The holiday continues....

Well there they were…waiting for her again. Tony and Steve, Tony dressed in shorts and T-shirt while Steve was in trousers and a white shirt with no collar. They were stood in front of their apartment, looking good and staring right back at Debs. She thought they wouldn’t have turned up after last time, when her husband had followed her and told them to leave her alone for despite enjoying her tale of what had happened on the beach that first night he had told Debs not to meet them again. Ever. This however will be the fourth time since that first night and the last time. They would be leaving the next day….so Debs just had to see them one last time. She loved her husband dearly but she had an aching inside her that these boys soothed.
She was wearing a black bikini with a white wrap around sarong. Her bikini bottoms were clearly visible through it as were her gorgeous legs. Her top covered her nipples and part of ber breasts, the rest were held forming a most beautiful cleavage. They gently bounced as she walked closer to them. She had her sunglasses on as had the boys…as she approached, she raised hers up onto her head which conviently held her hair back slightly. ‘Hello boys’ she said teasingly…’Hi Debs’ the boys replied…’You look good enough to eat’ said Steve…’Good….I hope you are going to too’ she said with a little smile. She felt herself immediately become wet down below…that idea turned her on. Tony had made her come more times by using his tongue and giving her more feelings than she had ever experienced before.

Debs walked between them and grabbed their arms. ‘Let’s go in’ she said….The boys led her up the steps to the entrance to their apartment, through the door and into the lift. Top floor, penthouse suite.
The lift doors opened and they all walked out. There was only one room on this floor and that was the boys’.
Steve swiped his room card through the lock, click, and the green light came on. He turned the knob and walked in. As Tony and Debs walked in, Steve smiled at her ‘We’ve got a leaving present for you’.
As she entered the room Debs saw a beautiful tall black man stood in the middle of the room. Her mouth opened and a look of excitement crossed her face. She had mentioned during one of their previous meetings that she had always fantasised about having a black man doing what he wanted to her and now here was one. All hers to do with what ever she wanted.

He was dressed in a white suit with a black silk shirt underneath. He looked very respectable. He smiled as she approached, ‘You must be Debs…?’…Debs nodded ‘I’m Nathan, very pleased to meet you’ He offered out his hand, Debs responded with hers, he gently held it, raised it to his lips and gave it a kiss. His lips were warm and slightly moist. ‘A gentleman too’, thought Debs. Tony had gone to get drinks for everyone one. He returned with a tray, ‘G’n’T for you’ handing a glass to Steve, ‘JD for Nate’ handing him a glass with about a half an inch of the liquor in it. ‘Bacardi and coke for lady…with ice’ He gave Debs a large glass. The coke was visibly fizzing, little spots were flying over the edge and landing onto Debs hand as she slowly took a sip. ‘And one for me’ finished Tony taking the last glass off the tray. It was a Vodka and tonic…he always had vodka and tonic …with ice. They all sat down, Steve and Debs on one of the two large leather settees and Nathan and Tony on the other. ‘So what’s the plan then?’ asked Debs innocently. ‘Well’ started Tony, ‘I thought..’ He was interrupted by Nathan ‘We are going to do whatever you want us to Debs, it’s your day’. He raised his glass ‘To Debs’ He announced to which Tony and Steve raised their glasses and repeated ‘To Debs’ and then they all took a drink. When the drinks were finished Debs stood up and let the sarong drop to the floor, ‘Let’s get down to it then’ She walked over to Nathan, straddled his legs and sat facing him, kneeling on the settee. She wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him. Their tongues met and Debs felt his large arms surround her, pulling her into him. They broke the kiss and Debs pushed his jacket form his shoulders. Nathan stood up, Debs still holding on and wrapping her legs around his waist. Nate’s jacket fell to the floor, he turned and placed Debs back onto the settee. He kicked off his shoes and undid the belt on his trousers, these too fell to the floor and Nathan stepped out of them. He undid his shirt buttons one at a time, slowly. Debs eyes grew wider, he was doing a strip, a strip just for her. He reached the last button, unfastened it and took his shirt off, throwing it to one side. He stood in front of Debs. She looked him up and down as he stood there in his white boxers. He had a muscular body, smooth chest and rippling stomach. A definite six pack. His thighs were thick but in proportion, again smooth, in fact, apart from the hair on his head he had no other body hair. Debs wondered if that was true for what was hiding in his boxers. She slid off the settee onto her knees so she was now kneeling in front of Nathan. Her head was level with the opening of his shorts. His bulge was visible and