Banging Anastacia

A Threesome Joyride for Anastacia - Craig and Flo banging the blond Superstar

The countryside whooshing outside the window was barely visible for the passengers of this train in a foggy November night. The winter evening covered the rest or any sign of brightness like a dense blanket. On the benches Craig and Flo got nothing to do but rigidly gazing through the window. The dim, flaring and almost broken light from the ceiling contributed to the grim atmosphere. There was much room for improvement in any sense to make the ride in an awful, old train more pleasurable. Within seconds certain events completely changed the situation for the next three hours. Suddenly the door was quickly opened and the next thing Craig and Flo saw was a petite woman, who entered the compartment wearing a short, black leather coat. The blue jeans around her legs were partly wet and a flight ticket stuck inside the right back pocket of the trousers. She carried a quite heavy suitcase: She had to drag it with both hands on the handle while her noble designer handbag was loosely hanging on the left shoulder. Both hands showed shiny silver rings on her lengthy fingers. She did not seem very familiar with travelling by train and did not have the right outfit either. The red high heels on her feet catched Craig and Flo´s attention as the lady bend over and her pert bum pointed to the guys. Her hair was concealed under a brown, woolly hat. The svelte woman had slightly put on some make-up that stressed her classically shaped cheek bones and full lips. Her sparkling eyes were clearly visible behind the yellow-coloured glasses. Dragging the suitcase through the compartment door she did not look comfortable to make the trip in that vehicle and nobody could have argued considering the condition of the train. Her fashionable appearance surely did not fit in this place at all: The lady seemed to be too luxurious and wealthy in a certain way.

“Fuckin´ shit!”, were the first words that came out of her mouth after she tried had dragged her luggage inside the compartment. When she took off the woolly hat the sight of her blond, wheat-coloured hair flooded the whole room with warm light. She shook her head and the hair wildly flew around the face. Then she just fell onto the padded bench opposite the two men. Craig and Flo immediately realized who this woman was. The blond hair, her sexy face with this lovely mouth and these giant goggles in front of her eyes were simply enough clues: The lady was Anastacia Newkirk, the powerful singer who calls herself the four-eyed cat.

“Hi!”, A. shortly uttered as she finally realized that she was not the only passenger inside the compartment. “Oh man, I´ve been on my feet for about ten hours now and I definitely need a rest”. Anastacia kicked off the high-heeled stilettos and threw them on the floor. “I´m sorry but I need to relax now. I hope you don’t mind”, she said apologetically as the singer placed her bare feet on the free seat between Craig and Flo. So both men could take a closer look on the flawless feet and toes with transparent, shiny lacquer on the nails. “Excuse me, but are you the famous singer Anastacia Newkirk? I just have to know that, because I´ve never expected to meet an international start like you on a train”, Craig broke the silence and started the conversation.
“Hey, it´s okay! And you´re absolutely right: I am Anastacia Newkirk. Of course I wanted to go by plane, but I missed the flight. Then my management did a lousy job and made me take the train. Anyway I have to get to the show just in time”, she moaned with disgust. “There´s no fuckin´way to love this three hour ride through the boring countryside”. The young lads affirmatively nodded. Deep inside their heads Craig and Flo could not fully agree, because they sat next to one the hottest chicks on the planet and wanted to make this trip remarkable for all of them. And the feet were not the only part of Anastacia´s gorgeous body they eagerly wanted to see naked. “I could really need a foot massage”, Anastacia casually sighed while stretching her arms wide apart, pushing her upper body forward and presenting Flo and Craig her amazingly big rack. “Fuckin´ schedule and a filthy compartment but at least I´m accompanied by two, huh, let´s say nice gentlemen”. It seemed Anastacia did not only want to relax or stretch her extremities. Encouraged by this compliment Flo grabbed Anastacia´s left foot. He massaged every single toe and softly caressed the sole. Craig took his chance aswell and pleased the singer´s other foot. Now Anastacia´s legs were fairly spread with her feet in sure and sensitive hands: She obviously loved this treatment. Anastacia closed the eyes and heavily breathed through her half-opened mouth while slowly shaking the head and relaxing her neck.

Minutes later she got rid of the leather jacket and gave the men a better view of her fleshy cleavage inside the black leather corsage she wore. The tight bodice firmly pressed Anastacia´s boobs together and already showed really big parts of her floppy tits. The guys stared at Anastacia´s fleshy mountains for some seconds before their eyes moved down to the singer´s perfectly shaped stomach with its sexy belly button. Her belly looked so sharply formed. "Maybe she works out a lot every day", Craig mumbled to himself. The skimpy corsage revealed a lot more skin rather than covering Anastacia´s hot flesh. She always wanted to look attractive and sexy especially for her male supporters. Perhaps Anastacia could be the kind of girl who likes to be nailed by two total strangers in a more than uncomfortable compartment: Craig and Flo could not know by now. Numerous crazy ideas went through their heads and their minds were not the only things that got restless.

