hello …..Claire’ replied Debs. “Are you alone?” enquire the girl. ‘I’m meeting a friend, but she won’t be here until around 10’ Debs answered. ‘is it ok if I wait inside?’ ‘By all means, it’s not a problem’ ‘Can I ask the lady’s name that your waiting for?’ ‘Yes it’s Sue…Sue Wilkinson’ The girl looked down at her desk, and began to write, then she stopped..’Ah yes…and you must be Debs?’ ‘Erm….Yes’ Debs replied, pondering on how and why they had their names. Miss Wilkinson rang earlier and arranged everything. Can I show you to your table?’ Claire stepped from behind her desk and waited for Debs to follow. They stepped through another set off wooden doors and down a couple of steps into a large open area. There were about twenty table spaced evenly out across the available floor space, each one with a candle in the middle offering a little light. Debs looked around. There were about ten people in total in the entire place. ‘What a fun place this is’ she thought to herself, wondering how on earth she was going to pass the three hours until Sue arrived. Debs followed Claire as she began to wonder through the tables to the other side of the room. Claire lead her to a small corner booth. ‘This is it’ announced Claire. ‘..and here’s a key’ ‘Thank you’ replied Debs without realising what had been said and she sat down. Claire motioned to the barman who was stood at a large bar in the adjacent corner, pointing to Debs and then she left, turning to say ‘Enjoy the club’ before she disappeared back through the doors to her reception desk.
Debs looked at her table; it too had a candle in the middle, the flame flickering. The light caught the key and shone back at Debs, ‘A key?’ she thought ‘what am I ..’ but before she finished her thought an attractive waiter appeared. He was dressed in a black suit with a crisp white shirt and a bow tie, he had short blonde hair, piercing blues eyes and was smiling directly at Debs. ‘A drink madam?’ he enquired. ‘Bacardi and coke please, with ice’ replied Debs ‘Certainly’ he replied placing a white napkin down in front of her ‘I’ll be right back’ and he set off towards the bar area. Debs watched as he walked, his buttocks held firmly in his trousers, smooth, firm, his shoulders broad and muscular. Debs imagination clicked in to gear, she was feeling particularly randy, she didn’t know why, perhaps it was the summer sunshine or perhaps it was because of this attractive man she had just met but she started to picture herself naked with him, her riding on top, grinding her hips onto his groin and his dick reaching high up into her. Her hands grasping her breasts and squeezing her nipples….her fantasy was interrupted as he reappeared with her drink. ‘One Bacardi and coke, with ice’ he said as he placed it in front of her. ‘My name is Tom and I’ll be your waiter for the night, if you need anything, anything at all just ask for me’ He smiled at Debs again, she looked up at him and then down to his crotch. She could see a bulge, she wanted to unzip his trousers, take out his prick and suck for all she was worth but instead, she looked him in the eyes, smiled and softly replied ‘Thank you Tom’, the drinks fine for now but I’ll remember that for later’ Tom turned to go but then Debs remembered the key ‘Tom’ she said ‘Yes’ he replied, ‘What’s this for?’ lifting the key in her hand. ‘That’s for any of the doors around the room.’ He motioned with his left hand pointing around the edge of the room. ’Just pick a door and go in, everyone is welcome in every room’ and with that he returned to the bar. Debs sat with the key in her hands, pondering on what Tom had said, ‘ any room? Everyone is welcome? Where on earth am I?’ wondered Debs, this was no ordinary bar.