the tip of his penis was now peeping out from the bottom of the left leg. Debs leant forward, placed her tongue on the tip that she could see. She drew it across catching the eye with the tip of her tongue. Nathan moaned, and his dick jerked still restrained by his boxers. Debs placed her hand on his leg and moved it slowly upwards. It went up under the leg of the shorts, she felt his smooth skin. Her hand moved and cupped his heavy balls. They were big, too big for one hand, she continued to move her hand until she felt the hardness. She started at the base and worked up it’s entire length. This too was longer and thicker and anything se had felt before. She reached the tip and smeared the drops of precum that had now appeared over the end and allowed her hand to slide back down it again. She felt a wetness in her pussy. She took her other hand and touched herself. She was wet, very wet. As she explored her own body she continued to gently stroke Nate’s cock. She moaned as her fingers moved around her clit and one bobbed in and out of her hole. She smeared her juices all over her pussy lips and backwards towards her arse. It was like having a very slow orgasm, the feelings just went on and on. She removed her hand from herself and from Nathan. She hooked her thumbs into the waist band of his boxers and lowered them to the floor. His cock strained as the elastic pulled over it, then it shot straight out as it passed. ‘Fuck!’ exclaimed Debs. She had heard black men were big but thought it only a joke, but he was. Eleven inches at least and a girth of at least four. Debs wanted it. She shot forward and f***ed as much as length as she could into her hungry mouth. ‘You’re in for a treat now’ said Steve, ‘She gives the best BJs ever’. She played with his balls while her head bobbed up and down on is shaft. Nathan had his eyes open and stared down at Debs. A low moan was coming from Debs as she worked on him, concentrating on his bell end, letting her lips grip the ridge on both the up and down stroke. Her tongue swirled over the tip. Nathan placed his hands on the back of Debs head and started rocking as if fucking her face. Debs pulled softly down on his balls and sped up her actions. She could feel his rod hardening and Nathan beginning to growl louder. He stopped rocking and held Debs’ head still. Her tongue continued swirling around his dick and her hand playing with is heavy balls. Then it erupted. A long hard spurt hit the back of Debs throat, she swallowed quickly and then another jet, and then another and then another. Debs couldn’t swallow fast enough; some leaked from the sides of her mouth and ran down to her chin. Nathan eventually stopped squirting his juice out and Debs eventually released his prick from her mouth. She scooped up the cum that had escaped with her finger and popped it into her mouth. That was some of the sweetest tasting cum she had ever had and it tasted good. Nathan looked down at her and smiled. ‘That was amazing, may I return the favour?’ Debs smiled back at him, ‘I’d be delighted’ and she would she thought if he was at good at licking pussy as she hoped. Nathan helped her to stand up. He started kissing her again, small kisses on her face, then her neck. At the same time his hands went round her back and unclasped her bikini top. He pulled it from her firm breasts. Debs’ nipples hardened immediately upon contact with Nate’s body. His hands continued to caress her body as his kisses moved down her front to her chest and then locking onto one of her nipples. Deb’s let out another moan, she loved her breasts being kissed and caressed it always made her horny, not that she didn’t already. One of his hands came back to hold the breast he was kissing , the thumb and finger rolling and tweaking the nipple. His other hand cupped her bottom and gave a gentle squeeze. Deb’s just let herself go and relaxed letting Nate put her wherever he wanted her. He was supporting her weight now and Debs was just letting the feelings he was giving her wash over her. He lowered her onto the settee, her eyes shut she just laid there. She felt his hands move to the thin waist strap on her bikini bottoms. He removed them slowly then she felt his fingers starting to explore her sex. His fingers felt good, he was holding her lips open and gently massaging around her clit. He leant forward an started to kiss up and down her lips. He moved back up to her swollen clit…his tongue came out and lapped slowly upwards. He repeated the action again and again. Debs’ juices were flowing and Nate seized the opportunity. He started licking from the bottom of her opening upwards towards her button, spreading her juices all around. He started flicking his tongue side to side, zig zagging up and down her slit and across her clit. This was driving Debs crazy, she was writhing on the settee unable to control her actions. She drew her knees up higher and leant forward her hands clasped onto the back of Nathan’s head pulling him hard into her. He started sucking on her clit and moving his tongue over the tip. He placed his hands under her naked smooth buttocks and raised her arse to allow him easier access to her sex.
