Now the holiday can begin....

They found a bar not too far from the hotel. It was a small but appealing building. Not a tall building but quite long. It was subtly lit with candles on the walls offering a warm glow while the main area was dominated by a large dance floor with tables around it and a gap at the far side which led out to the patio area. There were a number of tall flaming torches around the patio, again with tables dotted around. The patio led out to the beach and the sea beyond.
There were a number of people dancing and more sat at the table drinking and chatting. The majority of people looked to be tourists much like Debs and her husband, sat in groups of two or three and keeping themselves to themselves.
As Debs entered she could feel the eyes of some of the men staring at her, at her dress, at her body. It made her smile, she kept walking feeling more confident than ever. They found a table; Debs sat down while her husband went to get some drinks. Debs sat looking round, she saw one or two people she recognised from their plane, that’s the trouble with package holidays, she thought. Then she caught sight of two men sitting by themselves. They were drinking and laughing. ‘They look fit’ said Debs to herself. They were about 27 she guessed one had short dark hair, the other was blond. At that moment her husband came back with the drinks. He sat and they talked for while. He commented on how beautiful and sexy she looked, especially in that dress. Debs looked at him and said ‘..and I’ve a surprise for you’. With that she took his hand and placed it onto her thigh, encouraging him to go higher. He looked round to see who was looking, but nobody was. His hand progressed up her thigh, he could feel the warmth of her sex and his hand got closer. There was no underwear. Debs often went without a bra, she had the sort of breasts that looked better ‘unwrapped’ but no knickers was unusual. He figured she must be feeling really randy and that that explained the noises he heard in the bathroom earlier. Her husband smiled and probed further with a finger. He could feel her bush, slightly damp and then he reached the hot spot. God she was wet, he moved his finger gently, circling her clit, Debs moaned softly and closed her eyes. He wanted her, she wanted him. They were horny. They were in love. He slowly moved his hand away and blew Debs a kiss.
‘I’m going to dance, you coming?’ asked Debs. ‘Not yet..more stimulation required’ replied her husband smiling and giving her a wink. Debs knew what he meant too, he was never one to dance first thing but a few drinks inside him and he was a dance diva.
Debs approached the dance floor and started to move. It wasn’t recognisable music, it must have been a local artist, but it had a good rhythm and Debs started to get in to it.
A little time later the dance floor was quite full, still enough room to be comfortable though and Debs was really moving now. She glanced over to her husband, he was with a couple of guys chatting, he caught her eye and smiled, raised his glass and blew her another kiss. Debs returned the gesture and then returned to the dancing.
Just then the two guys she had spotted earlier appeared at either side of her dancing in with her. Debs had had a a few more drinks now and wanted to play so she started sliding up to one of them. Her dress slid easily over the black Armani jeans he wore then she gently rubbed her chest across the black haired guys chest which was covered in a short sleeved t-shirt. He said ‘We’ve been watching you, you’ve got some good moves’, ’I’m only just getting started’ responded Debs. They introduced themselves, the dark haired guy was Tony, and the blonde one was Steve. They we here on holiday together because Steve’s girlfriend had dumped him only a week before, the holiday was booked and it seemed a pity to waste the opportunity for a good time.
They offered to buy Debs a drink, she accepted. ‘…A Bacardi and coke, ice no lemon’. Steve went to the bar to fetch it while Debs and Tony kept on dancing together. Tony placed his hands on her waist and pulled her closer to him. Debs put her hands on his shoulders in response. They danced on, Tony getting closer, his groin now pressing into Debs. She could feel his erection trough his jeans. Her nipples were already hard from her previous actions and were visibly pointing at Tony. She let one hand drop to his waist, and then slowly moved it in between them. She gave him a little rub and smile at him. Tony looked down at her and gently kissed her. Debs lips opened in response and their tongues started swirling together.
Just then Steve returned with the drinks, they released each other just enough so they could hold the drinks and kept on dancing.
