my aunt part 2

So after my aunt and I fucked like porn stars and my friends herd us my best friend had to ask me all the details. After telling him everything he asked if she would be up for fucking him? I told him we could find out next weekend because she was coming over to party again.
So Saturday rolls around and we are hanging out drinking and goofing around when my aunt walks in. Her and my mom sit in the other room chatting and having a few drinks as we party so I made sure to go check on them and act like I was making sure we were not bothering them.
They said no that we were fine and I k**der my aunt asking if she was gonna try to drink with the big boys again this week. (My mother had no idea what happened last week) and said they didn't want to be a bother to us again. So at that I said we will be playing cards soon if they changed their mind.
About an hour later and with a few cocktails in them they came over to join us. My buddy nudged me and asked if it was gonna happen. I told him the first thing we had to do was get my mom d***k and to her room so the fun could start. So at that we took every chance to feed my mom drinks. About an hour later mom was toast since she wasn't a big drinker.
She soon said she was going to bed so as we closed in the empty space around the table it was me and my buddy on either side of my aunt. Not long after my hand was on her leg and hers was quickly on my lap. As our game went on we now started teasingly each other. Finally she said something about how she used to change my diapers and I responded by saying I don't know about changing my diapers but we may have to change my sheets in the morning.
That made her blush and look around the room wondering who else herd that. The only thing she saw was my buddy with an evil grin and everyone else was oblivious to what was said. She then looked at me and I asked her if she could handle two 18 yr old boys and her answer was yes definitely!
A hour or so later after some touching and playing under the table most of the others had crashed for the night. This is when me and my aunt snuck up to my room and my buddy followed a few min after. When he walked into my room my aunt was already bent over sucking my dick as I lay on the bed. With her ass up in the air and her pants half off he just walked up behind her got on his knees and stared licking her pussy. This caused her to moan and go even deeper on my cock.
After 5 minutes of this she said she needed cock now and quickly took off the rest of her clothes showing her fit mature body and practically jumped on my dick. As she rode me hard my buddy stood next to her on the bed stroking his cock next to her mouth she leaned over and started sucking his dick. He then held her head and started fucking her mouth. She soon started cumming hard and this sent both of us over the edge. As I filled her pussy my buddy was cumming down her throat.
As we all took a minute to catch our breath. My bud said now its my turn and layer her down on her back and guided his already hardened cock towards her pussy. He slammed his cock I to her hard and began fucking her for all Heading was worth. She startes moaning so loud the I had to cover her mouth. As I watched her get fucked her body stared to shake as her second orgasm hit. Seconds after he came inside her cunt. As soon as he rolled off of her I jumped in his place and instantly started fucking her as hard as I could. She hadn't fully recovered from her second orgasm and she was now cumming again. I didn't slow down I just kept hammering away at her pussy. She begged me to let her on top for a bit so I rolled over and she straddled me again. As she now controlled the pace she went slower With long deep strokes as I played with her firm B cup tits. I noticed my bud moving around behind her and suddenly she stopped and let out a low growl of pleasure and pain and he slid a finger in her ass. She said she doesn't do anal and his answer was you do now. As he started moving Howard finger in and out of her ass I could feel it on my cock. This was something I never felt before and I liked it. I started thrusting up into her pussy as he worked on her ass. A minute later she growled again as his second finger her ass. She was whimpering but not telling us to stop. I was now fucking as hard as I could and I could tell he was really going to town on her ass when she began cumming again and this time I felt a flood of warmth all over my cock and thighs. As she rolled off of me trembling onto her back my buddy instantly slammed his dick into her cunt. Again he was fucking her like crazy and she soon was cumming again and I actually saw her pussy gush as she came this caused him to flood her pussy with his own cum.
We then collapsed on the bed and fell asl**p on the cum soaked sheets naked and exhausted.
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great story
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