Four Bacardi and cokes later Debs was ready, ready to take what ever this place had to offer. She picked up the key, stood up and headed for the door which was behind the back wall of her booth. She approached the door, she was excited, she was nervous, she was feeling ready for anything now. She put the key into keyhole in the door and turned. The door opened, Debs removed the key and entered. She walked into what appeared to be a long corridor curving round to the left and to the right. It was dimly lit and had doors positioned along the inside walls. Debs approached the door in front of her, again inserted her key and turned. It opened just as the other had, Debs looked inside. It was a small room with a table at the back and a large sofa positioned centrally, facing away from her towards a large window. Debs stepped forward slowly; she could hear a low moaning noise coming from the sofa. As she approached the sofa she looked through the large glass window. Debs looked through the window into what looked like another room, this was larger than the room she was in and had a large bed in the middle. On the bed was a woman, probably in her forties, lying naked with her arms raised above her head and tied onto the bed head with what appeared to be a silk scarf. Her body was good for her age with pert breasts and erect nipples but what really caught Debs attention were the two men who were on the bed with the woman. Both were naked with fit bodies. One was straddled across the woman’s chest and the other was positioned between the woman’s legs. Her legs were raised and her feet were level the man’s head. The one over sat across her had his cock in the woman’s mouth and she was bobbing her head backwards and forwards, sucking for all she was worth, whilst the other man’s cock was buried deep inside her. Debs watched as he pulled it out until the tip was resting on her opening and then he would thrust back into her deep. He had a long thin cock which slid easily in and out of the woman’s opening. Debs watched on but the moaning noise was getting louder in the room. She looked down onto the sofa where a man was sat, naked with another woman kneeling between his legs, his cock in her mouth. The woman was sucking and licking as if it were an ice cream and the man was thrusting his hips as if fucking her mouth. The man was watching the scene unfolding through the window. Debs back through the window just in time to see the cock in the woman’s mouth explode with a stream of white cum. The woman opened her mouth wide to ensure she caught it all. Spurt after spurt shot into her mouth, the woman was lapping it up, she closed her mouth to swallow and another two jets sprayed over her face. Just then the man who was fucking her pulled out of her and his cock sent jets of cum up onto the woman, landing on her making lines of cum from her stomach down to the top of her neatly trimmed bush. The woman was smiling as she took the second man’s cock in her mouth to clean it. Meanwhile the man and the sofa began grunting, Debs looked down to see his back arch, the woman between his legs began sucking harder and taking his length deep into her mouth. The man tensed and Debs could see the woman swallowing as fast as she could. The man relaxed back into the sofa and his cock popped from the woman’s mouth, a drop of semen leaked from her mouth which she quickly pushed back inside with her fingers and then proceeded to lick her fingers and the man’s cock clean. ‘Seeing my wife being treated the way she wants always get me off’ the man said. ‘I know what you mean’ replied the woman, ‘I love to watch my husband hammering into another woman, it makes me hot…and when he came over your wife that just flipped me over the edge!’ Debs couldn’t believe what she was hearing, wife swapping, sex, orgies, where had Sue brought her? She had to admit though the two scenes in front of her had got her wet and wanting some attention herself. She slowly lowered her hand to her waist and then under the hem of her skirt and to the edge of her pants. Her finger slowly eased its way under the elastic and reached her ache. She was wet, very wet; she could feel the fabric of her knickers soaked in her own juices. She continued to explore herself, one, two and then three fingers circling her opening and clitoris. She let two of her finger slip inside her, it felt so good. Her thumb rested on her clit slowly massaging the hard bud. She dipped her fingers in and out as she continued to play. She needed to sit down but the sofa was taken. The two people were oblivious to Debs and to what she was doing. Instead she crouched down, opening her legs as she did so. This gave her full access to herself and allowed her fingers to delve deeper inside herself. She was stroking the inner parts with her finger now and her