This was an opportunity she wasn’t going pass by; Debs and her husband hadn’t experimented with other partners but her husband had enjoyed listening to Debs fantasies with regards to other men and what she wanted to do with them and had told her if she ever met the right men for her to go for it…she had is permission. He actually wanted her to do it and then tell him all about it….
Steve, Tony and Debs kept on dancing and drinking. They were getting hot and had started sweating. Debs reached into her glass and picked u a couple of pieces of ice and started running them across her forehead and round her neck. The ice melted and the water trickled down her front and back. A small nmber of droplets ran down her cleavage…the cold water making goose bumps appear, Debs gave a bit of a shiver.
Where the water met her dress, the material became transparent so a mixture of sweat and water left Debs with her breasts clearly visible, in fact she had been dancing so much her dress was almost transaparent showing of her beautiful toned stomach and arse. No one noticed though as they we all busy wit each other, no one that is except Tony and Steve. Debs was now dancing in between them touching each one slightly.
Steve leant towards Debs and whispered in her ear ‘Fancy a walk along the beach with us’. She knew what he really fancied and walking wasn’t it. ‘Ok…just a mo…’ She slid from between them and walked over to her husband who was now very d***k and still talking with the locals. ‘I’m going for a walk with the boys’ she said ‘ …I’ll come back in a little while’. Her husband looked up at her…she smiled back at him and he knew what was happening. He moved towards her, grabbed one cheek of her arse and pulled her towards him. ‘Have a good time honey’ and kissed her passionately. Debs left him and walked back to the boys. She looped her arms into theirs and they walked towards the beach.
Arriving at the beach Tony swung Debs round to face him. He held her firmly and kissed her. Their tongues dancing and twisting together. Steve took his shirt off and placed it on the sand. Tony lowered Debs onto it and then removed his top. Debs looked at them both, the moonlight profiling their muscular toned bodies. Both looked tanned and tight. Debs knelt up and rubbed their crotches with each hand. She could feel the hard bulges beneath. She slowly unzipped both men’s trousers….and delved her hands into the space. Both had boxer shorts on and it took a little manoeuvring for Debs to reach the treasure the lied within. She rubbed her hands up and down each penis. They were both fairly hard and getting harder with each movement of Debs hand. They both felt about the same size, eight inches…the same as her husbands but Tony’s seemed thicker her finger only just touching when she wrapped them aound. This was going to be fun. She pulled both dicks out, both hard as rock now. She first bobbed her head onto Steve’s and then across to Tony’s and kept on alternating between them. The guys stood there, heads back, enjoying the feelings that this lady’s mouth was giving them. Debs could taste the pre-cum from both men, sweet, warm. As she continued the boys unfastened their trousers and let them fall. Debs stopped her sucking and while the boys removed all their clothes Debs stood and pulled her dress over her head, threw it to one side and then stood their, hand on hips, the moonlight catching her hair and said ‘Wanna fuck?’ The boys laughed and started to caress Debs. Tony started at her feet and Steve started with her face. Steve’s mouth met Debs’ again and they kissed…Steve brushed her feet and worked slowly upwards…caressing her, kissing her legs and thighs. Steve’s mouth slid down from her mouth and started planting small kisses on all the parts of her body they came into contact with. Debs was holding his head making sure it didn’t leave her body. As his lips reached her breasts and then her hard nipples, Tony’s hands reached her cunt. Debs buckled under the simultaneous attack, Steve caught her and gently placed her back onto the shirt on the sand. Neither men stopped what they were doing. Steve was sucking on one breast whilst tweaking and twisting the other with his hand, he stopped and swapped sides and mirrored his actions. Tony used both hands on her, gently parting her outer lips and with his free fingers gently flicking her clitoris. Debs was moaning and her juices were flowing. Tony lifted and parted her legs. He positioned himself between them and placed his mouth where his hands had been only moments before. He dipped his tongue into her, tasting her sweet juices, he continued lapping at her, from where her slit started upto the