Debs’ started to moan louder, she could feel her emotions building and her muscles beginning to tense. She pulled hard on Nathan’s head and started to grind her hips into his face. Her orgasm hit, she bucked wildly against his face and Nathan just kept on sucking. He moved his hands upto her breasts and started to squeeze and tweak her nipples again whilst massaging her breasts. Debs feelings reached their peak and she could take anymore, she tried to roll away but Nathan held her firm sucking harder. She started screaming in ecstasy asking him to stop but really wanting him to continue. She wanted him to take her beyond her point of tolerance. It felt just so good. Nathan eventually released her but Debs just laid there while he continued to gently lap at her now red and wet clit. With every lick she twitched, the feelings starting in her pussy and radiating outward to every part of her body. Debs was exhausted, feeling warm and content and of course wet. She could feel her juices running from her pussy down in between her arse cheeks and onto the settee.

As she lay there, naked, Nathan stood up and went back to the other settee, he sat and took a sip from his drink. The three men looked at Debs lying there. Her breasts beautiful firm and topped with hardened darker nipples, her stomach smooth rising and falling with every breath she takes. Her pussy, bright pink, almost red, wet and glistening. Her lips were open now allowing a view of her hole. Nathan sat there, stroking his manhood, not because he wanted to fill time but because Debs turned him on so much he just had to touch himself to relieve the tension building inside him.
Debs sat up, Nathan passed her drink, she took a long drink…’Just what do you think your doing’ she said as she looked at Nathan playing with himself. ‘Nothing Debs, it’s just that you’re so fucking…’ before he could finish Debs went over to him and kissed him passionately. ‘I want you inside me’ she whispered in his ear. ‘Now’. With that both Debs and Nate put their drinks down and started kissing passionately again. Their hands roaming and weaving all over each others bodies. They continued kissing as Nathan scooped up Debs in his arms and carried her off towards the bedroom. He placed her gently on the bed, her head resting on the large white pillows. Nathan moved onto the bed with her, is hands slowly parting her legs. He knelt and looked at her again, she was indeed a very beautiful woman. Debs looked back at him, muscular and yet gentle looking, his cock protrouding from his body like a rod of iron. Debs started to sit up to taste him again but Nathan pushed her shoulders back so she fell back onto the pillows. He moved higher into legs, Debs raised her feet up the bed, bending her knees as she did. She allowed them to fall, offering Nathan an excellent view of her moist cunt. He held his rod and leaned forward, supporting himself with his other hand. As the tip of his manhood made contact with her, Debs let out a little moan, some of her juices ran out onto it making it shiny. Nathan pushed further forward, Debs gasped, ‘God ….he’s big’ she thought, but her lips just opened up as if inviting him in. With his helmet now fully in Nathan withdrew all the way out, he cold see her opening, still open waiting to be filled. He leant forward again and pushed his length inside her. As sharp intake of breath and then a long deep sigh. She felt content, she felt full. She could feel his entire length and he could feel her muscles clamped onto him, holding him deep inside her. He began to move out and then back in again, gently at first and then slowly increasing his speed. Debs began writhing on te bed beneath him, her hands involuntarily grasping her breasts and squeezing them together. She was in heaven. Nathan kept up his pace and Debs could feel her muscles beginning to tighten. She was going to cum, cum like she had never before. Nathan leant forward and started to kiss Debs, their tongues entwined. His movements quickened, Debs broke the kiss as she felt the first wave of ecstasy run from cunt outwards, covering every inch of her body, tips of her toes and fingers to her head and breasts. She started screaming, not in pain, but pleasure, pure pleasure, wave after wave. She felt her muscles tighten to hold Nathan’s rod firm inside her, her juices started to squirt out of her, covering Nate’s cock and balls in her juices. She thought the feelings would never stop. They slowly subsided as Nathan slow his pace, he still hadn’t cum and wanted more of Debs. In one deft movement he flipped her over onto front and pulled her up onto her hand and knees, never letting his manhood leave her. Suddently Debs felt the probing of a tongue on her clit, it was Steve, then she felt someone kissing her little brown ring, that was Tony. The two men were now naked and joining in with Nathan in giving her all the pleasure she wanted. The tongue on her clit, the tongue teasing her arse and Nathan hammering faster and faster into her. She WAS in ecstasy, her eyes were rolling as she felt her climax growing in strength again. It has never gone since it began but now it was growing again. She could hear the wet slurping sounds as all three men paid attention to her body. One of Steve’s hands started massaging her left breast, as expertly has it always did, Tony’s hand then attached itself onto her right breast.
