Just on her own....

It had been a hard year for Debs and her husband and they had been counting the hours to their holiday for the past 2 months and now they were there, drinking and dancing in the warm night air.
They had planned three weeks holiday in their favourite resort, staying in their favourite hotel. As a bonus, the hotel had overbooked so offered a free upgrade to one of their suites. It was on the top floor of the hotel. As they opened their door, they had been greeted with a massive room, with two large windows through which the sunlight had been shining through. In front of one window was a brown leather settee with matching single chair, the other window had a writing desk and carved wooden chair placed to the side of it. A large luxurious bed with big white pillows and white satin sheets was set to the right of the room.. To the left, was a large door which led to the en-suite bathroom. It too was a large room with the usual facilities but including a mirrored wall at the far end. The room was dominated however by a large sunken bath, the sort that was raised by only a couple of steps and these formed a wide shelf around the edge.
It was in this bath Debs had been lying in not two hours earlier. Luxurious bubbles covered her naked body, warming her, relaxing her. Debs let her hands roam over her body, gently spreading the bubbles onto her smooth skin. Her fingers gently caressed her breasts, she tried to resist but couldn’t, it felt too good. She tweaked both nipples, they hardened immediately. She let out a little moan, it felt good. She closed her eyes and continued playing. She could feel the familiar sensations starting, she knew she was getting to a point where she needed more stimulation. She raised herself so she was sitting on the side of the bath with her feet still in the warm soapy water. Her knees moved apart, allowing access to her sex. She released her left nipple and passed her hand over her mound. She always kept herself trimmed, not shaved but trimmed, with short hair with neat edges. She shaved her lips though because she loved the senations when the smoothness was touched. Her fingers spread to either side of her clitoris, and then she pressed gently, it felt good, real good. She continued to slowly move her fingers, savouring every feeling she received. She could feel her heart beating through her chest as her right hand began to tweak and circle her right breast. Her left hand began moving a little faster and the she touch her self there, right there, the place that she always wanted touching. She rubbed it gently, feeling it swell to her touch. Her right hand came down to join her left one, she put two fingers together an slowly inserted them into her waiting vagina. The bath water had taken some of her juices away but now they were flowing again and her fingers slid easily in. She circled them inside her whilst still rubbing and squeezing her clit. It was close now and she wanted it to happen. She looked in the mirror at herself, she couldn’t quite see herself properly so she repositioned herself so she was sat facing directly towards the mirror. God was she aroused. She could see her clitoris in all its glory, bright pink and swollen to at least twice it’s normal size. Her finger were still moving inside her she pulled them out a little and then back in again. She repeated it, again and again and again. Her body was jerking involuntarily now. She was getting closer. In, out, in out….she started rubbing her clitoris harder and then it happened. A warm rush, an all over tingle, a huge release. She moaned loudly but she didn’t care at that moment if anybody heard her. Her actions slowed but she continued to massage herself. Her fingers were now very wet, they we still inside her and she could feel herself contracting, releasing. God that felt good Debs thought…
She slipped back down into the bath, her husband knocked on the door. ‘You ok love?’ he asked.
‘Fine. Just relaxing’ she replied. She smiled to herself, she was fine, very fine. She finished her bath and towled herself dry. She was feeling fantastic, she walked out of the bathroom, naked, into the bedroom towards her husband who was sat on the settee reading the paper. She leant over from behind, her breasts brushing either side of his head. He leant back and they kissed, passionately. ‘Let’s go out, I feel like dancing’ she said. ‘OK’ replied her husband. ‘We’ll eat first though, yeh?’ he said ‘ok’ answered Debs.
Her husband got up and went to the bathroom to get ready. Debs started to dress. What shall I wear, she thought. She smiled again. Pulled out the white summer dress she had bought and slipped it over her head. No underwear just the dress, it was the way she was feeling so she did it. The dress was quite sheer and hugged her figure beautifully. It had a low v at the front where the tops and sides of her firm breasts were clearly visible. If you looked closely you could see the darker areola just at the point of the v. It hugged every curve of her body, the length was short, not too short, not tarty, classy, sexy. She looked sexy, very sexy. Her husband came out from the bathroom, his mouth opened, no words came out. He realised there and then that he had the sexiest wife in the world and he loved her.
He dressed quickly, difficult considering his wife was looking more fuckable than ever and his groin didn’t want to be covered up it wanted releasing to enjoy. Debs approached him, dropped to her knees, took out his penis and kissed it. She tasted the precum, sweet. She gave it a few strokes, kissed it again and tucked it back into is boxers. ‘Later’ She said. ‘I’ll wait for you in the restaurant’ and she left their room.
Her husband finished dressing, smiling to himself, thinking about later that night. He left the room and headed for his wife. After eating at the hotel, they left and headed for a local bar, drinking and dancing were on the cards and they were going to have fun.

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3 years ago
vert good start
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3 years ago
Intresting i must say, i feel 'like having sex.
3 years ago
3 years ago
looking forward to part 2