clit. Debs reached out her arm and managed to touch and hold Steve’s dick. It felt like it had gorwn even more, she started rub it up and down, Steve left her breasts and straddled Debs, leaning forward and supporting himself with his hands. Debs willingly opened her mouth and took his length into it. Steve moved his hips up and down, his penis moving in and out of her mouth. Debs lips surrounded the shaft as it gently moved. Steve sighed and stopped moving and moved to one side, signalling for debs to sit up. She raised herself up resting her hands behind her. Tony continued his oral excersies concentrating on the clitoris now, which had become engorged with bl**d asif seeking more attention. Steve stood across Debs, she licked his dick wth the flat of her tongue slow gliding over his split end.. She repeated a few more times before raising her hand to stroke his heavy balls. She then started to lick his sack, which despite not being shaven felt incredibly smooth. With her hand moving up and down and occasionally over the end of his shaft she took one of his balls into her mouth, jiggled it a little with her tongue and then moved to the next one. Her actions became faster as Tony’s expert lapping was causing a build up of her own feelings.He continued to lap and she resumed sucking Steve’s length, harder this time and with more urgency. She felt Steve tense and the first jet of his sperm hit the back of her throat, and then the nxt and te next….just then her own orgasm arrived…a warm rush and and release of both the tension and liquid with smothered Tony’s face as his hungrily tried to lap it up. Steve let out a loud moan and finally stopped coming..he pulled out of Debs mouth and stood there. Debs laid back down and enjoyed the moment as Ton’y gently licked her sex. She looked up at Steve and saw a drip of cum oozing it’s way from the end of Steve’s dick.She raised a finger and scooped it off…then deftly placed her finger in her mouth and cleaned it. ‘Better not waste any’ she said. Then Tony raised himself onto her and thrust his dick into her. It slid eaily in as Debs was now soaking from her own juices. It still came as a shock though as er muscles were still contracting from her orgasm. He filled her completely and his strokes were those of a man who knew how to please a woman. Every storke touching all the places she wanted touching. He kept driving into her, although f***eful, gentle at the same time. Debs could feel her feelings building again…so quickly after the last one but they were. Tony’s started to move faster now and she could feel his length become harder. Steve was now back playing with Debs breasts biting and squeezing a little harder than last time but Debs was loving it. Tony stopped and pulled out slowly. He positioned himself so he was just touching Debs outer lips and moved his cock up and down, forcing a forwards little more with each stroke, it was driving Debs wild…then he pushed hard in the hilt. Debs gave a sharp intake of breath and let out a cry…her juices were flowing again this time onto Tony’s dick. Her breasts tingled and her vagina went into spasm as Tony continued to move in and out. She was writhing and bucking with him wanting more and more of him.
Then she felt him come inside her, it seemed to go on for ages, to the point Debs could feel it running out of her in between her arse cheeks and over her anus. It tickled but felt good. Tony eventually stopped moving and laid on top of Debs. They kissed, little pecks at first and then full open mouthed tongue tied kisses. Pop….Tony’s dick came out of Debs and with it a flow of his and her juices mixed together. They kept kissing and rolled onto their sides, Steve laid down behind Debs and wrapped his arms so he was holding her breasts. Tony moved away and left his friend to continue. He rolled Debs onto her front and caressed her buttocks…his hand sliding down in between her cheeks to he reached her warm moist pussy. His fingers circled round and then he started to probe inside her. First one finger, then two, three, four and then all five fingers were inside her. She was soaking and it felt great…Debs pushed back to drive Steve hand deeper….his thumb came out and found Debs brown ring…he liquid from Debs and gentle pressure made entry easy..Debs moaned…she like that. Steve continued working his fingers and his thumb around until he could feel debs muscles beginning to hold him…he pulled them out and knelt behind her..his cock now back to full strength. Debs was loving this..two men….and none stop attention…god she was aching, aching for more. Steve moved up until just his helmet was being held by lips. Now that felt good…..