‘Fuck, Fuck, fuck….’ She repeated not knowing how much more she could take.

Her orgasm peaked again and more of her juices pumped out her onto the bed sheets. Again, Nathan flipped her over, this time she was on her back again. Her legs high up on Nathan’s shoulders with her arse bouncing up and down with each thrust of this incredible man’s body. Steve and Tony positioned themselves at Deb’s head and started wanking their cocks. Their tips were centimetres away from her. She loved the taste of cum and she was going to get more to drink. Nathan showed and urgency in his movements now and was close to his own orgasm. Debs could feel the tension rising inside her again, her pussy was aching but she didn’t want it to stop. Nathan let out a load groan and Debs felt the first spurt hit inside her. This threw her over the edge and another incredible orgasm ripped through her body. Nathan pulled out of her, Debs look down to see his magnificent black rod, shining from her juices, still hard. Another shot came out of it and landed at Debs breasts. Nathan was pulling at his manhood and forcing more and more semen to flow out costing Debs breasts, stomach and thighs in cum. Then Tony start pumping his cum onto her, onto her mouth, lips, nose and hen Steve came too. Spurt after spurt of warm cum landing on every part of her face. Debs started to suck on Tony’s dick, getting every last drop out of it. She then switch to Steve’s and continued to suck on him. Alternating between them, both boys we’re kneeling at her side, eyes closed and heads back as this woman sucked them dry. Nathan meanwhile, resumed tonguing her clit, keeping her orgasm going.

When Nathan eventually stopped ‘kissing’ her, he slid up to her face and kissed her. Their lips parted and tongues twisted . She could taste her juices on him, as well as a mixture of the three men’s cum. Nathan stood up, as did Tony and Steve and looked at Debs lying on the bed. Every visible bit of flesh was shining with traces of their work. Debs ran her hands up and down her body, as if stretching, pausing to touch herself and to feel the whole where Nathan had been not minutes before. Her finger delved inside to touch a wetness , the like of which she had never felt. She had been stretched and her hand was almost inside her. She could feel her muscles spasm around her finger. Debs couldn’t resist touching her clit and rubbing it gently. It was engorged with bl**d and was about five times its normal size, her fingers gently crossing the tip allowing her to enjoy more of the feelings she had been having that day.

