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Cole didn't generally start his day off ready to fuck a goat but this morning had been pure testosterone hell. First his aunt Giada had a full big naked tit hanging out of her robe at breakfast and now he was drooling all over Rachael Ray's million calorie ass. The worst / best part he been volunteered to take her sailing while Giada tended to something at her lawyers office. Seeing Ms. Ray sitting on the dock in the glow of the sunshine, wearing those tight white bottoms like girls wore back in the 90s showing a generous amount of bare ass cheek certainly contributed. It had been her idea that they go out sailing today. It was her first real visit to his f****y's summer home on Santa Catalina Island and Cole had been more than happy to comply. This was the first year that he'd been deemed old and responsible to take the boat alone and not only was it cool as hell, his crew was a nice looking babe. Well as much of a babe as an older woman could be. He watched her from under his downcast eyelashes and felt the heat growing in him as her ass shook like a bowl of Jell-O with each step.

When she looked up at him, her gaze was automatically drawn to the somewhat prominent bulge in his baggie surfer shorts, and she gave him a sly, sexy smile. Looked like she was going to have some fun teasing him once they got the sailboat under way. Oh, well, Rachael was looking forward to this day before, and now, judging by the stretched material of Cole's shorts, it looked even more promising. She planned on getting the most she could out of this vacation. Giada had warned her about Cole he'd been a late bloomer almost ignoring girls in high school but now at age 18 he seemed hell bent on plowing every fertile field he could find. Last night over drinks Giada had recited a list of some very famous starlets who according to her had graced his bedroom already that summer. Rachael couldn't believe that Amanda Bynes or that Hayden girl were already bed hopping but why would Giada lie?

Cole found it rather uncomfortable, trying to get everything done that needed to be done, while having to continually adjust the front of his shorts, He smiled to himself when he caught her starring at his woody, She was so shy and reserved. Unlike Giada who usually spent the day totally buck naked when they went sailing. He just hoped that one day she'd do more than let him look.that was it though, all he could was look.

After finally reaching open water, Cole tied off the wheel, and quietly went in search of Rachael, whom he found bending over the lunch box she had packed for the day trip.She's stripped down to her bikini and the sight that greeted him made him die inside. Her beautifully shaped ass covered by just the thin strap of her thong teased his already over active libido until he couldn't keep his eyes, or his hands, to himself a minute longer. Taking her hips in both his hands, he pulled her against him, letting her feel the hardness of his shaft pressed into her ass. His balls ached and begged for release that she could give him.

Never having done anything like this with a much younger man Rachael was a bit hesitant at first but after all she had made a conscience decision to wear the micro-thong bikini. She started to pull away from his gentle embrace, but Cole held her firm, letting her feel his heat through the flimsy rayon of her bottom. She wriggled against him, which only ignited his passions even further, and Cole decided to see just how far his little sex kitten would let him go before she brought him to a screeching halt. At first, Rachael tried to make a joke of the situation and pulled away, but as Cole slipped her top up and brought his mouth to her quickly stiffening nipples, her back began to arch and she pushed herself closer to his warm lips. Quickly, he reached into her bottom to slip a finger into her tight, silky slit, and suddenly, she began getting into it. She reached down, unzipped his restraining shorts, and freed his raging hardon.

Sitting back on top of the cabin, Rachael wrapped her hands around his rear, and sucked him into her mouth, stroking his now dripping cock with her lips, and rolling her tongue around the head of his shaft. Wrapping his hands in her hair, Cole moved his hips back and forth in rhythm with Rachael's mouth, and soon, he was approaching what was sure to be a very intense orgasm. He used his hands to slow her pace, wanting to milk the feeling as long as possible.

Cole looked down, and watched as his throbbing cock slid in and out of this older woman's sexy mouth, and despite his resolution to hold back, he began to urge her on..."Oh yes, Rachael, I love the way you suck my cock, drain it! I love the feel of your mouth sucking me in and out! I'm going to cum soon, baby! Suck me faster, let me feel that beautiful mouth!" He'd vowed that he'd fuck her pussy first then get a BJ this was good almost as good as Hayden.