emotions were beginning to build. She fell forward onto her knees while her other hand replaced her thumb and began to massage her clitoris as she ran all her fingers over it. Her actions began to speed up…she rubbed faster and f***ed her fingers in and out of her as deep as they would go. Her breathing was becoming heavy and she could feel her nipples hardening, straining against the fabric of her top. She let out a moan as the first wave of feelings washed over her. The people on the couch heard and peered over the back of the sofa at Debs. She looked and saw them but she didn’t care she just wanted to get off and get off she was going to do. Her juices were running down her fingers and she could feel the familiar spasms in her stomach, the ones that let her know when her orgasm was close. She began rubbing her hand furiously over her clit as she felt it grow and harden under her touch. She f***ed the fingers on her other hand deep inside. ‘You go for it girl!’ said the woman. This gave Debs an encouragement and a feeling she hadn’t felt before, the feeling of someone being turned on by watching her enjoy herself. Debs smiled and then the pleasure wave hit her. Her back straightened and her calves muscles tensed, her fingers were held by her inner muscles as an almighty orgasm ripped through her body. She began to groan out loud and uncontrollably shake, she kept rubbing with her clitoris with her other hand until she could take no more and then collapsed back onto her heels. Her breathing was heavy and her whole body felt electric. Her fingers slowly slipped from inside her and fell to the floor. Drips of her juice followed it and landed on the carpet. ‘Fuck me’ thought Debs ‘that must be one of the best I’ve ever had’ She raised her fingers to her mouth and licked the juice from them. She tasted good. Then she remembered her audience. She looked up. ‘Sorry about that’ she said ‘but the site of your partners through the window and you two on the sofa just got me so excited I just had…’ ‘Don’t apologise’ interrupted the man ‘it was one of the best sights I’ve seen in a long time. You really know how to please yourself.’ ‘I wish I could do it that good’ commented the other woman. ‘While I was watching you I tried, you mad me so fucking horny!’ Debs just smiled back at them, she didn’t know what to say. She’d never had an audience other than her husband and that was a while ago. Besides, these people are strangers……then it dawned on her. ‘That’s why it was so good, I was performing for them, for strangers’
Once the strength returned to her legs she stood up. She removed her knickers; they were soaking anyway and threw them into a bin which was in the corner. She was about to leave when a door, invisible in the dim light opened and in walked the woman and on o the men from the room where she had been watching them performing. Still naked, they both approached their respective partners ‘Enjoy that?’ asked the man on the sofa, ‘God yes….it was amazing darling, your husband is a great fuck!’ she replied looking at the woman. ‘You’re not too bad yourself’ commented the man who had been with her. The couples sat together and started talking, the occasional giggle and moan escaping into the room as they continued their earlier antics on the sofa. Debs continued leaving the room, a smile on her face and warm feeling in her pussy.
Debs returned to her booth and had a couple more drinks.
It was nine o’clock. ‘Time to investigate a little more’ she thought. Then an idea came to her. She beckoned to Tom to refill her glass. Tom obediently came to her table. ‘Yes madam?’ ‘Oh hi Tom, I’m going to be experiencing another room shortly and I was wondering if you could fetch a drink to me in the room?’ Tom stood pondering what Debs had asked. ‘I’m not really supposed to enter the rooms, bit too much of a perk of the job for the management if you know what I mean.’ ‘Pleeeease’ pleaded Debs, looking him in the eye, her eyes wide open. ‘I won’t tell anyone…. promise, cross my heart.’ Debs traced a cross on her chest tweaking both nipples at the start and end of the horizontal line, leaving Tom with no doubt to what she was planning. Her nipples stuck out, forcing the material of her top to for little tent like shapes around them. Tom was transfixed….’Alright then he said, which door will you be going to…’ ‘That one’ Debs motioned to a door just behind the bar area thinking this would be easier for Tom to disappear through. ‘Ok…’ replied Tom ‘I’ll be there in ten minutes’ he confirmed. Debs was beginning to feel the excitement rise. She wasn’t usually the instigator of such meetings but tonight she was going to be in charge. Debs finished her drink and headed for the door, key firmly in hand. The key unlocked the door and she entered, the layout was similar to the other room, sofa, table and the large window. There was no one else in this one and there was no one on the bed through the window. Debs sat down and waited for Tom to arrive. Ten minutes later there was a knock on the door. Debs opened it slightly to see who was there and why were they knocking… was Tom ‘I don’t have a key, I’m not allowed in, remember?’ he whispered. Debs quickly opened the door and let Tom through. Once in the room she quickly closed the door behind him checking to see if anyone was looking in their direction. Debs turned round to face Tom. He was even more handsome than she had realised. He was about six foot tall, his black suit hugging him in al the right places. His face was smooth and the eyes were clear and again looking right back at Debs. She stepped forward; Tom opened his arms and welcomed her into his grasp. They started kissing slowly at first and then with more urgency as their feelings took over. Tom’s hands were all over Debs, from her head down to her bottom. Her hands were all over him, she held his bottom, it was firm and smooth and filled her hands perfectly. She started to unbutton his jacket, her hands slid inside up to his shoulders and eased it off and down over his arms. She tore at his bow tie and threw it on the floor, then she began to slowly unbutton his shirt. After the second button was undone she began to kiss his chest as the unbuttoning continued. His chest was smooth and the smell of CK One filled her nostrils. His shirt was now undone, she pulled it loose form his trousers and began caressing the body underneath it. Her fingers ran gently over his body, relishing the feel of every inch of this young studs’ body. She ran them over his washboard stomach and up around his back to his shoulders. She let her nails touch his back and dragged her hands down the full length of his bare back. Tom gave low moan and shuddered. He grabbed Debs head and thrust his tongue deep into her mouth. Debs replied by forcing her tongue into his mouth, their tongues entwined and hands groping each other frantically. Debs broke the kiss, pulling back and running her fingers through her hair. Her hands went straight for his belt, tugging at the strap to unbuckle it. She unfastened the top and unzipped the zip and they fell to the floor. Tom stepped out of them at the same time as removing his shift; he wanted Debs and was willing to follow her lead. He was wearing boxer shorts that now had a definite bulge; Debs smiled, fell to her knees, pulling down his shorts as she did. His prick was glistening with pre cum which Debs deliberately took her time to lick clean. Debs looked at Tom’s cock, looked up at him, smiled and took his length into her warm moist mouth. It was around eight inches long and had a nice girth. The main vein on the underneath was full and pulsating on Debs tongue. She swirled it round in her mouth, her tongue circling his bell end making Tom moan with pleasure. She removed it from her mouth and held it with one hand at the base. She then proceeded to lick with her tongue flat , from the underside up and across the eye, occasionally stabbing the eye with the tip of her tongue. Tom’s hands grabbed her hair in an effort to steady himself as his knees began to buckle. Debs continued for a little while longer and then stopped her licking but began to stoke his hardness with one hand. Tom’s cock was a deep red colour now and was wet from Debs attentions. She sped up her hand actions, her face a short distance from it, her other hand came up and started playing with his heavy balls,. She gritted her teeth and began furiously moving her hand back and forth. After all the attention Tom couldn’t hold out any longer, Debs sensed his balls tighten and opened her mouth in anticipation of her reward. Tom let out a loud moan and Debs was treated to jet upon jet of hot cum. She kept stroking as she flattened her tongue catching spurt after spurt on it, some escaping and running down the sides of her mouth. She felt Tom soften, she closed her mouth and swallowed. She then proceeded to lick his cock, making sure none of the cum escaped. With a great big smile on her face she stood up. ‘Now that’s more like it!’ she exclaimed. ‘You’re fucking amazing’ replied Tom, his face red from his earlier actions. ‘Why thank you sir’ answered Debs in a Southern Belle accent ‘…but I haven’t finished yet’. She took Tom’s hand and e****ted him to the sofa. ‘You sit there and watch…..let’s see if we can’t do something about that’ She gestured towards Tom’s now limp cock. Tom made himself comfortable and just watched. Debs began by folding her arms and lifting her top over head, her breasts seemed to swell as they were released from their confinement, they were beautifully round and full and tipped with two dark large hardened nipples. ‘Christ!’ remarked Tom, ‘They look nice clothed but the look fabulous naked’. Debs just smiled , her hand went to her waist in search of the clasp for her skirt. In one deft movement the clasp was undone and her skirt fell to the floor. She stood naked, except for her shoes, hands on hips looking at Tom. ‘You like?’ she enquired. ‘bl**dy right I do’ he replied. He began to stand but Debs stepped forward and pushed him back down into the sofa. ‘Not yet..’ she teased ‘ just watch’ Tom resumed his previous position, his eyes widening as he watched Debs perform. Her hands came up and grasped her breasts, thumb and finger coming round the front of both tweaking and twisting her nipples slowly. She loved her nipples touching and always found it made her wet down below. She could feel her juices starting to flow as she continued with her breast massage. She released her right breasts and her hand slid down her stomach to the top of her trimmed bush. Her fingers spread and ran further down as if combing her short hair. As she reached her pussy lips she gasped. She was already wet and two of her fingers slipped easily inside. She started frigging herself, looking at Tom looking at her. Her feelings were growing, her other hand went to join her right hand. She pulled the lips of her pussy upwards making the opening tighter and causing her clit to pop outwards. She proceeded to rub this with the middle finger of her left hand while her right hand concentrated on the fingers inside her. Tom’s cock began growing, pulsating with every beat of his heart. Debs had been right about being watched making her more excited, she was ready to explode again and just wanted more and more. She then remembered the door at the side of the window, the door that led to the room with the bed, the room where others could watch her, was she brave enough? Could she? If it meant feeling the way she had felt when the other couple had watched her then hell yes!
Debs stopped her actions, and grabbed Tom’s hand, her fingers sticky from her own juices. ‘Come on’ she motioned to Tom ‘Where?’ he enquired following obediently. ‘In here’ replied Debs as she opened the door to the bed room. Tom’s mind raced, everyone would see him, he would loose his job, he began to slow until he realised what he was passing up, fucking the most amazing woman he had ever met, so what if people saw, he was the lucky one, he decided he didn’t care who saw or what happened, he had to have her at any cost.
They entered the room, it was octagonal in shape. It was tastefully decorated but with very little furniture, just a huge bed in the middle of the room and a drinks cabinet tucked away in one corner with a large jug of water on it with a number of glasses around it. It was warm in the room and brightly lit. Debs was surprised not see people looking in, but instead large mirrors on each of the walls. She then realised that they must be two way mirrors, like the ones in interview rooms in the police stations that you always see on TV or in films. ‘So…’ she thought ‘...they can see us but we can’t see them… but we know they’re there and… we can see ourselves too’. The idea of ‘performing’ appealed even more now. She climbed on the bed, her legs still hanging over the edge. ‘Come on Tom….FUCK ME’. Tom positioned himself between her legs,, his cock standing to attention again. He leant forward until he was just resting at the lips of her waiting pussy. His hand held his cock rubbing it up and down, touching her clit and then down to her arse and back up again. Debs squirmed as he continued to tease her. She was becoming more and more excited, she could feel her juices running from her pussy down in-between her buttocks, she was loving every minute of this. Tom stopped what he was doing, Debs looked up anxiously wondering what had happened, only for her to see Tom’s head descending between her legs. The next thing she felt was the warmth of his tongue gliding up and down as his cock had been seconds earlier. He pushed into Debs, his mouth open wide, engulfing her womanhood and then his tongue began to move from side to side over her clit. Gently at first, he was savouring the sweet taste of her, and then gradually increasing his pace with his tongue in a more rigid form. Debs was squirming, unable to keep still. She began to massage her own breasts and tweak her nipples, she was becoming even more aroused. The thought of the people watching her was building her up higher and higher. Suddenly she felt two hands grasp hers and pull them above her head, the gently but firmly restrained her as Tom continued his kissing. Who’s were they? Then she realised, someone must have entered the room form one of the other doors. Then she felt a mouth on her left breast, circling the nipple with their tongue and gently biting it. Debs opened her eyes to see who was