Tony slid underneath Debs so his head was level with her clit…and he started his expert lapping again. His hand came up to massage her already swollen and tender breasts…he start to suck on her clit pulling it into his mouth and licking it,Debs was going crazy…her juices flowed and Tony was getting wet again. Steve start to slide slowly in and out of her, savouring every stroke…Debs looked down and saw Tony’s cock, it too was back to it’s full strength and she couldn’t resist going down on him, enveloping him with her warm mouth. Steve was lost in his own world of pleasure, backwards and forwards, each forward stroke forcing Debs to deep throat Tony, his helmet hitting the back of her throat. Steve kept pumping, his shaft growing harder if that was possible… Debs sensed Tony was close to coming….she raised her head and whilst balancing on one hand she used the other one to wank Tony. It only took a few firm strokes to release spurt after spurt of thick cum..all over her face. Tony kept licking her all the time as Debs uncontrollably grinded her pussy into his mouth….she was going to come this time…big style. Steve put more urgency into his strokes….he too was close…he suddenly pulled out from behind Debs and started squirting his load over Debs back…..Debs let out a cry, he own orgasm struck. It was just a mass of hot, sweaty, sticky bodies moving independently but acting as one mass. Tony kept sucking and now used his fingers from one hand to push his way into Debs pussy…..he could feel her juices …the other hand her used to massage her arse cheeks, occasionally probing into her tight sphincter with one or two fingers……this threw Debs over the edge, she bucked wildly screaming even more. She took Tony’s limp dick in her hand and started yanking hard, it quickly regained it’s hardness, Steve stepped in front of Debs and offered his tool to Deb’s mouth…she greedily opened it and took it and sucked for all she was worth…her own orgasm kept on going makingit difficult to concentrate...
After a few minutes of attention Steve’s dick spurted two streams of thick white cum, Tony’s rod was red from the fierce attention that Debs was giving it…but it too erupted with more streams of cum….Debs quickly took it into her mouth making sure not to loose any….then Debs orgasm reached another peak, liquid started to spurt from her vagina…forming wet patches on the sand behind her….their moving slowed and the stopped and they collapsed, Tony was underneath Debs and Steve dropped in front in front of her….He leant forward and kissed her….tasting his own cum on her sweet lips.
Debs was covered in sticky cum from both boys…it was in her hair, on her back, her front and as she stood, she felt it start to run from her pussy. She felt a mess and fantastic at the same time…’that was fucking brilliant…’ she thought not realising she actually said it out loud….’too bl**dy right’ Tony replied…’Amazing’ seconded Steve…’You amazing…’ he went on. ‘Best get back to hubby’ said Debs quite nonchalantly…’..but first…’ and she turned and ran to the sea and dived in. She stood up in the shallow waters and started washing herself with the warm salty water. She stepped out of the sea brushing her hair back with her hands, dripping with water as she approached the boys….she leant forward kissed both of them passionately…picked up her dress and pulled it over her head covering her body. It was sticking to her curves more now, with the sea water that was still on her body…She said goodbye to the boys…and started back towards the bar. ‘Will we see you again ?’ asked Steve, ‘Maybe..’ replied Debs ‘ long you hear for?’, ‘Another week’ replied Tony. ‘Good, then I will definitely want to see you again!’ and with that she left them lying on the beach recovering.
She reached the bar and walked in through the patio upto her husband who just looked up at her with a big grin on his face. ‘Nice walk?’ he asked…’Wonderful..’ replied Debs….’I’ll tell you all about it later’ ‘Look forward to it’ replied her husband. Debs joined him at his table, took her drink that she had left sometime ago and took a drink. That tasted good, not as good as what she had been drinking earlier but still good.

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Super sexy story
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sexy & hot
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Hot! is there more?
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Very hot. Loved it. Hope there will be more vacation stories. Thanks for posting.