Cole had never talked to a girl like that before, and Rachael found herself getting more excited than she already was from sucking his supercharged cock, she'd forgotten just how excitable younger guys were. As she stroked and sucked him, her fingers slipped down to untie her bottom, and she even managed to slide it down to her ankles without Cole's noticing she had done so. She was getting so wet from the feel of his stiff cock sliding between her lips, she couldn't resist reaching down, and slipping her finger into her now dripping slit, moving it in and out of herself in rhythm with her mouth fucking his stiff cock. Feeling her hairless pussy was strange, yesterday when Giada suggested she get a full brazilian she quipped at first but now was happy she had.

Cole thought her moans were simply sounds of her enjoyment from sucking him until he looked down and saw her fingers rubbing her swollen clit, and moving in and out of her pussy. The sight so excited him, he grabbed two hands full of her long, black hair, and began thrusting into her warm mouth eagerly. He glanced down again and he saw that she was furiously sliding 2 fingers in and out of her dripping pussy as she sucked his cock.

"Fuck me, Cole! Harder, baby! Harder!" She was calling out so loudly that Cole feared the people along the shoreline could hear her, but he had never seen a girl this hot and carried away before, and he had no intention of stopping her now. Rachael's hips pushed back against him with a f***e he never imagined her small frame could hold, and Cole responded by thrusting deeper and harder into her hot, moist tunnel. She braced herself by wrapping both hands tightly around the railing and her hips undulated with every stroke. Her moans became louder and more a****l like, and her pussy began to tighten around his swollen member. The tighter she held him, the harder it was for Cole not to erupt inside her, but he held back, wanting to cum with her in celebration of their life long union.

As Rachael reached back and began rubbing his balls, Cole knew he wasn't going to be able to hold out much longer. In a panting breath, he told Rachael, "I'm going to cum, baby, and I can't hold it anymore. I want you to cum with me!"

With one hard thrust, Cole buried his shaft deep inside Rachael's throbbing pussy, and meeting his thrusts, she pushed back against him and gasped, "Fill me, baby, let me feel you spurt deep inside me! I'm cumming, Cole, I'm cumming now!!"

With her words exciting him even more, Cole thrust hard once more, and erupted in such an intense orgasm, his legs almost buckled. He felt Rachael's throbbing pussy contract as she came along with him, and heard her crying out with the strength of her own orgasm.

Holding the rail with both hands again, Rachael concentrated on controlling her ragged breathing and Cole held himself inside her, still pulsing.

Finally, pulling herself from him, Rachael stood and kissed him deeply and said, "If this is any indication of how the rest of the day is going to be, let's find a place to stop and get cozy here on the boat. So, let's drop anchor and really celebrate!"

Cole knew a cove on the eastern tip that was private, and sheltered from the elements, so he immediately changed his heading, and set sail for their new destination.

Rachael bent over the basket again, and held up a little plate for Cole to see. She said, "I wasn't sure this was how things were going to start out, but I had this made up just in case... With a little smirk on her face, Rachael extended her hand to Cole, and handed him a little sign that said, "If the boat's a-rocki', stay the fuck away!"

With ill-concealed delight, Cole took the sign, and hung it over the rail, and immediately took in a little more sail to increase their speed so they would get to their destination that much sooner.

He knew this was going to be one afternoon that neither would ever forget. Rachael knew, too, that this would be a memorable two weeks and looking at Cole with his "cat that ate the canary" grin on his face, she thought to herself, "little man , you ain't seen a thing yet!"

Rachael stood, and wrapped her arms around Cole's waist as he steered toward their lust locker. Cole silently thanked aunt Giada for ****ing up that story about the lawyer, he'd told her rachael needed a guy and Giada was sure right about that. Now all he had to do was to get his aunt interested in a little i****t and this would indeed be a great summer.

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6 months ago
man can't wait for the next episode, pleeease hurry
2 years ago
tags lie...i didnt see any anal...but other then that little white give it a 4/5