After 15 minutes the superstar´s stressed feet felt alright. “Oh, you gentlemen are so helpful. Thanks a lot! Now I´ll return the favour! I reckon you´ll like it, lucky boys”. Anastacia´s feet slipped down between their thighs and the guys immediately felt hot bl**d rushing to their groins. They realized their heavy ball sacks when Anastacia slid the feet under the trouser crotches and flipped her beautiful toes around their cum-filled nuts. Anastacia frequently changed the pace and the technique of this foot job. She relentlessly rubbed the soles of her feet over the growing bulges in Craig and Flo´s trousers. Anastacia looked either Craig or Flo directly into the eyes while she continued to play with their most private parts. “Don´t wet yourself, randy blokes”, she said with a wicked smile showing her perfect teeth and happily feeling the stiffening members under the soles. Behind the big, gold-rimmed glasses Anastacia sexily rolled her dark brown eyes and enjoyed the fact the she was the sole reason for these fat hard-ons. Sitting closer to the compartment door Craig closed its curtains before unbuttoning his trousers and revealing his throbbing cock. First Anastacia opened her eyes wide in disbelief for parts of a second. She barely could believe that Craig had dropped his trousers and exposed himself to her. He completely undressed. Flo followed his example a few seconds later and did just the same. The men freed their pricks and Anastacia checked out the two semi-erected schlongs that clearly demanded more action. Keen Craig again made the first step, leaned over to the hot singer and kissed her. Anastacia returned the favour with a cosy kiss she breathed on his lips. “Just wait a moment”, she said and touched Craig´s chest. She loosened the black top and finally dropped the corsage. Anastacia revealed her enormous hooters that slowly moved up and down in sync with every single breath. This made Craig and Flo´s cocks even stiffer. Anastacia had already beamed pure sex and sheer wantonness into the shabby compartment.

Now Craig wanted to get in on with the attractive pop singer. He fondled Anastacia´s juicy tits and received the expected reaction: Her nipples on top of these fleshy globes got harder when he stroked them with the thumbs. Craig stood on the seat next to the singer and his fat cock pointed to Anastacia´s face. Without hesitation Anastacia pulled back the foreskin and flicked her tongue around Craig´s glans. Then Anastacia firmly grabbed his rod again with the right hand and pushed it towards her mouth. Craig shoved his hips forwards so the superstar had easy access to suck the bl**d-filled dick: Anastacia greedily devoured his meat. Obviously Anastacia wanted to control both men and did not forget the other guy who was more than ready to bone her aswell: She surely wanted to control their pricks and pull the strings. "Don´t touch my feet. Be a good boy! Just let it happen, stud!" said Anastacia with emphasis and shortly interrupted the blowjob but still kept Craig´s balls in her hand. Flo´s cock was at the pop singer´s mercy since she had pressed the soles of both feet around his member and frantically rubbed his tool. He liked this treatment although Anastacia´s heels rarely but painfully hit his ball sack. Flo effortlessly ignored this feeling as long her sexy toes went up and down his shaft: Anastacia and her warm feet caressing his prick let Flo forget almost so far but his immense sexual drive.

These were the last words Flo would hear from Anastacia within the next 30 minutes, because Craig wildly pumped his shaft into her mouth. With every thrust he pushed more of his meat down Anastacia´s throat and she had to gag sometimes due to the size of his member. Craig facefucked Anastacia when he rammed his cock ballsdeep down Anastacia´s throat: His swollen bollocks hit her chin hard but that did not bother her. Meanwhile Flo had already stopped Anastacia´s foot job and laid her ankles on his shoulders. After that he began to unbutton her trousers and finally stripped the woman off her panties. She did not object at all. In a nick of time later Anastacia was only "dressed" with those trademark glasses and her gleaming jewelry. He spread her muscular legs and kissed the inner thighs: He could not belief his luck: The pretty superstar was laying completely naked in front of him and ready for sex. Anastacia quickly pushed Flo´s head to her warm snatch. She directed his mouth between her thighs and he thoroughly ate the singer´s crack: Flo could not get enough of this tasty treat. He softly chewed on Anastacia´s pussy flaps and licked her neatly trimmed bush. Then Flo spread the pussy with thumb and middle finger: He absolutely enjoyed licking Anastacia´s moist clit and kissing the pubic hair that formed a dark stripe. His pecker was rock hard as he kissed Anastacia´s flat belly and tongued her navel. Her cunt juice ran down to Anastacia´s bum and accidentally lubed her little asshole. Anastacia was leaking like a broken water faucet during the next hours.