there, it was one of the men she had seen earlier fucking the woman in the other room. Whilst sucking and nibbling, his hand came up to massage her right breast. Debs just lay there, letting them do what they wanted. She was being taken advantage of and she liked it. She then felt the warmth of something near her face, she turned, and was presented with a thick, hard cock, she eagerly opened her mouth and began to suck. Tom was still concentrating on her pussy, his licking becoming more and more intense, Debs began to make muffled moaning sounds as she felt her feelings increase, she was going to cum soon and there’s nothing she could do to stop it. The cock in her mouth was close too, she could sense it hardening. As her orgasm approached, her sucking increased in pace until she was treated to stream after stream of cum. She kept on sucking, not wanting to loose any of the precious liquid, at the same time her own orgasm hit her. She released the cock from her mouth and screamed out in ecstasy, she felt her nipples and clitoris harden as wave upon wave of pleasure ran through her body from her head down to her toes. She could feel the spasms within her vagina, tightening and then relaxing, she could sense an increased wetness between herself and Tom’s face and she continued grinding her pussy into his mouth. Tom kept on, his arms entwined with her legs to hold her steady. Her arms were released from the confinement and she leant forward to pull Tom closer to her. Tom raised himself up, his face covered in her juices, his cock seemed to have grown in length and girth and in one quick movement he thrust it into her gaping hole. Debs let out another scream, she felt she couldn’t take anymore but she didn’t want it stop either. Thrust after thrust, Tom pounded into her, Debs grasped her knees and pulled them into her chest allowing him more access. He continued his actions, he could sense his own orgasm approaching. He gave one more thrust and his cum erupted into Debs waiting pussy. He moaned out loud, and held still, holding Debs knees as shudder after shudder went thorugh his body, emptying his balls into her. Debs own orgasm had subsided slightly but the feel of Tom’s cum spurting inside had caused another mini orgasm to run like electricity through her body. Tom eventually pulled out of her, cum ran from her out onto the bed, her pussy looked red and swollen, it looked …it looked…fucked. Debs breathing calmed and she was just lying in the warmth of the post orgasm feelings when she felt a pair of hands grab her legs and flip her body over onto her stomach. Automatically she raised her body onto all fours, the next thing she felt was the something nudging at her entrance and then in it slid. Another cock, longer this time but not as thick, who’s ever it was didn’t wait for Debs to object and he began taking her fast and hard. The slapping noise of his stomach and her buttocks filling the room. With every thrust forward, Debs met him by thrusting her arse backwards to meet it. She loved it deep, deeper the better and this man was reaching the spot. Her breasts bounced with every thrust, her eyes were closed concentrating on keeping time with the new man…. Then she felt a mouth again. It was underneath her, sucking on her breasts, the owner was also reaching down and rubbing Debs’ clit as they did so. She was imagining was the scene looked like through the windows around the room, it must look hot, it must look horny and sexy. This was all to much for Debs, another orgasm tore through her body, she let out another scream ‘Fuck!….fuck!…..fuck!’ she repeated. Wth the attention her clit and nipples were receiving from the other person and the deep pounding been given to her by the cock inside her, her body began to shake uncontrollably. She felt the cock inside her explode with their own orgasm, they pulled out and were now spurting their cum over her back and bum. The body beneath her stopped moved away and Debs collapsed exhausted face down onto the bed.
When she regained her strength she sat up and looked around. She still had a problem focusing but she could make Tom out at the side of her, still naked, his hand slowly sliding up and down his hard cock , obviously having just cum himself, a few beads of cum still visbile on the tip. Debs assumed he’d watched the whole thing and she was right. She looked for the other people but there was only one other figure, as her vision cleared she could eventually make out that they were naked and then she recognised the face, she took a sharp intake of breath….’Did you enjoy that?’ the person asked knowingly, ‘it looked like you did, I just had to be involved it looked so bl**dy sexy’ ‘S.S..Sue..’ responded Debs ‘ Hiya, sorry I was late but you got my text right?!’ ………

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