The men retired back to the living room to allow Debs to compose herself. She could smell the sex on her, she liked it but thought it best to shower before leaving. The warm water cascaded over her body as she covered herself with a layer of bubbles. Her hands drifted to her breasts, they were tender after the attention they had received, she hen moved on down to her sex. This was hot, she could feel the heat thorugh the water and bubbles, drops of cum dribbled out as she continued her examination. She loved that ‘Just fucked’ sensation. She finished her shower and towelled off. She walked back into the room where to boys were. They were sat, still naked talking and drinking. ‘Well, was it everything you thought it would be?’ asked Tony. ‘and more besides’ replied Debs. She looked toward Nathan, his shaft still erect. She couldn’t believe it, ‘How could he be still hard’. She could resist, she approached him, turned so her back faced him, straddled his legs and slowly lowered herself back on to him. No sooner had she taken his length fully inside her than she felt another orgasm run thorugh her body. This time it was a gentle feeling, a warm feeling that made her feel content. She raised herself and then lowered herself back down again, allowing herself to feel every inch of his manhood. Nathan was holding her hips and sitting on the settee letting Debs take control. UP, down, up down….then she stopped. ‘Fuck this!’ she exclaimed ‘I want to feel that thing fucking me’ Nathan lowered hers onto the floor so she was kneeling and supporting herself on her hands.He started banging hard into her from behind and Debs was loving it, the feeling of his cock sliding in and out, every in stroke took her breath away but it was worth it, his heavy balls banging into her, reaching her clit and triggering all the right feelings inside her. Tony positioned himself in front of her and offered his semi hard cock to her lips. Debs willingly opened her mouth and took it inside. Within seconds it became fully erect and Debs started to suck and slurp at it. Every forward thrust of Nathan f***ed Tony’s cock to the back of her throat. Debs pulled away from Tony slightly so she could concentrate on his bell end, licking the frenulum and driving Tony wild. He was already close to cumming and this f***ed him over the edge. Again cum shot from his cock, into Debs waiting mouth. She swallowed it all down rubbing her face against his staff and he finished. Nathan’s grip became fimer on her hips and she could feel his manhood hardening inside her. She knew he was close to his own orgasm and Debs wanted to join him. With every forward thrust of Nathan, Debs thrust her arse back into him, forcing him to go deeper inside her, her b**sts swinging under her. He started to moan and Debs began to squeal….with one final thrust Nathan’s cock erupted inside her, Debs kept bouncing onto him until her own orgasm hit her…wave after wave of tingling emotion. Nathan was still now but Debs was moving herself so he was going in and out of her, her pussy muscles clamped tight onto his penis. When Nathan had emptied his load inside her Debs fells away, lying on the carpet face down, her orgasm trailing off. She was glowing both on the outside and the inside. She was lying still, allowing herself to recover from the fuck when she felt the nudge of Steve’s cock at her mouth. She opened her eyes and looked up at him and smiled, opened her slips and took him inside her. Steve moved backwards onto the settee gently pulling Debs with him. He sat down still inside her mouth and Debs raised herself to her knees and started to bob her face up and down in his lap. One hand came round to play with his balls whilst the other grasped the shaft and started sliding from the base to his tip in unison with her head. Steve relaxed enjoying the feelings Debs was giving him. Within no time his cock grew hard and Debs sensed he was already close to cuming. She removed him from her mouth and started to wank him hard with her hand whilst still playing with his balls. His balls tightened and cum shot out of the end of his cock, landing on his stomach. Debs slowed her hand until she felt him soften, she released him and leant forward and lapped all the cum from his stomach, swallowed and smiled up at him.
She pulled her bikini bottoms on, she was aching now form all the earlier activity so it was a bit of a struggle. Her breasts were still swinging free and she searched for her top. She placed the loop over her head and reached rounds the back to fasten it, ensuring that her erect nipples were completed covered. She found her sarong and wrapped it around her waist, fastening it to her left with a knot. She crossed the room to Tony, leant forward and kissed him full on the lips, ‘Thank you’ she whispered in his ear. She then went to Steve and repeated the kiss on him. ‘Thank you too’ she said, she then went across the room towards Nathan. As she approached her rose to his feet, his cock half erect, his arms opened and took Debs inside them. They kissed, Debs wrapping her arms around him to prolong it for as long as possible. ‘Thank you’ she whispered. ‘You are an amazing man’ ‘Thank you’ replied Nathan ‘And thank you, you are an amazing woman, your husband is a very lucky man’. The released their embrace and Debs walked to door. She turned ‘Maybe we’ll meet again’ she said to all three of them... ’Maybe’ said Nathan ‘Maybe’
Debs left and closed the door behind her, she could feel the moistness from the men between her legs soaking into her bikini and he smiled.

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Another HOT chapter. Thanks for posting.
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Really hot story! Hot!