On the other end of her body the singer hold Craig´s hips and signalized him to stop. "Come on, guys! My hole is itching hole. I need some cock! Please, somebody must fill my cunt", Anastacia stressed her sexual urge she felt right now. "I won´t get off just sucking your cocks! Idiots!” Craig did not lose a second and laid her on the back. He grabbed the hollows of the knees, f***ed the cock past Anastacia´s pink flaps and started to bang the chick. Flo approached the woman´s face with his engorged meat while Craig was pounding her love tunnel. Then Anastacia wrapped her pouting lips around Flo´s prick. She deepthroated his member and used the fingers to play with his bloated testicles. Moments later he was more than ready to bust a nut, but Flo managed to keep the cool. "Baby, squeeze your tits around my cock. I wanna titfuck you, baby!", he purred in Anastacia´s ear. She immediately pressed her amazing cans together and Flo actively fucked Anastacia´s tits. During the titty wank he almost hit her chin with the tip of the cock. Her soft cleavage needed some lube so she spitted now and then between her fat titties: By doing that Anastacia took care of her skin and Flo´s hot flesh. After half an hour the guys swaped position. Craig got his share of her beautiful bossom and titfucked her hard while Flo was screwing Anastacia´s wet vagina. Craig enjoyed the lovely, wobbly tits around his cock and the wanton look in Anastacia´s eyes. Craig pumped Anastacia´s tits and stopped several times to french kiss the diva: They deeply pushed their tongues in each other throats. Any moment somebody could enter the compartment and witness this incredible threesome and could destroy the intimacy for good: Anastacia, Flo and Craig did not care. All three were lost to the world outside and did not pay attention to the bumpy ride on the old, badly maintained tracks.

"Hold it! I have something different in mind", Anastacia said after a while. "I´ve never felt two throbbing cocks inside me at the same time. I´ve never done a sandwich fuck! Come on, let´s try it!". She quickly f***ed Craig to lay down, mounted the guy and aggressively rode him like a stud. Anastacia moved her curvy waist up and down to control the depth of the penetration. She really jumped onto Craig´s cock and unloaded vast amounts of pussy juice over his lower belly. "What are you waiting for! Fuck me up the brown hole! Tear up my ass!", she said with a dirty grin looking over her shoulder toward Flo. As he f***ed the tip of his cock into her butt-hole Anastacia stopped teasing and suddenly seemed to change her mind. She used her arms to put his engorged tool away from her asshole. It was nothing more than a reflex. Anastacia did not look frightened at all but simply had no idea how to manage two dicks inside her body. Flo tried again. He spread Anastacia´s ass cheeks and was so eager to sink his meat. Again she shoved him away. Nevertheless it seemed she did not want to block the anal adventure, but she has not sent clear signs yet. "Take it easy, baby! We gonna gently sex you up!" Flo grabbed her long blond hair with both hands and dragged Anastacia´s head imperceptibly back. He focused to flip his pelvis with the stiff cock forward. She wanted to protect her asshole with all the power she got in her small body but Craig was holding her wrists. Anastacia realized that Flo would now drill her brown hole and she could not prevent it: There was no easy way out for the busty and always teasing chick.

She grounded her teeth as Flo used his entire body weight to ram the first three inches of his fat schlong up Anastacia´s tight asshole. "Arrghhh! Arrghhh. Stop it, please! I´m full! Please! Stop it! Please!", wide-eyed Anastacia jerkily uttered. The harsh treatment did not suit her, but there was nobody to save her round booty. Craig eased the initial pain by sucking on the singer´s big boobs while Flo´s tool was savagely entering her shitbox. His hands were laying on her asscheeks while he ´analyzed´ the bigtitted lady. He needed a few thrust to bury his member ballsdeep into the shitter. It took just a few minutes before Flo and Craig synchronized their powerful thrusts: The men double penetrated Anastacia for all it was worth. She more and more loved being shafted by two well hung blokes. Two pulsating dongs that hit Anastacia´s g-spot at the same time convinced her for good: After getting used to it she really appreciated the sandwich with her in the middle. She more frequently screamed with pleasure and quitted to buck vehemently against the two cocks like she had done before. Flo hold Anastacia by the shoulders and pushed his rod deeper into her arse: She willingly consented by manually spreading the ass cheeks herself. During the next hour she had mulitiple orgasms and came over her lovers´ cocks: Anastacia had quite a ball and enjoyed herself. While creamy pussy juice coated Craig´s dick, Flo´s backdoor banging left some dark shit stains on his hard-on. They really kept on pistoning into the orifices of the superstar. Anastacia hugged Craig, looked now and then Flo directly in the eyes over her shoulder: She winked and erotically licked her lips just to show that everything was alright. Anastacia rhythmically moved her lower body to let the schlongs penetrate her harder and deeper. Anyway the hard banging took its toll on her small body: Anastacia´s was quickly covered with sweat and her mouth was wide open to catch much needed air. Exhausted Anastacia laid on Craig´s belly and apparently was on the verge of falling asl**p with two boners still pumping her.

"Hey babe, what´s wrong?", Craig asked. "Nothin´ is wrong. You fucked my brains out! I´ve had enough! You´ve just totally fucked me up", she sighed. "You can´t let us hang with our balls filled up to the brim!", Flo reminded Anastacia that they wanted to get off anyhow. "Sure! I don´t leave you behind with blue balls" she said in a very certain and gentle way. Craig was the first to suggest a finish scenario. "You could jack us off until we´d cum all over your hot body while kneeling in front of us". Anastacia remembered the obligatory money shots she has seen in many porn movies. On the one side she did not like to be degraded like an adult movie slut, on the other side Anastacia cherished the pleasure she got from those pricks. She looked at the stiff tools and made up her mind. "Okay. Bring it on, studs!"
Anastacia nodded and then kneeled in front of the guys. She tenderly jerked both cocks and radomly licked the shafts. She seemed to get horny again just tasting her own pussy and arse juice. Anastacia increased the pace and tightened the grip on their shafts. Flo and Craig could not stand the unbearable pressure in their nuts any longer. Nearing midnight the train and three sweat-covered bodies were about to reach the terminus of the sensual trip. Anastacia´s palms cupped their ball sacks and she felt the extremely tight bollocks. "Yeeeees! Come on! Give it to me! Give me everything! I´ll make you explode!", she tried to push Flo and Craig over the brink. Seconds later both men unloaded with loud grunts and spilled their juice all over on Anastacia: The spunk went almost everywhere. Many squirts landed on Anastacia´s head and clued some wisps of her blond hair together. Several squirts of both men landed right into her mouth and on Anastacia´s chin. She did not close her mouth even after more sperm trickled into her mouth. Before she could figure out what to do with the salty cream Anastacia involuntarily swallowed the mixed cum in one big gulp. Acquiring a taste for this juice she even licked the thick, white liquid off her lips and from the area around the corners of her mouth. Depending on the size of her tongue of course Anastacia could not reach every spot where the sperm had hit her. Most of the hot juice landed on Anastacias´s gorgeous tits where it slowly ran over her erected nipples down to the belly button: The massive amount of spunk really drenched her boobs. Finally Anastacia pushed her semen-covered tits up and licked the white sauce off the lush breasts. Both men happily watched her sucking on her own nipples and eating their fresh ball cream. The rest of the spunk amassed in her navel as she leaned back. Anastacia collected the fresh sperm with her right hand and licked it off the fingers with obvious pleasure.

"Wow!" Anastacia grabbed the slightly softening cocks again for a short moment. "Oh, my god! I saw it coming, boys! No, really!" Anastacia laughed uproariously after she had noticed several, bulky cum stains on her glasses. She took off the glasses and licked the sperm off and the swallowed down these residual cum drops aswell. "I need a shower!", Anastacia quietly whispered to herself. She took a tiny mirror from her handbag to clean up her messy face. With some handkerchiefs she wiped the remaining jizz drops off her face and body. Anyhow the glossy cum beads in Anastacia´s blonde mane remained unnoticed by her. Meanwhile the train had stopped and they could hear people leaving the train. Anastacia quickly collected her clothes from the compartment floor: Within no time she was dressed again. "I´d like to stay a little bit longer, but I don´t have much time left. Love you, guys!" Anastacia was blowing kisses to Craig and Flo when she put on her coat. "You should definitely put some clothes on! Anastacia shooked her head. “Randy bastards!" Then she surprisingly lifted her suitcase with ease. "See you!" Anastacia opened the compartment door and rushed outside. She quitted the train. On the platform Anastacia vanished into the night. The only things left behind were the smell of her sweet perfume and unforgettable impressions for two passengers on this night train.
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2 years ago
Great Story!!!
2 years ago
sexy story
3 years ago
Your story is very good, excellent, in fact. Your English is much better than my German, which is nil. Your words put me on that train and I was watching this event unfold. ~.~
3 years ago
good but spell check
4 years ago
i like the idea of fuck anastacia.
4 years ago
Grammar, spelling, syntax are all terrible, otherwise could have been a good story.